Coronavirus outbreak: Drastic steps to contain COVID-19 as cases surge across the globe

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Europe continues to be the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic. Italy reported 793 deaths in a single day, raising the country's death toll past 4,800.
Spain is on a similar trajectory and there are fears that France, Germany and Britain may not be far behind. Redmond Shannon reports.
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Komentáře 80
LombardMilitia Před 5 hodinami
Never trust China, Xi and his cohort of mobsters lie every time they open their mouths. Their numbers are 10 times higher.
VibranSea Před 22 hodinami
I just shared what it’s currently like living in Maui during Corona Virus. Check it out and let me know what you think 💚 I hope this finds everyone safe and supported ✨
VENØM WE 'R' Před 3 dny
Anti social social creatures
BLUE MOXIE Před 4 dny
IT"S KARONA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pinco 1999
Pinco 1999 Před 4 dny
Suwaree Sare u still in banking
Social distancing does not help much the better way is to isolate yourself
Suwaree Sare u still in banking
Eventually hospital staff will die of lethargy
Suwaree Sare u still in banking
sad and sorry to make such prediction total death rate will be at half a million
To the Horror
To the Horror Před 5 dny
Duh~ Cowboy blood running strong in them. Thats why they're ignoring the orders. They gonna be Wild and Defiant Outlaws. Yeehaw. 🤠🐎
solution of corona virus
solution of corona virus
solution of corona virus
solution of corona virus
Mhd Phy
Mhd Phy Před 5 dny
بسم لله الرحمان الرحيم ولله على كل شيء قدير صدق لله العظيم للهم صل على سيدنا و حبيبنا محمد كما صليت على سيدنا و حبيبنا ابراهيم
Spirit in the Sky
Spirit in the Sky Před 5 dny
This is invasive martial law
Jezreel Tan
Jezreel Tan Před 5 dny
The food & medicine is not my problem here in saudi riyadh!! im eating all night long! the problem is when im at home its 2 expensive! this is the effect of Covid 19' virus in Me!! 😓😂
Jezreel Tan
Jezreel Tan Před 5 dny
Wala Tropa ko nga sa Italy sayaw sayaw lng petiks!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 dito rin sa Saudi gala pa ko gala sa batha Saudi Arabia! 😂😂😂😂😂
Radio 4Men
Radio 4Men Před 5 dny
*canada is a joke! Why don’t they give with ppl with outbreaks 10.5 million dollars each?* for no reason.
Jacob Quijano
Jacob Quijano Před 5 dny
This is no joke. I repeat!!! This is no joke. Please cooperate 🙏
Sbeezy 30
Sbeezy 30 Před 5 dny
The amount of sheeple I see begging for their civil liberties to be taken away from them is scary. An authoritarian government is what you sheeple are all about to get. You’ll be singing a different tune in a couple months.
O Madden
O Madden Před 3 dny
What are you doing about it? Fk all. Look down your nose at everyone else, call people who's family members have died, sheeple.
Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng Před 5 dny
WEAR MASKS EVERYONE.the reason why people dont wear masks because either they dont want to be associated with communist china or asia. or they dont want to look like dogs. but why all medical staffs wear masks. think. and asia has more recent experience fighting SARS and other diseases.
Carolann Cannuli-Denton
Today's announcement schools will be closed indefinitely..there will be an economic crash..how are parents going to continue to work if daycares remain closed??Some might try working from home but quite difficult with younger kids at home..Essential service workers still required..What to do with the children??No work no pay no money..looking forwards to venturing out on Friday for food supplies and necessities and to check things out..sure hope there is a re stocking of toilet paper..not sure what kind of substitute would be suitable for the toilet bowl..would they take the old fashioned newspaper in the compost??They accept doggie poo but human??I doubt it!!
jason ko
jason ko Před 5 dny
its like a chinese peoples zombie appocolipse
jason ko
jason ko Před 5 dny
@VP QweRTy its coz their brains were eaten by other zombies!
VP QweRTy Před 5 dny
+thousands of morons who were selfish enough to be in public areas after being diagnosed to be carrying the virus
jason ko
jason ko Před 5 dny
whos fault is it HMM???
Breezy Baller
Breezy Baller Před 5 dny
I repeat Asians not everything is good
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Před 5 dny
This all happened because Chinese people ate bat soup
Freedom Před 5 dny
Hold China Accountable for hiding the virus for 2 months.
maria min
maria min Před 6 dny
ngl but covid19 is actually making my life so much more depressing
Mike G.
Mike G. Před 6 dny
Is this some sort of a global depopulation conspiracy? Just saying!!!!!!!!
VP QweRTy Před 5 dny
Illuminati will be coming to your doorstep anytime soon 😉
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Před 6 dny
too little too late when Beijing and Shanghai are fine but Vancouver and Toronto are not, that means government really dropped the ball
Eric Gayle
Eric Gayle Před 6 dny
From what I have heard from the Israelis. many people may have had this virus even last year but showed no symptoms and have built immunity against the virus.
Ali R
Ali R Před 6 dny
All I hear is “DRASTIC MEASURES” and things only get worse Canada has done nothing for us much
regular donkey
regular donkey Před 6 dny
Lies....north America wouldn't have a single case if our government cared. Please just deliver brown shirts and white hats to all sadistic government employees.
Meme Mine
Meme Mine Před 6 dny
China's "China Virus" (that came from China) proves our effect on the planet is like farting in a tornado so say so long to carbon taxes, not to mention anti-vacciners and open borders freaks as well. :)
Jason Lawson
Jason Lawson Před 6 dny
Emergency preparedness was neglected by some countries , that is a mistake .
Windy & Brenda
Windy & Brenda Před 6 dny
The USA is gonna get it because China and Canada already had their part it’s them now
spartan_guy2005 Před 6 dny
The U.S is in a worse place than Canada.
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan Před 6 dny
i am dylan sean is my dad
Heather65 Renwick
Heather65 Renwick Před 6 dny
Be careful what you wish for. Locking down will lead to taking away your rights, your guns etc and you will be defenceless when they roll out their final plans of a one world government. You laugh but you REALLY need to read ALL of Agenda21/30. The Elite who think they have a right to rule this earth will trample your rights. Open those eyes and see. Please be filled with LOVE! Hate creates the Fear and panic and people turn into monsters. Free will is being taken from us all.
Sbeezy 30
Sbeezy 30 Před 5 dny
Heather65 Renwick unfortunately most of these people are brainwashed into thinking anything mainstream media or the government says is the gospel. I am glad though that there are others like me who can see the bigger picture. Keep fighting the good fight.
Mark Russell
Mark Russell Před 6 dny
Don’t wait for government or Local Councils to organise services - form local groups and do this now. Contact all the local sports halls and requisition their facility. Modern sports halls have excellent ventilation and air conditioning systems and have catering facilities on site. Local companies with single beds and bedding should make their stock available. Prepare the halls with well-separated beds and use this as a triage and treatment centre for the initial cases. Local GPs and community nurses can volunteer there. Only the most serious patients are transferred onto the NHS for ventilation and critical care. Source a local hyperbaric oxygen chamber - if it’s mobile, have it taken to the community centres - it is the gold standard for oxygenation and does not require ventilators. Many schools have sports halls too - they too should be utilised and prepared - without delay. This is happening right now in Madrid. We need to do the same here immediately. Please share with any community groups you have contact with.
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan Před 6 dny
i am 8 i live in canada shold i be scard
Terrill Van Dyke
Terrill Van Dyke Před 5 dny
Being scared won't help ; listening to your parents will !
Terrill Van Dyke
Terrill Van Dyke Před 5 dny
NO , don't be scared ! ... Being scared is the job of your parents ... go enjoy your life !
Windy & Brenda
Windy & Brenda Před 6 dny
Sean Morgan it ok no you shold not be scard
bluemoon 333
bluemoon 333 Před 6 dny
Captain Trips
Hammer Home
Hammer Home Před 6 dny
Instead of fearing terrorists form foreign lands , now we can fear a virus that's trying to kill us , or the grocery store that's not re-stalking or the banks that are closing .... whats next an alien invasion ? Fear is a great motivator , but what is the real agenda ? .. -30% to date on the indexes $$$$$$$
Sidewalk Citizen
Sidewalk Citizen Před 6 dny
So, Wuhan China, Turin Italy, New york City. All hit hard from the 'virus.' Did you know that Wuhan just rolled out 5G? They are a 'Smart' city. As did Turin Italy. 5G. Same with NYC.. Every City with substantial deaths now has an active 5G network. Coincidence? Watch 'Dr.David Cowan on Corona Virus'
drpozzi Před 6 dny
165 people are sick in Lithuania
79tazman Před 6 dny
People are stupid just like the government everyone took it lightly at first and this is what we get for doing that people should of stopped traveling as soon as the virus was known about it's not our first damn outbreak but it seems people don't have the common sense to remember history it's just business like normal. If we would of used common sense something that lacks in people this day and age we would not be in what we are today and that's because people that call the shots wanted to down play it until it was too late knowing damn well it was going to spread like wildfire.
Lumina *
Lumina * Před 6 dny
Remember when we thought our looks were important?
Mr Smiff
Mr Smiff Před 6 dny
Really jail time for not staying home that's a little much especially up to a year in jail that's fuckedn
Neil i
Neil i Před 6 dny
Global is fake trash news.
Antenna2heaven Před 6 dny
They all gloss over the fact that hte people dying from this are almost all elderly or suffered from pre-existing respiratory illness. They're acting like we're all gonna die....why tho? Thats what I'm trying to figure out. Small buisinesses are the most hurt by this...wouldn't suprise me if it was some kind of globalist plot to ruin small buisiness and ensure only the giant faceless megacorps come out of this.
stefan stoss
stefan stoss Před 6 dny
media gets off superficial gossip and onto natural solutions authorities get off the pot rotties no more all health ministers in every country know that the drug industry is profitable and in fact iit owns us it owns THE PEOPLE except for millioanire s and billioanaires like health ministers and amaerican media personalities who own stock in drug industry this serious epidemic will ONLY be resolved by ALTERNATIVE only by ayur veda doctors TCM doctors our MDs using high dose intravenous vitamin C [ ascorbic acid ] [[[ dr frederik Klenner's protocol JAMA 1949 ]]] and by experts in Naturheilkunde Kommission E .... 28137 species of medicinal plants in god's organic garden thats how our anscestors the ancients survived
Nih Joo
Nih Joo Před 6 dny
This pandemic is just the cover story.
Alaia Brown
Alaia Brown Před 6 dny
On Friday my mom was fine with her and my sisters going to my Nanas who lives down the road. Now we aren’t allowed leaving the house. She’s not a crazy person or anything like people were like last week. She’s just worried we might hurt someone else. My mom has put our house on FULL lOCKDOWN
Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor Před 6 dny
peanut punch
peanut punch Před 6 dny
i woke up today with a sore throat and it is hard to swollow spit i dont know how to check my temperture but i dont think i have a fever because i feel cold and chilly not hot how am i supposed to know if i have corona virus
jjmbeausoleil Před 6 dny
Stranded Canadians are no longer novel news.
Burton Pierre
Burton Pierre Před 6 dny
Bloody this virus kicking everyones butt in a bad way! Gees
WT Keeton
WT Keeton Před 6 dny
"Anyone who prefers safety instead of liberty is a justified slave" - Aristoteles
atmospheric_blue Před 6 dny
WT Keeton not just safety for yourself, but also people you care about and others
YOW Gyrl
YOW Gyrl Před 6 dny
Masks and gloves are a good start, but the virus can enter through the eyes as well.
Lin Lim
Lin Lim Před 6 dny
i work at a hospital in Montreal, and the hospital doesn't let any healthy adults (non-medical personnels) to wear masks, not even the security guards who check entry of every person into the hospital. what a joke.
Corrupt Politician
Corrupt Politician Před 6 dny
canadian media spreading fear and panic. great job idiots
Sbeezy 30
Sbeezy 30 Před 5 dny
Corrupt Politician Yup. That’s how they control the masses.
j c
j c Před 6 dny
How is it "false"? I think they're reacting appropriately, if anything they should be doing more not less
Mal Contender
Mal Contender Před 6 dny
The foolish choice to keep their beards make those masks useless. Those M95's already make a poor seal with the cheeks, add in a big coarse beard? Thinking never was a strong suit over there.
technically observant
the number of peoplewith the virus is not increasing as much as the testing for it is increasing so of course there is a spike give it a week or so then you will see a sharp drop of. i thought the mediteranian people were suppose to be the healthiest in the world .i guess that was a faullicy as will as they were pushing there fake healthy diets
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Před 6 dny
Idiots!! I would.expect more from Aussies. Shame on you.
Koop Před 6 dny
"There have been 1000 cases in Australia. 7 people have died." ... K. Who cares? 7 isn't that many. If it was 1000 cases and 100 had died, maybe I'd give a crap, but 7/1000 is pretty small numbers. I understand that it's worse when you're dealing with millions of people, because that would be like 200,000 dead people if literally everyone caught it (presuming that those 7 weren't part of a small vulnerable group and that 7/1000 is a pure population reflection, which we know is false but let's assume worst case scenario), but that's only about 3x as bad as yearly flu deaths.
Supra Levamentum
Supra Levamentum Před 6 dny
check out dr john bargeman's latest videos he will expand on the point you made very nicely :) all this fear mongering has to stop!
Bob Guttmann
Bob Guttmann Před 6 dny
CHINA set up IRAN and ITALY they should be ashamed not to report their failure of the 5G death tech
Bob Guttmann
Bob Guttmann Před 6 dny
we need to STOP the narrative that the virus is spread person to person...it is NOT !!! people need to WAKE UP to the real threat 5G death tech !! CANADA INDIA all Countries who have NO active 5G come back down to earth ..SMELL the Coffee..WHY is GOBAL NEWS not reporting 5G as the KILLER ?? WHY is CHINA so smart??? WHY did CHINA turn OFF their pride and joy 5G ??? they did the simple math ..DEATH = 5G... WAKE UP CANADA>>USA !!!
Cheetylicious meow meow
Omg...healthy people on beach don't spread disease. I can't wait till this is over.
Supra Levamentum
Supra Levamentum Před 6 dny
+1 the best palace to kill a virus... a hot sunny beach :D
Supra Levamentum
Supra Levamentum Před 6 dny
Cases are not Surging! Where did you get that information from?
Deckardd Wizardd
Deckardd Wizardd Před 6 dny
I feel bad for the people who think this pandemic is just a normal flu. It is spreading quickly and killing people, even the seemingly healthy ones. I wish people is North America and Europe stay at home and protect themselves from the virus. Do everything you can to flatten the curve.
j c
j c Před 6 dny
I feel bad for the people they're going to spread it to, potentially killing people with weaker immune systems. I don't feel bad for them, not even slightly. They deserve whatever happens to them, I just wish they would try to protect others.
Wolfie Pun UwU
Wolfie Pun UwU Před 6 dny
Ok pray for god To stop the corana virus
James Ginn
James Ginn Před 6 dny
Nature has decided there are simply too many of our species on this planet. This planet is not meant to hold 7 1/2 billion of any major species. When any natural population gets out of hand then it is usually returned to balance by way of disease and starvation.
k k
k k Před 6 dny
People of all ages, especially the old stubborn ones that ignore safety measures can happily dig themselves a grave. Darwin was sent to this earth for a reason and it was to classify these types of retards.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Před 6 dny
Fear mongering
James Ginn
James Ginn Před 6 dny
The powers that be are taking the tail wags the dog approach. Just put money into protecting the people who are vulnerable and let the rest of society get on with their daily lives. Over 99% of the population will not die from this virus so why in hell shut down all of society. Protect the vulnerable...thats all. And think of this we must have the virus penetrate at least 40% of society if we are to develop an overall immunity to it. Without an overall herd immunity it will simply come back again next winter or fall on its second wave and we will be in the same mess as we are now. Right now it is just stupidity. We are shutting down society but not doing anything extra to protect the vulnerable such as those in long care homes and retirement homes and those with compromised immune systems. This situation cannot go on for months. It is financially untenable.
Bill 1314
Bill 1314 Před 6 dny
So we’re going to jail people and cram them into overpopulated jail cells shoulder to shoulder because they wouldn’t stay 6 ft apart on the outside, something absolutely stinks about this whole thing , the whole world is incrementally asserting martial law, wake up people, something big this way comes.
Sbeezy 30
Sbeezy 30 Před 5 dny
Bill 1314 True. Unfortunately the masses would rather bury their heads in the sand, than to wake up to what’s really going on.
BigDog36 Před 6 dny
so i guess since these "Warm" countries have it then, does that mean the warmer weather for the US and Canada won't end this situation?
cgletts Před 6 dny
Yes Iran uses surface pro
Bonnie Weiss
Bonnie Weiss Před 6 dny
Judging by some of the comments here, it's pretty obvious that we will NEVER FIX STUPID.
Bonnie Weiss
Bonnie Weiss Před 6 dny
@Windy & Brenda You are lucky that you have had more luck in doing that than I have. Stay safe and healthy, regardless.
Windy & Brenda
Windy & Brenda Před 6 dny
Bonnie Weiss you cant fix stupid but you can change it
Johnny Wishbone
Johnny Wishbone Před 6 dny
Why does the news show us all around the world. Instead of focusing on Canada? You are letting people think all this restriction is a good thing. It’s -9 here and now I can’t go hike or walk in provincial trails alone because they are closed. I have learned one thing in my lifetime... If you don’t let people have fun they will end up making mischief! As the restrictions come into affect you will start seeing more news stories. Our society has been trained to be selfish there is only so much isolation people can handle until the go whacky. So what’s next? I am lucky I was raised in a time before the Internet I can sit under a tree and read a book( usually the Bible) for hours. Our “give me it now” ADHD, PTSD. mental health illness society is fragile. God Bless us all! ✝️❤️
Joanna Bickford
Joanna Bickford Před 6 dny
when are people going to wake up and realize you can't get together in groups right now ...so dumb
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