Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler talk Dodgers World Series win

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Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler join MLB Tonight after the Los Angeles Dodgers win their first World Series since 1988


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27. 10. 2020





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Jacob Redmond
Jacob Redmond Před 4 dny
I’m a Braves fan and I cringe every time I see that Bellinger Home run in game 7 of the NLCS but I love the fact that Clayton got a ring. We’ll be back tho
John Lichtenberg
John Lichtenberg Před měsícem
Been watching Kershaw videos lately and I have to say, this is a pleasant surprise. People who know the guy might not be surprised but I was not expecting this much personality from him.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před měsícem
Y arriba los Doyers!
Josh Bruder
Josh Bruder Před měsícem
kid in the background lol!
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Před měsícem
"He's our horse, he's our stud" 02:51 Walk got a little uncomfortable lol humbleness kicked in
Paul Lawrence
Paul Lawrence Před měsícem
The astros should have been stripped of their titles because cheating scandal and the dodgers should be stripped in 2020 due to the lack of concern over deadly virus and Justin turners blantant disregard
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před měsícem
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Před měsícem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♦️Non-Duality
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Před měsícem
So know ones going to talk about the kid on the ground the entire video?
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Před měsícem
VivA Kershaw!!
Zo Před měsícem
Clayton Kershaw and his teammates should already be Three-time world champions if it wasn't for the Cheaters of baseball - Boston and Houston.
Ray Torres
Ray Torres Před měsícem
Drysdale, Cofax, Don Sutton, Hershiser, Kershaw... Dodgers greatest Champs, Pitchers⚾️
ELBARTO138 Před měsícem
Is no one going to talk about the person that’s laying in the outfield face down in the grass?
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Před měsícem
Kershaw was already epic. Happy for him. But he was already an all time great
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Před měsícem
Kershaw I am glad you won a world series you deserve it all the way. Thank you so much for your great effort all these years. Viva Los Angeles Dodgers.
chding zuure
chding zuure Před měsícem
2020 WS Champions to a 60 game season... Congrats guys!
littlesame Před měsícem
Stop with the snell narrative - Rays had 3 innings to score after snell was pulled or you can say they had 9 innings to score big to win G6
chding zuure
chding zuure Před měsícem
Kershaw was already epic. Happy for him. But he was already an all time great
Spent on Food
Spent on Food Před měsícem
1:18 Kevin Cash didn't think so.
chding zuure
chding zuure Před měsícem
Kershaw I am glad you won a world series you deserve it all the way. Thank you so much for your great effort all these years. Viva Los Angeles Dodgers.
Logan Boyle
Logan Boyle Před měsícem
wait, the super bowl happened? xD
Todd Richards
Todd Richards Před měsícem
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Před měsícem
Hello, Humans. "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."-Nelson Mandela TERRANCE OUT
chding zuure
chding zuure Před měsícem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♦️Non-Duality
C & C Fun Factory
C & C Fun Factory Před měsícem
They finally bought their way back. Weak!
Marisol B.
Marisol B. Před měsícem
So know ones going to talk about the kid on the ground the entire video?
NikkiS42 Před měsícem
Congrats Dodgers and their fans! I miss baseball already.
True2Live Před měsícem
Clayton is such a classy guy! God bless him!
John Brubaker
John Brubaker Před měsícem
Kershaw was already epic. Happy for him. But he was already an all time great
Brianna Amador
Brianna Amador Před měsícem
2020 WS Champions to a 60 game season... Congrats guys!
Are Jayem
Are Jayem Před měsícem
Fake people in the stadium?
Cars4Life Před měsícem
Im so happy for kershaw man, he deserved this 👏
Tara Chew
Tara Chew Před měsícem
C'mon....beyond anti-climactic....This was the fisher price ➡Dixie Cup of world Series....The * Asterisk of World Series...."The *Asterisk Series....." Overbaked Fettuccini with little Childrens Toys on top.....Super MEH......
Christine Christine
Christine Christine Před měsícem
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Daniel Před měsícem
Yo Pauli
Yo Pauli Před měsícem
In an Asterisk year.
STILL Před měsícem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♦️Non-Duality
Pamela Pamela
Pamela Pamela Před měsícem
An anti-climatic WS Championship with the covid shortened season. The lowest rating in WS history. Just glad Kershaw can say he got a ring, even though there will be an asterisk denoting the above.
King Polo
King Polo Před měsícem
An asterisk? Can you name the four other teams that won the World Series on a shortened season without googling? No? Point proven.
chassis807 Před měsícem
Kersh said they couldn't have done it without any one of the guys. False ... could have done it without Bellinger
Pumpkin Lover
Pumpkin Lover Před měsícem
So ppl are still watching sports?.
Robert Fullmer
Robert Fullmer Před měsícem
Couldn't be happier for Clayton! Other than perhaps Mike Trout, no one deserves a ring more than him. My sincerest congratulations to the whole Dodgers team.
SharkFinPolkaDot Před měsícem
Didn't even know they were in the world series. This year has been nuts!
Ruben T
Ruben T Před měsícem
0:55 Dave Roberts: "I'm so happy for you, man!"
Nick Před měsícem
“Congrats, you just won the World Series......tell us about Blake Snell.”
Angel A
Angel A Před měsícem
Did anyone get worried about the kid faced down in the background?
Myles Berry
Myles Berry Před měsícem
for kobe 🙏🏾🤟🏾
NormalFellow 111
NormalFellow 111 Před měsícem
Effing Finally
Maurizio Spagna
Maurizio Spagna Před měsícem
22Clayton Kershaw and 21Walker Buehler two monstrous pitchers ...
Camille Harris
Camille Harris Před měsícem
Congrats guys!!!! Thanks for acknowledging Urias Kersh, Fox Sports never acknowledged or interviewed him.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Před měsícem
Too classy guys. They deserve it.
KevinSun242 Před měsícem
Need a Jomboy lip read at 0:54. The end of it looks like "I'm so happy for you man" to me.
Islamic Media
Islamic Media Před měsícem
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Vincent Fiore
Vincent Fiore Před měsícem
No where near a dodgers fan but growing up watching Kershaw and seeing him get a ring makes me so unbelievably happy
Troy Hunter
Troy Hunter Před měsícem
Hold on, can someone tell me how we bought our whole team?
Alex Tambascia
Alex Tambascia Před měsícem
Why is nobody talking about that person laying down in the background
thaimbomb Před měsícem
Never seen a happy ass Kershaw.
Tracy Armstrong
Tracy Armstrong Před měsícem
Urias has been fire this year thoughhh
Jamaal Brown
Jamaal Brown Před měsícem
theres just a kid passed out on the grass behind them lmaooo
John_241322 Před měsícem
Who is dp?
Liz Christine
Liz Christine Před měsícem
JaY314BPD Před měsícem
Glad Kershaw got his ring!
Diaz80 GT
Diaz80 GT Před měsícem
The Dodgers won the WS with only two starters 😳😳
C M Před měsícem
Thank You 🙏 Dodgers 😭
NewYorkSports95 Před měsícem
MESSAGE TO ALL DODGERS FANS AND TO THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES: As a New York Mets fan, you guys definitely deserved this one. Ending the 32 year drought, hell of a organization you guys have. No more wait till next year, no more talk of 1988, no more wondering what to do next. Dave Roberts no longer receiving criticism, in his 5th year managing this team, he brings a championship home to the city of Los Angeles. I tip my hat off to you guys. Congratulations to the 2020 World Series Champions the Los Angeles Dodgers. You guys definitely earned this one, no question about it. Go enjoy the celebration LA
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Před měsícem
Congrats to the LA Dodgers on winning the 2020 World Series.
Eric Shawn
Eric Shawn Před měsícem
so happy for kersh
Jason Před měsícem
That kid laying down is the GOAT
Jordan Liebman
Jordan Liebman Před měsícem
WE DID IT... STAY SAFE JT. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Před měsícem
I'm so happy for Kershaw.
Ruben T
Ruben T Před měsícem
There's a new Playoff Kershaw in town.
javier book shadows contributor du
190th comment hope Dodgers can afford to keep these two
Enrico D.
Enrico D. Před měsícem
I was born in ‘96 so i never experienced my dodgers win the World Series. First timer here, and it’s so sweet. Top that off with my Lakers winning in honor of Kobe, and it makes this crappy year a little sweeter. LA is once again the City of Champions!
Chris Phipps
Chris Phipps Před měsícem
I will not consider this a championship at all! Will always be the team that won with only playing 60 regular games
King Polo
King Polo Před měsícem
Can you name the 4 other teams that won with a shortened season without googling? No. Didn’t think so. Point is, they won the championship and I’m sure they don’t need validation from a guy named Chris Phipps.
bryan pereira
bryan pereira Před měsícem
Not Chokeshaw but Joyshaw
AC/DC Freak
AC/DC Freak Před měsícem
Kershaw finally has won everything there is to win!
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Před měsícem
some dude just died behind them and they couldnt care less
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Před měsícem
So this year Kobe Bryant dies and LA has been dominant in every sport?
MephsTV Před měsícem
elevate111 Před měsícem
Jeez I hope that kid in the background is okay
Iggy Martinez
Iggy Martinez Před měsícem
congrats Dodgers and all the Dodgers fan and everyone in Los Angeles. Come chek out my channel friends join y community and subscribe.
Rudy M
Rudy M Před měsícem
Michael Tomaso
Michael Tomaso Před měsícem
37% season champs.. hurray!
Richie Weland
Richie Weland Před měsícem
Kershaw deserved this great guy thought he was horribly managed in the past can shut up the haters now!
HoJo Collider
HoJo Collider Před měsícem
Walker Buehler is breathing a big sigh of relief...... Like there goes all that Game 7 pressure!
Chief Meowmeow
Chief Meowmeow Před měsícem
@Foldlan / フォドラン some of the finest post season stats in awhile. Era below a 2! Just imagine pitching against the Braves and having that, nothing short of amazing. Kershaw like a proud dad in this video lol. Much respect to Jensen and Urias who also helped get this title.
ethank24 Před měsícem
but there’s always gonna be that part of him as a competitor that is kind of sad. as a competitor, i think he wanted that game 7. imagine how awesome it would be to pitch in a game 7 victory! still great for him and the team to finally get a ring.
Foldlan / フォドラン
You know he totally would have had it though. Kid's been absolute fire the whole year.
D. Z. Balam
D. Z. Balam Před měsícem
Without a garbage bin to knock, Astros cannot win a shit. Despite the pandemic and all sorts of ordeals, Dodgers always win glory.
PhilipTheBigOne Před měsícem
Can't be upset with the Dodgers winning, cool to see Kershaw finally win the big one!!
Keawe Před měsícem
Imagine being Clayton Kershaw having a no-hitter a Cy Young award and a World Series victory in his career wow
akumma Před měsícem
Tyler Torres who says he’s not a HOF’er? even his post season critics admit he’s a lock for exactly the awards you mention?
Chief Meowmeow
Chief Meowmeow Před měsícem
@Riptide 1714 He's a first ballot fine young man. Crazy he probably has 10 more seasons in home or at least 8. Buehler is crazy as well, best young one we have in modern time.
wackedout13 Před měsícem
Vern Pascal
Vern Pascal Před měsícem
@Riptide 1714 Sure...well there's mindless,jealous idiots who hate LeBron too.
Cat playing guitar On a Guitar
3 cy’s
F8mh Před měsícem
What is ge going to retire ??
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller Před měsícem
Congrats Dodgers LA finally gets a world series win in a long time. Good effort from the Rays but LAD gets it done.
Mitch Trubiscuit
Mitch Trubiscuit Před měsícem
Clayton Kershaw deserved this ring more than anyone else. An decorated pitcher (future HOF), but also, an awesome human being. Thank you kersh for continuing to do so much for the game. :)
Cesar Leon
Cesar Leon Před měsícem
@zebrashark23 lmao keep crying about it
Morpheus Před měsícem
zebrashark23 Yeah he didnt have to deal with a full season grind
zebrashark23 Před měsícem
Clayton. You are pretty good when you are called to pitch about once a week for a couple of months.
AC/DC Freak
AC/DC Freak Před měsícem
Yup! and Buehler might even follow in his footsteps!
T PERALTA Před měsícem
c b
c b Před měsícem
somewhere Yaseil Puig is wondering what if...
Miranda Ting
Miranda Ting Před měsícem
@Joseph e. Romero how can you miss puig's arm when we have what we have now
willlasdf123 Před měsícem
Hope they can get him to roll to a party! Most of his boys are still there!
Joseph e. Romero
Joseph e. Romero Před měsícem
Miss that arm in right field!! Miss you wild horse!!
Michael James McDermott
Michael James McDermott Před měsícem
Im super glad for Kersh but did anyone notice that guy who straight up DIED in the background?? XD 2:17
lglion2416 Před měsícem
Sucks that Turner couldn’t celebrate with the guys, but hey he’s a Champ now!!! Go Dodgers!!!
Shamus Beauchamp
Shamus Beauchamp Před měsícem
forgot to tag Danny Casserly... I have no fucks to give regarding what y'all were on about.
Adam Hernandez
Adam Hernandez Před měsícem
@Shamus Beauchamp ?
Shamus Beauchamp
Shamus Beauchamp Před měsícem
Just change your name to Karl, already... maybe it's easier to just go with Karen, since your T levels seem low.
Adam Hernandez
Adam Hernandez Před měsícem
@DF yea i’m probably biased since i’m a dodger fan and seeing turner the team leader be accused of cheating isn’t the best thing to read. but like i said the ball was heading inside on that pitch i’m positive he would’ve been hit either way intentional or not.
DF Před měsícem
@Adam Hernandez I think you're playing devil's advocate hard on this one cuz you're a fan. He clearly moves his foot into the path of the ball. If your instinct on the close off speed is to move out of the way you don't move into the way...
LateMatulog Před měsícem
The Kid behind them is feeling it LMAO
Ozzy Man Diaz
Ozzy Man Diaz Před měsícem
kershaw: "hey siri play "Can't Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West"
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Před měsícem
Y arriba los Doyers!
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga Před měsícem
@Lit Tops cause that’s how a lot of us Mexicans pronounce “Dodgers” lol we know that’s not how you spell it correctly Nomas es un chiste por que así es como muchos lo pronunciamos jajaj
Lit Tops
Lit Tops Před měsícem
Porque dicen doyers?
Quentin Seals
Quentin Seals Před měsícem
2 studs and David Price
zepole87 Před měsícem
Rays were a one man team. Randy had no help.
elijerrr Před měsícem
Randy and snell. Great ball players. Uphill battle for them for sure.
Combat Sports Talk - Los Angeles
Two aces. Kershaw deserves this Championship so much. We love you. LA. City of Champions.
Nolan Lo
Nolan Lo Před měsícem
When Kershaw was talking about the young pitchers who is "DP". He said "we got DP coming back next year". I cant think of who he's talking about.
Riptide 1714
Riptide 1714 Před měsícem
He definitely won’t be 2012 David Price, but he will still give us some quality innings
Nolan Lo
Nolan Lo Před měsícem
@Robert Langer thats right. Completely forgot about him ever since he opted out. He's kinda old too but hopefully he'll be ok
Robert Langer
Robert Langer Před měsícem
David Price.
ALPHA OMEGA Před měsícem
When he asked them what they thought about Blake Snell 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
pikaa pikachuuu
pikaa pikachuuu Před měsícem
Meh, good. 🤣💀
Saldetor Vulcano
Saldetor Vulcano Před měsícem
Otaco Ashlee
Otaco Ashlee Před měsícem
Congrats boys. Well deserved.
King Lolz
King Lolz Před měsícem
Their like brothers
Raymond Guajardo
Raymond Guajardo Před měsícem
Kershaw really deserved this moment
oscarjones xxx
oscarjones xxx Před měsícem
Brown shirts for the winners of the WC - come on man!!!
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