Crazy facts #58 🤔

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22. 09. 2021





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YouTube Před 29 dny
brb just questioning everything
UltraGames Před 15 hodinami
@KiwiZilla What so you mean hell face
Quickimations Před dnem
Hello youtube
UltraGames Před dnem
@KiwiZilla bo
KiwiZilla Před dnem
@UltraGames take that back
UltraGames Před dnem
The legend has arrived
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Před 11 hodinami
ACTUALLY everyone gets paid the same and no One can own land..... Communism man
Forgot10Legends Před 13 hodinami
The first ones wrong you have grand kids
Lars Oredson
Lars Oredson Před dnem
It’s weird to think that I am the supporting character in someone’s life when I’m a train wreck and the main character
Comedic Psychologist
*right on cue not queue
Lunarplanet8350 Před 4 dny
cyberfoxx Před 7 dny
"You are an extra in someone else's life" bro I think of that all the time and its sk weird to think of
Iqra Khatun
Iqra Khatun Před 7 dny
Gosh who are we gonna get next telling us to wuestion our existence Ryan, Marvin, whats next?
Gage R
Gage R Před 8 dny
Do a face reveal
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad Před 8 dny
You definitely are payed by how hard you work, that is 100 percent a factor
NL Armokil
NL Armokil Před 9 dny
‘What am i supposed to say’ Nothing. Be quiet.
Low key, I realized the camping bit sophomore year of HS and basically slept in a tent for a month because I was like “if I’m homeless, imma b prepared.”
Luger47 Před 9 dny
Okay but they are also a extra in my life
redant89 Před 9 dny
Sand is actually poop from a fish
Aryan Dandale
Aryan Dandale Před 11 dny
Toothpaste , soap teeth that one didn't get me
Manami McNair
Manami McNair Před 12 dny
I have been told that I’m the main character of the friend group cause my life is the most interesting and honestly, idk how to feel about that :/
NoRealDev Před 12 dny
this makes me wanna cry
Hi you gay
Hi you gay Před 13 dny
We are aliens to aliens
sans the punmaster
sans the punmaster Před 13 dny
vampire bites are hickys
bluewolf47 Před 13 dny
You are wrong about toothpaste it is not soup I just put that on face and now my face burns
Gracie Zukowski
Gracie Zukowski Před 13 dny
Already attended more funerals than parties, thats on it being a small town
Jacob McGlone
Jacob McGlone Před 13 dny
What map is this?
BlueFeral Před 13 dny
Imagine being an npc 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
skyler chan
skyler chan Před 14 dny
I'm 17 and have been to more funerals than birthday parties or parties.
Ray Fire
Ray Fire Před 14 dny
Did you know that the first sign of going insane is talking to yourself?
Ray Fire
Ray Fire Před 14 dny
Yeah, I heard that too!
PRMSE Music Před 14 dny
I’m 21 and have already been to 3 funerals. In that time I have only been to the first birthday celebration in 5 years 🙃🙃
Doesn't really work that way if you don't attend the funerals and only birthdays╮(^▽^)╭
Keanu Fynn
Keanu Fynn Před 14 dny
D Day
D Day Před 14 dny
Everyone is the background of my life I'm in no one's story they are in mine I'm player 1 on this earth
Togas simp
Togas simp Před 14 dny
Every time you celebrate your birthday you’re celebrating being closer to death
XxPxndaDoesStuffxX Před 14 dny
Sand isnt beach dandruff! It's ashes of mountains :D
Johnny Romero
Johnny Romero Před 14 dny
Actual reddit tier content
joseph christian marata
Men can I talk to you I understand your feelings...
Fiqz Před 15 dny
Did anyone know the original creator of this. The sound.. Not the minecraft video .
Dearick Angelone J. legaspi
If I'm an extra in someones life that means that they are an extra in my life as well
DiscordedBraeburn Před 15 dny
sand is not beach dandruff. In order for their to be a beach there needs to be sand. Sand comes from rocks so the proper phrasing is "the beach is just rock dandruff".
Ifrit Firelord
Ifrit Firelord Před 15 dny
Disagree with the sand one. Dundruff cant turn into glass
DisconTheGod Před 15 dny
This made me cringe so mf hard 🤬
Triston Gibbs
Triston Gibbs Před 15 dny
Why is gas called gas if it's a liquid
Emily Cook
Emily Cook Před 15 dny
Last one......
Gremlin Před 15 dny
these aren’t “cRaZy FaCtS” they’re just statements that occasionally make sense
suzua-san Před 15 dny
Sand is not beach dandruff. Sand is rock dandruff.
Dylan Perry
Dylan Perry Před 15 dny
Are you the actual person?
Fred Boyd
Fred Boyd Před 15 dny
I'm a background character in my own life so sincerely all the background characters in my life don't like be in danger in front of me I probably won't notice
Mr. Bread
Mr. Bread Před 15 dny
If your mind being blown by simple facts as that, your aren't really smart.
Ramsey Hildebrand
Ramsey Hildebrand Před 15 dny
someone wanna tell my current employer that I work my ass off AND they can’t find people to hire, let alone replace me 😂
Zappa Boi
Zappa Boi Před 15 dny
You just stole someone tik tok
Braden Gustafson
Braden Gustafson Před 15 dny
Wrong cue… it’s cue not queue
[username here]
[username here] Před 15 dny
zeanamush Před 15 dny
Yeah, but your teeth need special soap
AD EM Před 15 dny
Is the commentary supposed to be funny?
Zack™️ Před 16 dny
Every time you watch a CSvid short, your lifespan decreases for about les than a minute! CRAZY facts WOW AWESOME 🤩
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Před 16 dny
This video is for NPC's fact
Ethan Hensley
Ethan Hensley Před 16 dny
That work one is very true
General Winfield Hancock
Hard disagree with the camping thing
Stephen Angeles
Stephen Angeles Před 16 dny
The first one isn't really true tho, because you have a birthday every year but people only die once, so still more birthdays yay 🥳💀
Toothpaste is just polishing paste
Jerin the forest stalker
I've been to 17 funerals and 0 birthday parties, soon im gonna be 20 and life aisnt exactly cool in eastern europe.
Kevin Hatley
Kevin Hatley Před 16 dny
ItzBlob Před 16 dny
Buscemi Salami
Buscemi Salami Před 16 dny
This was so funny that i forgot to laugh. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laminae Chanter
Laminae Chanter Před 16 dny
I’m no extra! I’m a cameo.
stardown Před 16 dny
i think i.. remember skydoesminecraft running this parkour map
Sharon Maikuchi
Sharon Maikuchi Před 16 dny
I actually went to a lot of funerals when I was younger considering most of my church were elderly. I also had a small friends group and didnt get invited to many birthdays until I was an adult so that one was not true for me lol
Nasui Před 16 dny
I liked these ones
•Affliction• Před 16 dny
0:32 always have been
Kinsley Před 16 dny
I'm disappointed Everytime I scroll onto one of these videos
Haunted host child
Haunted host child Před 16 dny
Yeah i had enough of youtube shorts,
dylan rowson
dylan rowson Před 16 dny
I dislike these short videos everytime and still get these annoying not mind blowing non sense. Dumbass called sand Beach dandruff
KFC Man Před 16 dny
PUNtastic77 Před 16 dny
"i'm 14 and this is deep" in a nutshell
IG Engineering And Crapp
Most of these aren't true XD
Jake & Oscar
Jake & Oscar Před 16 dny
Wooooow so crazy 😐😐😐
We are all clowns
We are all clowns Před 16 dny
Honestly would prefer my gameplay without commentary
Flamrow Před 16 dny
It’s true
Cocaine cookie
Cocaine cookie Před 16 dny
Um hello youtube please dont send this ret--dation at my feed again Thank you
Kyrese Disney
Kyrese Disney Před 16 dny
Me, who's 18, gone to a total of 1 funeral and (brace yourself) 40-45 birthday parties(yeah jo joke that's the estimate. My family celebrates everyone's birthday. And I've gotta good deal of relatives still living here)
jake vex
jake vex Před 16 dny
But that also means that that person is also an extra in your life
MoooseBrains Před 16 dny
Ehh the original guy was better
Timothy Games
Timothy Games Před 16 dny
I was completely distracted by the parkour
Groggy Boy
Groggy Boy Před 16 dny
But you still have a home so it’s more pretending
Luna Před 16 dny
What's the minecraft server IP
Babylonian Femboy
Babylonian Femboy Před 16 dny
i hate this
TheSrVtoios Před 16 dny
The last one hit me hard
Jericho C
Jericho C Před 17 dny
Douglas Conrad
Douglas Conrad Před 17 dny
I love these
Guilty Potato
Guilty Potato Před 17 dny
You cant go to anyones funeral if you have no friends 😁
Kool Aid Cobain
Kool Aid Cobain Před 17 dny
jokes on you I’m an extra in my own life 👍
Slipp_Shotts Před 17 dny
Bro give credit from the guy on tik tok
j dn
j dn Před 17 dny
This is no longer a meme, we are witnessing a man losing his mind.
Serenity's Peace
Serenity's Peace Před 17 dny
The first few were suprising until it just got boring
mataio couldn't care less
This dudes just explaining stuff in wierd ways
ShaisPas Před 17 dny
‘You are an extra in somebody else’s life.’ Yeah no duh
Bean Boi
Bean Boi Před 17 dny
Yea I don’t go to funerals idc who’s it is
Phitalia AG Codm Official
I just lost brain sells
Alphawolfpack101 Před 17 dny
Your a extra in the background of somebody else's life. Yeah I knew that since school
TheOnlyJoe_ Před 17 dny
The one about being paid. Yes that’s exactly how it works
slothyboi Před 17 dny
mervin could kill himself and no one would care 🤔
دزي Před 17 dny
Menagerie_OS Před 17 dny
Crazy fact: my mother favorites my brother and continuously puts me in negative situations so that she can do a half assed job at making it seem like thats not the case.
Crelos35 Před 17 dny
Tooth paste is soap for your teeth and there is nothing crazy about it
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