Coming Out - 1 Year Later

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It’s been a year since I came out publicly on CSvid! Here’s what really happened. Also some awkward closeted stories!
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30. 06. 2020





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Ashton Před hodinou
I think Phil got his gaydar confused with his pleasebegaydar
Manuel Cruz
Manuel Cruz Před 14 hodinami
Where is Dan?
Diamond End
Diamond End Před 20 hodinami
Other human: So what do you look for in a woman? Phil: Their boyfriends😎
IneptCharles Před dnem
Coming out to mum: She subtly asks me in the garden and I come out and she hugs me and shes happy crying and saying well done and stuff. Coming out to dad: Weeks later he's in my room at like 2am confronting me about some gay stuff I said in a CSvid video (WHICH IVE TOLD HIM NOT TO WATCH) and he's like "you're not gay are ya?" And I told him and he starts crying and hes like "you're joking...are you serious?" And he leaves the room and tells mum thinking she didn't know. He still occasionally asks me if I am actually gay and I was serious about it, that's really cool :')
Adakechi Před 2 dny
similish phil having a crush on kyle is me everytime theres a cute girl cashier its like theyll ask me if i want a bag and i just *gay panic*
Sukeerthi Bachu
Sukeerthi Bachu Před 2 dny
The way Phil so subtly validates all identities like it's second nature in a flow. K I N G S H I T
stuff and stoof
stuff and stoof Před 3 dny
What did happen to Dan do you still live with him????
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
Yes, he just decided to disappear. They have adopted a fish if you didn't know, his name is Norman.
Niamh Winters
Niamh Winters Před 3 dny
Coming out to my family was so hard by itself, but I couldn’t imagine how you felt doing the same for millions of people. You’re so brave darling 💕
Velocirandom Před 3 dny
Phil: "he had cool spiky blonde hair" me: Bakugo!?!?!?
Diane Před 4 dny
When Phil was talking about Kyle, all I could see was Cloud from Final Fantasy
Darksider95 Před 4 dny
1+ for that 6:44 classic Tomb Raider secret sound effect.
Allymackenzie1 Před 5 dny
love you phil
Minushi Perera
Minushi Perera Před 5 dny
Mmm yes, edge of a man's nipple. That's how you know
Slicey slice of a pancake
woah what! phil's first video was on the exact same day as when I was born. So any twins out there??? (no one ever has the same birthday as me :( )
STanimation Před 6 dny
*It’s really been one year?*
Lux Online
Lux Online Před 7 dny
we really don't deserve phil man hes too pure for the world TT 9 years later im glad im still a fan and he's still making amazing relatable content
Bayleigh Sims
Bayleigh Sims Před 7 dny
I was kicked out in high school after ball because I brought a girl. But now my parents love me for me❤ you helped me so much
cut to me, wondering if I can adopt someone who's older than me by a good decade and lives in a different country
Peter Jacques
Peter Jacques Před 8 dny
what happened to dan a phil games
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
They went on a "hiatus" just like One Direction if you get what I mean
Mikayla Mager
Mikayla Mager Před 8 dny
Phil: Talking Me: mesmerized by the lava lamp
dj dean
dj dean Před 8 dny
king shit king shit
Brooks The Cheese
Brooks The Cheese Před 8 dny
My coming out story was after breaking into the boys bathroom (ftm) and then getting a talking to from my mum
Naomi D.
Naomi D. Před 8 dny
Ily wish you the best always
shadestheshadow Před 8 dny
I haven’t seen Dan and Phil together in so long....
Silas Sketches
Silas Sketches Před 8 dny
I came out at 3 am while making chicken nuggets... my mom is asked why I was awake and I turned around and said...”Uhhhhhh- I’m gay”
ere be dragons
ere be dragons Před 9 dny
we noticed how relaxed you are!! it’s very wholesome we love you
Mama Simmer Plays
Mama Simmer Plays Před 9 dny
I do find it funny that Phil is talking about they younger generation. Intellectually I know he's in his thirties now, but he still seems too young for phrases like that.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
*i BeT lOaDs Of PeOpLe JuSt SaId 'SaMe'*
Meg Rawlinson
Meg Rawlinson Před 9 dny
"Blonde wax like hair" **shows a picture of the top of Pete wentz's head*
EmbunWidia Před 10 dny
Phil : I'm gay. Me : No shit.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
@Elliot Erickson Most ships exist regardless of the real people's sexualities
Elliot Erickson
Elliot Erickson Před 4 hodinami
Yeah, it wasn't a big surprise with all those Dan and Phil shipping 😁
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
@EmbunWidia Your comment was unnecessary and doesn't show respect for the struggle it takes to come out. You're making it about yourself and how smart you were for "knowing"
EmbunWidia Před 9 dny
@Taylor Catherine I had an assumption of him being gay like... 7 years ago? So I wasn't so surprised when he came out. Was I wrong tho? Besides, it was just an assumption.
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine Před 9 dny
what was the purpose of this comment? he’s been out for a year, we all know he’s gay. and before he came out, if he never specifically told you that he was gay, you just assumed based on stereotypes. so which is it?
nimrodgrrrl Před 10 dny
Fucking love you so much. I’ve been out since I was about 15 (22 now), but you and Dan STILL helped me so much with your coming out videos. Thank you thank you thank you.
hope reynara
hope reynara Před 10 dny
interviewer: so, girls. phil: ever heard of an Oxbow lake
axiis Před 10 dny
I thought he was coming out again
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine Před 10 dny
he’s gotten gayer 😮
Riley Polaris
Riley Polaris Před 11 dny
*I need yearly gay updates*
Alyssa Denee
Alyssa Denee Před 11 dny
**brushes hand against hand** 👁👄👁 *i love you*
stariiyu Před 11 dny
i’m a lesbian and without you and dan i don’t think i would’ve ever accepted myself or be the person i am today thank you 💖💖
Big Boi Brutus On TikTok
Were is danandphillgames?
Spooky_Fruit Před 12 dny
I know this isn’t the right place to ask this, but how is dan doing? He hasn’t uploaded in a year and I’m just hoping y’all are safe and happy
Panda Před 12 dny
Do you and dan still live together
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
MixGamer Jade2020
MixGamer Jade2020 Před 12 dny
Miss chest blabin is what he said when he talked to his crush
Erin Quigley
Erin Quigley Před 12 dny
I came out this year thinking to Come out on the pride parade near me and thanks to rona I couldn’t so I just posted a tiktok our my bi flag on my wall and on my Facebook too and have never looked back 💖💜💙
Kenex xo
Kenex xo Před 13 dny
Hello Phil, I have schizophrenia and really bad anxiety so they don't mix that well and sometimes I will have panic attacks because of my hallucinations. I just want to tell you your videos have been a big comfort and I want to thank you, you may not know it but you have helped with my anxiety a lot and your videos are very inspiring! Thank you so much!! - Kene
claireifire YT
claireifire YT Před 13 dny
Rose's are red, violets are blue, I'm pansexual and transgender to. and I'm scared to tell my family, I'm a just a kid. I'm just so scared they will throw a fit. Lol plz help me any advice would be nice. And I'm proud to say(only to the internet)that my name isnt claire anymore its Christian! Thx so much! Edit: Sub 2 Me. Lol
Sonja Johnson
Sonja Johnson Před 13 dny
I love you phil. thank you
Teylynn Před 13 dny
phil. you’ve helped me pass a stage in mario i was struggling with, thank you
Robert Time
Robert Time Před 13 dny
Phil: im gay Me: *WAIT DAN--*
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
Watch Basically I'm Gay LMAO
Tom Storm
Tom Storm Před 11 dny
mb connolley
mb connolley Před 13 dny
phil ive been watching you since 2014 and its been incredible to see you grow as a person and become more comfortable with yourself. ily please take care of yourself!! im proud of you!
mb connolley
mb connolley Před 13 dny
wait that sounds so creepy ive just been watching your videos lmao
Toby Austin
Toby Austin Před 13 dny
can u help me ask my crush
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Před 9 hodinami
No he can't lol, didn't you pay attention to this video?
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine Před 13 dny
ask your crush what?
Stefana Trajkovski
Stefana Trajkovski Před 14 dny
I’m so proud of you Phil! Love you❤️❤️❤️
amaya.hilll Před 14 dny
What a king
alaykarts Před 14 dny
we live in a heteronormative society sigh
alaykarts Před 14 dny
dw im pansexual and talk a big deal abt how "easily" i "get pUSsY" but in reality when a girl shows some interest in me or is remotely flirty i go "hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaomgfuck"
C. Madsen
C. Madsen Před 14 dny
i love seeing you be so yourself! been watching you for a long time and it’s lovely to see🥰
Ayla MoonWolf
Ayla MoonWolf Před 14 dny
Lol I think I’m bi but I haven’t told anyone I know that my family won’t judge me but like hhh MY MUM AND SISTER ARE LITERALLY GAY, I DONT KNOW WHY IM BEING SO DUMB JUST HHHWHEH :((((
Annaka Leiskau
Annaka Leiskau Před 14 dny
Phil: I’m gay leave me alone
Annaka Leiskau
Annaka Leiskau Před 14 dny
Bethany Ashe
Bethany Ashe Před 14 dny
Where has dan gone
Martine J.F
Martine J.F Před 15 dny
is that the yodelling pickle I’m spotting there?
Mchenna Martin
Mchenna Martin Před 15 dny
Did Phil have a crush on Guy Fieri??
Adri Ruiz
Adri Ruiz Před 15 dny
Hehe a year ago I supported him meanwhile I ignored the fact that I’d didn’t like being a girl and now I look back at his coming out video and I realized it is okay to feel the way I feel. now I’m gender fluid and happy sorta still need to tell my mom but yay
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine Před 15 dny
that’s amazing! good for you :D
cameranisded 101
cameranisded 101 Před 15 dny
Your doing amazing sweetie 😌
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