Coronavirus outbreak: Canada COVID-19 aid bill details, mandatory self-isolation for all travellers

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the $82B emergency economic legislation passing in the House of Commons and now awaits approval in the Senate.
Trudeau says new federal benefits for those losing income due to COVID-19 will be in people's pockets within 10 days of their applications. Trudeau says the application process for the new programs will open soon. The government has now merged new EI programs related to COVID-19 into a single allowance.
Trudeau said that the Canada Emergency Response Benefit will provide CAD 2,000 per month for those whose jobs have been impacted or lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also addressed the mandatory self-isolation for any travellers returning from abroad saying that the order will apply to all travellers, including those from the U.S., but that it will not apply to those deemed to be doing “essential work.”
“It will, from midnight tonight, be a legal obligation of people entering Canada from outside Canada to self-isolate for 14 days,” she said.
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Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose Před 7 hodinami
Thank god we have Justin Trudeau right now. He is doing everything he can to take care of Canadians and also being careful not to let us go in a recession and or a depression. So many of us are very grateful.
Joe Patroni
Joe Patroni Před 19 hodinami
So an international passenger lands in Toronto with a connection to say Fredericton. Does the passenger self isolate in Toronto for 14 days, or risk infecting the next flight to Fredericton or other connection? These rules are so wishy washy, that we will never get rid of this virus. All traffic from international must stop. Like 911.
Raman Sidhu
Raman Sidhu Před 20 hodinami
Sir pls help the work permit people Nd students 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 pls help them they are also human beings.
Paulina Iwanowa
Paulina Iwanowa Před 6 hodinami
Raman Sidhu You are human beings but bottom line is, you aren’t Canadian. When you applied for a student permit, you were required to prove that you had sufficient funds not only to pay for the expensive international tuition rates, but that you also had enough funds saved up to support yourself. We can’t bankrupt the country just to give handouts to visitors.
marcum exe
marcum exe Před 22 hodinami
Blah, blah, blah let's get this speech done with I have a card game waiting for me. Your minister "Carpet Face"..
Jeremy Benson
Jeremy Benson Před 2 dny
I've started to change my personal opinion a little. Even considering what I believe God has told me, of course that this is a biological weapon released by global governments. I know within 4 days we've seen about 11,000 new deaths. So say this really is a genetically modified version of a biological weapon that can kill off 1%-2%. Maybe that is a good reason to lay low. But Christians should still be free to hunt, fish, clam, gather shell-fish, as opposed to hiding inside and hoping to use their plastic cards again at the grocery store. That's just a fact of life. Do Canadians have to worry about facing flame throwers like in Italy if they decide to do that? Not that Italy used flame-throwers on people, but it was definitely on the table. I don't really trust government food trucks in a lockdown, or needles. That should be a personal choice. My body my choice right? That's what they're all about, unless maybe they're under heavy social-engineering to stand 6ft from another living person. Not that that's a bad thing now, I suppose. I for one don't trust Satanic Freemasons to feed or medicate me, especially in the wake of a pandemic. Even if they mean well, so let's just put that on the table for Canadians to have full autonomy, not just when they're aborting babies. If anyone is wondering about 1-2% I'm pretty sure our governments would kill that many people with one bomb if they "had to" so it really doesn't deter me in believing what I feel God has revealed to me. So no matter what anyone believes, I'll use my little percent democracy voice to say this: no forced vaccines, no lockdown that removes our rights to hunt and gather. Interesting things I've seen in this wake. 5G rolling out in America, Canada, China. An attack on paper money. More legislation (phones tracking people, drones tracking people.) Revelation of Digital ID2020.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson Před 2 dny
Good morning....on this day Canadians will join others from around the world in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 in showing the largest display of unity in the history of mankind. Mankind, that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. We will do our part in protecting one another, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we collectively beat this pandemic it will be our finest hour. The day when the world declared in one voice, “We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today is our Global Independence Day!! Now wash your hands and stay home- Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Of Canada
Brad Goodyear
Brad Goodyear Před 2 dny
Tamil Patriot
Tamil Patriot Před 2 dny
Canadian Gov. should impose curfew every other day, this would slow down the spread and give the time for the virus to die out on which are on the surfaces.
jason! Před 2 dny
I'm an essential worker... worked through the covid19 pandemic. Got nothing out of it. lol Not even hazard pay.
Сергей Н
Сергей Н Před 2 dny
Есть кто из русских!? Как у вас там в Канаде дела обстоят?
styrkersniper1 Před 2 dny
More afraid of what this guy will do next to Canada then the virus itself. God help us all.
MyJazzmann Před 2 dny
What about custody exchanges
Live Maniac
Live Maniac Před 2 dny
Coronavirus spread to Europe and USA thanks to the Israeli-Jewish owned Airlines throughout the world kept the flights going despite the virus has been there since 5th December just for money
Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng Před 2 dny
Can I make a suggestion? I suggest everyone do not insert their debit card or credit card into the machine when you all purchase goods. use tap and pay to prevent touching the keypad on the machine. and even when you tap, you do not need to contact your debit or credit card on the tap machine, just hold about one centimetre distance and it will go through. the tap machines can spread the coronavirus. I wash my credit cards with alcohol every time I got home.
Ashley Před 2 dny
To potentially save lives, maybe people flying into and out of Canada could all wear a monitored ankle bracelet, like prisoners on house arrest do. I know people would feel like their privacy was invaded and a verbal uproar would likely begin, but they would be saving lives and keeping the virus from spreading. I think thats more important than any complaint or discomfort.
Bill H
Bill H Před 2 dny
Trudeau....go home and drink more $200 dollar a bottle wine and caviar and the best of everything while every day Canadians suffer through all this...silver spoon little prick...
Ashley Před 2 dny
He keeps saying, To keep Canadians safe, yet there are still flights leaving and arriving to and from Canada. There are people pretending not to be sick and boarding a plane ,full of healthy people and potentially getting them all sick. How is this keeping Canadians safe. Shut down the airlines. Throw people in jail if they do not co operate with the guidelines. When people finally start to see financial relief, take half of the income of those who do not follow the rules. Thank goodness we live in this day and age. That there is actual relief coming. Some countries wouldnt even come close to getting any help or support. I guess dealing with millions and millions of people, in a crisis, all at once, with varying needs, that it would be a massive and intense situation to be in. It would be a huge task for anyone. We will survive! We are strong. We are Canadian. I wish Trudeau would be more real. Its like listening to a pre-scripted robot.
q SG
q SG Před 2 dny
Wearing a mask will keep everyone's droplets to themselves......suggesting anything else is discouraging. Everyone should wear a mask if it is just a piece of cloth. There are obviously safety risks, But it will be manageable.
NotAll Před 2 dny
We destroyed economy and your jobs, here is 2k a month, oh by the way, the 2k a month is not tax free, see you tax season 2021. Oh and if you qualify for EI you get nothing but regular EI. Lives destroyed, this is horrific.
Denver Steele
Denver Steele Před 2 dny
Still no help for small businesses from predatory landlords. Aid for big businesses and nothing for the little guys!
Denver Steele
Denver Steele Před 2 dny
still no help for small businesses from predatory landlords! thanks liberals for nothing! Rich politicians still have no idea what is going on!
J M Před 2 dny
GLobal News....PLEASE FIX THE TRANSLATOR VOLUME.....!!!!! You can not hear the English translator over the French speakers because the volumes are the same. Please fix this.
jukebox symposium
jukebox symposium Před 2 dny
We NEED to re-EXAM our leaders and those in positions of Power in our government because there are becoming to be systemic failures with our Health System... I don't mean re-examine, I mean we need to re-test our leaders and see if they even deserve to be in those jobs...
Mo Miller
Mo Miller Před 2 dny
I am conservative but very pleased with the Trudeau measures
Kelvin Před 2 dny
Lie Lie Lie
brewermoe Před 3 dny
..@ 26:36 ... putting people at risk , "even the people looking at the beans"
david mcfadden
david mcfadden Před 3 dny
What are we going to do about China? Is this going to be allowed to happen every year or two and then back to business as usual?
Blossom Berg123
Blossom Berg123 Před 3 dny
My concerns are thresholds for qualifying, there are undoubtedly thousands of who's EI eligibility is based on a part time minimum. Do the math and 50% of these amounts are below the current poverty line. This NEEDS to be addressed.
WezleyB Před dnem
If it was above the poverty line everyone would apply and abuse it.. keeping it low gives people a reason to try.. this is just for survival.. have you ever wondered how small a welfare check actually is? People do just fine below the poverty line.. I've been there my whole life..
Dropkick Demonrats
Dropkick Demonrats Před 3 dny
You’re a traitor to the Canadian people. Go suck on a virus Traitor Trudeau!
Christine Falk
Christine Falk Před 3 dny
Thank you for all you do. Here in Alberta, and I assume in every other province, there are foreign exchange students who have been asked to leave housing at Universities. Resident are basically having a family member pick them up but foreign exchange students don't have that option and are meant to be out today. Is there any way to protect them or find a way to get them home?
2019 Camaro SS 1LE
2019 Camaro SS 1LE Před 3 dny
Why not just sent the cheque’s to the little people thru direct deposit. Your bailing out big companies as countless households fail and are in serious trouble. Government is keeping the machine running at the cost of the people that pay taxes. Time for a change and revolt.
Rex Dale
Rex Dale Před 3 dny
How much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will leave CDA to line the pockets of corrupt UN members under the guise of " Foreign Aid"?
Dolly Williams
Dolly Williams Před 3 dny
So what happens to the seniors they were suffering before this virus they don’t care ... about them. Because they can’t work,!! They are useless omg
Boogie man
Boogie man Před 3 dny
Trudeau is the worst world leader in human history
Jules Dussault
Jules Dussault Před 3 dny
The border border was supposed to play being close but all theAirplane allowing people coming back from their vacation into Canada was the border is close it will increase convert 19 cases the government says the border is close that is to hide there a Pockrus he
Four Corners
Four Corners Před 3 dny
At the rate there testing 10,000 people a day it will take 3,500 days or 9 and a half years to test all of canada.
Scott Woodcock
Scott Woodcock Před 3 dny
As to this rescue plan it seems to be a very leaky dinghy. A lot of people are going to fall through those holes especially the poorest groups who were already struggling. As an extra added bit of commentary, my spouse would still be at work (he is sheet metal master building hospitals/schools here in the not so Golden Horseshoe) if not for the bricklayer who came to work all last week while his wife is at home ill with covid19. Instant panic on Monday when this was discovered and everyone fled the site for home. In fairness the fellow is middle European with a very poor command of the English language. But you see the point yes? All these people just spinning over Canadians returning from overseas but I think we have bigger problems than that. I am in Welland and today I am looking at the congregation of friends drinking beer and yucking it up in my across the street neighbour’s garage. Business as usual since this is their usual habit on non working days, self isolation advice be damned. And again, you see my point yes?
Tyler McKay
Tyler McKay Před 3 dny
i heard justin trudeau was actually served an arrest warrant and is currently sporting an ankle bracelet. i don't remember what day the story was where they "got it in europe"........but his 14 days will be up quite soon.....if he keeps posting those updates from his cottage estate after that 14th day......thats how you know he's sick with white hat syndrome not COVID-19 PS hey wheres the pope at right now!?! ....Huuuuh!?! ..whaaaaaa?
David Wong
David Wong Před 3 dny
44:42 I hope the quarantine mandate (Mar 26) for Canadians returning from other countries is strong enough. People jaywalk and speed despite fines for such offences.
ransomitis Před 3 dny
So everyone is taking a funds loss but who do you think is taking the hit the biggest the rich lmfao not a chance the rich get richer off of a poor mans struggles this is disgusting and now we will see more people who may have had a chance at getting ahead fall and those who already ahead stay there and continue to climb there is no equality in a world were wages are so so different if everyone had a politicians wage would we have poverty hell no the rich love seei g poverty means there making money I'm actually disgusted with this planet
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers Před 3 dny
These people way too ignorant to come home, by now, should have the door slam shut. They are coming back sick and hiding it?!? That just adds more weeks of the millions here in isolation waiting for this virus to be rid of.
ashley vandaele
ashley vandaele Před 3 dny
Mandatory isolation..... mandatory stoppage on bills....
Jaymz B
Jaymz B Před 3 dny
premiere fidel truedope
Reacha D'Creador DaSilva
Since the lockdown the unemployment rate in 4 days has already risen past the pandemic rate. This is reckless
Maryanne Slater
Maryanne Slater Před dnem
@Reacha D'Creador DaSilva -- Yes, in fact, I do. I realize that business space rents have to be paid too, and that many landlords need those rents. That's why the government is making emergency funds and loans available to small businesses. Currently, the max is $25,000 but if it goes longer than a couple of months it could be increased. There's now funding for people to keep their employees on, although I'm not sure if that's for anyone or only for necessary businesses staying open but taking in far less. I hope most landlords won't be stupid enough to kill their golden geese, not knowing when new businesses will be able to start up. But the thing is that this disease is as contagious as measles or the common cold, but far deadlier. About 10% need serious hospital care. About 10% or more of those seriously sick die. And doctors and nurses who are overworked are very vulnerable too. In Italy, with a population of 60 million, they have nearly 90,000 reported cases, with around 6000 new cases per day. The death toll is over 9000. So far, we've got just over 4000 cases and 39 dead. Italy didn't start self-isolation and shutting things down fast enough. How much are a thousand lives worth? Or 5000?
Reacha D'Creador DaSilva
Maryanne Slater Do you you know anybody with a small coffee shop or a non essential business? Do you know what the rent cost in my neighbourhood in Toronto is? If this goes 4/months at 5000rent? Huh! Well, you do the math! And please don’t with, you get alone and you get alone and you get alone!
Maryanne Slater
Maryanne Slater Před 2 dny
Do you know anyone who owns a small business, like a coffee shop or specialty store? Unless they are an essential service, they're closing their doors to help prevent the spread of the virus. And they don't have the cash reserves to pay their employees to stay home. That's why EI is being relaxed and expedited so that businesses can temporarily lay off staff they can't afford to pay.
Bargn Před 3 dny
Why are we not trying Hydro Chloroquine and Z packs? The reports from the US and France are fantastic currently with cases where there is no hope they or their family should be offered that option, also we should be doing trials right now.Covid 19 has taken a good foothold here and we need to be doing far more on the research side to assist Canadians one death was far too many. We also should be planning a way of bringing back medication manufacture as it is a national security issue Canadians should not be subject to the whims of China and India as to the quality and quantity of these drugs
Rr Ss
Rr Ss Před 3 dny
Hey, we're all screwed, eh?
Prima Primavera
Prima Primavera Před 3 dny
I want conservatives back, I can not tolerate, this weak,snowflake prime- minister. He should've closed borders a month ago, especially for China. Now my business struggling, I can not pay my employees, can not work. I am self-employed. You, Justin can seat at home, cause you get paid anyway. I can not afford it.
Pece17 Před 3 dny
Looks like Trudeau is also growing a quarantine beard
But Plugger
But Plugger Před 3 dny
dave robinson
dave robinson Před 3 dny
How can anybody think this guy is doing a good job.
Tamil Patriot
Tamil Patriot Před 3 dny
God bless Canada and rest of the world.
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson Před 3 dny
Know a government on how the pass their Laws...this sleazebag tried a backdoor POWER GRAB. Always a Commie.
Robert Critch
Robert Critch Před 3 dny
Be warned: You may find this viewpoint provocative, but hopefully it will get you thinking - Ok old Magician's trick, look here so you do not see over there. "Never-mind that man, behind that curtain." What do Governments/Military/Businesses all do in an uncontrollable Lose/Lose scenario? They seek to create a narrative they can control and continue towards their goals; in this case, the narrative is how people are not quarantining enough, or are hoarding and are not following Government guidelines, thus stirring the masses to demand more rules, more Government Control, more Authoritarian, more Totalitarian Control. After all, the best way to achieve a goal with the masses, is to have them demand the very things you want to implement. Thus, the best why to achieve that is keep people thinking, talking, concerned about that narrative you present and control. How about not following the standing isolation garbage talking points in the news, that drag your attention away from most critical issues, and ask the better and tougher questions: What are the latest Treatments; availability in Canada; of cures, doses; stockpiles, of medicine, masks; procedures and what is the Canadian Government doing about helping us survive this Virus? Why aren't you getting this information? Why aren't Media focusing on these? The economics of this scenario are more man-made and secondary to the VIRUS infection and the spread itself. Attempting to slow the spread has merit, but at the cost of not adequately funding and distributing treatments, supplies, and cures, very questionable and the motivation doubly so. Why isn't the topic of discussion directly about treating those afflicted, supply of treatments? (The Lose/Lose scenario) Why focus on Death Rates and not availability of viable treatments distribution? (A frightened people are easier to persuade) Why isn't HOPE, the topic in the NEWS?(Keep people scared to better control them) Why is something that is NOT STOPPABLE, being blamed on people living their lives and trying to prepare for what is coming? (Scapegoat required to direct anger and attention of the masses away from those calling the shots and maintain their control and power) Why do people forget that Government controlled endeavors rarely work out well in the current Canadian political reality.(Look over here and don't ask tough questions) Think on this: The flu takes thousands of lives each year, has any activity ever STOPPED the flu? Do Flu shots STOP the FLU? We are forced to live with it and ultimately, everyone still gets exposed and thousands continue to die from it annually. The sad reality is that Covid-19 travels like a Flu on Steroids, lives longer on surfaces, asymptomatic spread, gestation period is not fully known, but is measured in weeks not days and it is out in the wild. There is no stopping it. Isolation, flattening the curve, is not a treatment, nor a cure. How long can a society exist like this? How long before money runs out, temporary measures fail, and people rebel? How long before anarchy raises it's ugly head? However, the rules being imposed will make it much easier for Totalitarianism to define itself World Wide, thus empowering governments to crack down on the anarchy of those people that will eventually attempt to rise up, out of frustration and desperation. This whole type of approach is fatalistic, flawed, and Middle-ages. During the middle-ages Plague victim isolation was the rule for individuals/communities/Towns, yet a third of the known World still died from it. A better way exists and we must focus on finding it, working together. The isolationist activity, is more of a divide and conquer approach that is not sustainable in the long term, and cannot and will not STOP Covid-19 pandemic. There is no stopping it and nobody wants to talk about it. Treatments, manufacturing and Supply chains and Government hold the answers to addressing this nightmare of Pandemic and the Worlds whiplash Emergency response. Shutting down the world and making everyone dependent on Government, isolation, no touching, no kissing, no handshaking, politically correct speech only please, and never ever asking the tough questions, is not the answer. The World, over this one terrible Virus, has overnight effectively gone leagues towards a , One World Community(Pandemic), One Government Response (Emergency Powers), One belief system(Government has your back), under an everlasting New World Order. It is my sincerest hope for our future, that we can pull back from this "Brave New World" folks, thank you Aldous Huxley, for your insight.
Eric Rosbottom
Eric Rosbottom Před 3 dny
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
Keith Loveless
Keith Loveless Před 3 dny
How about helping everyone because everyone is being effected not just those who have lost their jobs.
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell Před 3 dny
trudeau is scolding citizens that are are disappointing and dangerous...look in the mirror buddy
Murky Waters
Murky Waters Před 3 dny
Trudeau is a communist A-hole. I feel for all canadian people.
Good. Bad. Ugly
Good. Bad. Ugly Před 3 dny
It’s time to everyone working as team. Only Government can’t do anything for everyone. And don’t pray to God , God only watch us he won’t help us because we ourselves screwed up gift of god our planet 🌎.we should take it as a wake up call , Mother Nature only sneezed once it told us that it’s tired of human abuse.
captfakk Před 3 dny
They lie to us every day... all day .. i dont believe a word of it
captfakk Před 3 dny
They lie to us every day... all day .. i dont believe a word of it
Ultimate Otaku
Ultimate Otaku Před 3 dny
The problem with checking temperatures is it vary from person to person I have an average temperature of 95.5 so if I'm reading 98.6 then I do have a slight fever but people checking would just see it as Baseline
Ms. Susu
Ms. Susu Před 3 dny
I’m calling judgement! Why aren’t some shoppers opened at night time Why are we all bunched yo during the damn day You want us to stay home but you wanna make sure that ppl making 14$ are the ones who will be infected Your system makes no sense
northstar10 Před 3 dny
the wuhan graphs show about one month from the first infections to the petering out of new cases ----and about another month to let the existing infections run their course
Good. Bad. Ugly
Good. Bad. Ugly Před 3 dny
I think when Canadian comes from outside they should go directly to isolate them to somewhere else not at home , if I’m driving cab at the airport how am I safe to pick them up and take them to their houses ????
DFT Exteriors Inc
DFT Exteriors Inc Před 3 dny
At least the US has a REAL leader 😩😩 Oh to be an American during these times!
Michael S
Michael S Před 3 dny
Warning! We cannot accept your report online. You must mail your reports to us or call our Telephone Information Service at 1-800-206-7218 during business hours and press "0" to speak to a representative. They put you on hold , Than they hangup ! CRAZY .
martin larocque
martin larocque Před 3 dny
Why are they translating over when he speak french? thats really frustrating.
Gaian Symbiote
Gaian Symbiote Před 3 dny
26:34 Look at the beans
Enalpekaf News
Enalpekaf News Před 3 dny
I where my Tshirt Stay Back 6ft I don’t want to catch Stupid!🙈🙉🙊
chris goodwin
chris goodwin Před 3 dny
Our government is a joke!
Theretha k Theretha k
Respected sir,do good more
Enalpekaf News
Enalpekaf News Před 3 dny
All Wallmart knew in advance this Flu 😷 virus Pysop was to be staged by installing pre cashless automatic checkouts which just happened to be 6ft apart. Operation Enslavement 🙈
Scott Woodcock
Scott Woodcock Před 3 dny
Of course that decision would have nothing to do with the fact that automated systems are cheaper than human Checkouts. Enslavement my Aunt Fanny, pull off your tinfoil hat it is waaay too tight.
eixzFN Před 3 dny
The Question Is How Much Will The Canadian Government Give To Canadians? In The Provinces And Territories?
Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Před 3 dny
Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Před 3 dny
Tuncher Ferad
Tuncher Ferad Před 3 dny
I have to say, watching our PM on a daily basis - more and more I realize that he doesn't say anything concrete. So disappointing.
B better
B better Před 3 dny
$2000 will not pay mortgage, bills and food for my family. I know these are unprecedented times but Govt needs to stop mortgage companies, all of them, from pulling money out of the bank. My mortgage company has not answered my call or replied by email, it's been 10 days of me trying every day. This is scary and I don't know what happens when the payment doesn't go through. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat.
palak palak
palak palak Před 3 dny
Please help for the rent for students too as we are unable to carry on our work during this severe condition
Sandy's cooking show
palak palak apply EI
Dwayne Donnelly
Dwayne Donnelly Před 3 dny
How about testing? Everyone with even slightest symptoms or anyone who's around someone with symptoms anyone entering the Country MUST BE TESTED!!!!!!
Skyleir Colors
Skyleir Colors Před 3 dny
I support Justin , you are the best a great guy , godspeed you and your family...
Kally954569 Před 2 dny
Stfu dumb@ss. He allowed flights from infected countries. He refused to close the border. Thats why we are in this mess. Canadians are dying because of him.
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