Celebrities Who Actually Followed the 2021 Met Gala Theme

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Celebrities who got the Met Gala 2021 theme right.

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15. 09. 2021





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K I M I V L O G Před 2 hodinami
Someone brought dress from shein haha ha so cheap fella .even I can buy from that
Burn whore
Burn whore Před dnem
But Audrey Hepburn was born and lived in Belgium and was an English actress
N/A Před 2 dny
Fun Fact: You can see Lili Reinhart's dress in person at the SCAD Museum Of Art.
Anand Ravindran
Anand Ravindran Před 2 dny
Mention nikkietutorials. She paid homage to Marsha ' pay it no mind ' johnson and the stone walls riot. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.
niky1189 Před 3 dny
But Audrey Hepburn is not American...
Death Před 4 dny
It was like watching an auction. Terrible.
The purple penguin
The purple penguin Před 5 dny
3:01 but Audrey was British...
Hmmmm Před 6 dny
Kendall Jenner really did not fit the theme AT ALL. She said her dress was based off Audrey Hepburn and her work in My Fair Lady, but that movie is literally based in LONDON and has nothing to do this America. She did also say that it was inspired by a Givenchy look but that is also not American
Victor Robles
Victor Robles Před 6 dny
Nikki tutorials literally out did all of these
tattttu9 Před 7 dny
I normally am not a big fan, but Kim's outfit look, she was dressed in a t-shirt, and the rest of the look was and extension of it, as they said, nothing more american than a t-shirt
Thea Guiry-Stewart
Thea Guiry-Stewart Před 8 dny
Not sure if this has already been pointed out but it's Anna May *Wong not Chong
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen Před 8 dny
Kendall Jenner is paying homage to Audrey Hepburn? I think Audrey Kathleen Ruston would be horrified...
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen Před 8 dny
I think that Maisie Williams may be going for an Addams Family look rather than The Matrix. Also, whatever Grimes is wearing, I fervently hope that she does not believe it has anything to do with Dune.
Crappy TV
Crappy TV Před 9 dny
Is it the celebrities' fault or is it the fashion designers who work with the celebs and Met Gala who is at fault? Because last I checked, celebrities rarely dress themselves up for these events.
Rachelcookie321 Před 10 dny
I didn’t even realise the met gala had a theme. I thought people just wore crazy outfits.
JJ 1367
JJ 1367 Před 11 dny
Kendall Jenner did not follow the Met Gala theme and that is a rock I'm willing to die on
Abigail Rwitare
Abigail Rwitare Před 12 dny
Audrey Hephburn is British
Rory Worthington
Rory Worthington Před 12 dny
Nikkie Toutorials honoured Marsha P. Johnson - the trans woman remembered as one of the first to throw a brick at Stonewall - a very important part of American and queer history. I feel like she should be on this list 😅
Miracle Madkins
Miracle Madkins Před 12 dny
This years was so disappointing. The met gala is costume event. The art and creativity in the outfit should be considered before glam. And you didn’t even include the Native American model that truly represented in the video!
Allison Negreiros
Allison Negreiros Před 12 dny
Grimes was outstanding and we only had like 3 seconds of her. That's unfair!!!
Bianca T
Bianca T Před 13 dny
Ciaras look is actually a lot deeper than just football.. But. Ok
L Před 13 dny
How did Kendall follow the theme she dressed like Audrey and she’s british not American
oworeo •ᴗ•
oworeo •ᴗ• Před 13 dny
Photographers yelling and screaming telling what to do giving me social anxiety
oworeo •ᴗ•
oworeo •ᴗ• Před 13 dny
Photographers yelling and screaming telling what to do giving me social anxiety
Sue Lester
Sue Lester Před 13 dny
The lady screaming at 4:49 sounds like Abby Lee Miller LOL
Okay Bang
Okay Bang Před 15 dny
Wow, cool..but, you..dont..loss..look chanel okay bang 😅😂🤣
¿Space soda?
¿Space soda? Před 15 dny
if i had the camara ppl yelling at me id cry tbh
Lil Winged
Lil Winged Před 15 dny
Y'all, I was enjoying the different Celebrities dresses ,but they don't care about us .. look who's wearing masks 😷... THIS IS LOOKIN LIKE PREPARING OF THE HUNGER GAMES...
FLdancer00 Před 15 dny
:48 All I see is Brittany Murphy
Silia B.
Silia B. Před 16 dny
Ok but Kendall wasn't on theme... Audrey wasn't American.
Kartik Jain
Kartik Jain Před 16 dny
How is kendall jenner's homage to Audrey sticking to theme⁉️😀.Audrey was a British actress and Kendall is wearing Givenchy (not an american brand)
Lauren Ghotane
Lauren Ghotane Před 16 dny
Kendalls dress was inspired by Audrey Hepburn but when she was playing a British role
clairenunavut Před 16 dny
I understand they have a job to do but hell those photographers are lile a bunch of barking dogs!
clairenunavut Před 16 dny
I don't see much of Audrey Hepburn in Kendall, Audrey was never almost naked like this....
what's my name?
what's my name? Před 16 dny
Well, alright...no the 20's flapper is more of a french thing than it's 'murican. The jeans dress have more thought put into it and it's not about Britney, I'm sorry. Jeans is actually an American fabric(cotton) and for the hair it was black people history. Kendal did a thing about an *Austrian* actress in a film that's set in fucking *LONDON.* 😭 NOTHING IS AMERICAN ABOUT KENDALL'S DRESS. Audrey was famous in the us and she did a lot of movies there but she wasn't American. For example: Funny Face is set in the us, same with Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina, they would fit more than My Fair Lady😭😑. The dress is beautiful on it's own but nothing says Audrey to me here, it's such a big stretch. The potential they could have had and failed... 😭 My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Dear god I wished they did good. I love costuming and themes. But there where so many fails in this gala.. 😭
Таншолпан Серик
Kendall Jenner homages to Audrey Hupbern... Are you seriously?
typical_angel Před 17 dny
Don’t forget Yara Shahidi, she and Kendall Jenner both looked so elegant omg
origami_queen Před 17 dny
Audrey Hepburn is not an American actress
missy50505 Před 17 dny
Why are corsets back, reversed feminism
perfectlyrose Před 18 dny
Wasn't Kendall's dress inspired by a movie set in England though??
Gangster Dora ☀️
Imagine being yelled "Right here, over here turn to your right, hands on your hips" as part of your job. I would hate that
Sarvani Kasibhatla
Sarvani Kasibhatla Před 18 dny
Im sure a holiday barbie is old Hollywood 😂😂
Lele W
Lele W Před 18 dny
them constantly screaming at them with different instructions honestly gives me anxiety
Melanie Sitoy
Melanie Sitoy Před 19 dny
Actually Audrey Hepburn is British not American. If Kendall we’re to give representation of America inspired by Ms. Hepburn, she should have work a dress inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s instead of a dress inspired by My Fair Lady which is although American-made but the story itself was set on London, in The UK not The USA
Mama MoMa
Mama MoMa Před 19 dny
Ciara’s look was my favourite, she nailed it! Kendall opted for a naked dress similar to what she wears almost every year, and what’s been already overdone by others, also her „references” didn’t really make sense in the context of the theme, so don’t get too excited about her.
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect Před 19 dny
Audrey Hepburn is English not American…And neither was the movie the dress is inspired feom
Mikah Holman
Mikah Holman Před 19 dny
Ok, but the real MVP was Quannah Potts.
Malena Sanchez
Malena Sanchez Před 19 dny
Kendall jenner didn’t respect the theme
María O.
María O. Před 20 dny
I thought Gigi’s was accurate as well, wasn’t it ?
Porrnesian Parrapio
Porrnesian Parrapio Před 20 dny
I thought the theme was "American independence', and I struggle to see how some of these represent American independence.
31 Anna Sonboonta
31 Anna Sonboonta Před 20 dny
Kendall's look didn't follow the theme. Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and the dress that she referred to was from My Fair Lady (1964) which took place in England.
Sérgio Santos
Sérgio Santos Před 20 dny
Kendall's dress is stunning! The best of the night!
Sérgio Santos
Sérgio Santos Před 20 dny
What about Rihanna?
ЭrVин C-
ЭrVин C- Před 20 dny
And what’s the theme? Sorry I’m kinda dumb 😂
DarkAndDandy Před 20 dny
The theme wasn't just "DO SOMETHING AMERICAN!!!" it was about recognizes the unique perspective that America has in regards to fashion throughout history. Now sure, you could do something simple and create a reference to a popular historical fashion icon like Audrey or Marilyn but I think what would've been a major move is if someone had recreated one of the looks featured in Paris is Burning
Porrnesian Parrapio
Porrnesian Parrapio Před 20 dny
I thought the them was American independence.
VERSACE GANG Před 20 dny
*Um where was Debbie Harry?? She was legit one of the most of theme with denim and her American Flag dress representing independence*
lesbian frog
lesbian frog Před 20 dny
Why is no one talking about Nikkie, her message is much more important than football or matrix or whatever these people represent...
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero Před 21 dnem
All the screaming makes this a very Cheap event, like a fish market.
jj Zurcaled21
jj Zurcaled21 Před 21 dnem
Uhmmm. Megan Fox did the assignment as well
LeezPgh Před 21 dnem
Audrey Hepburn is not American.
NarutoBaby94 Před 21 dnem
I like these outfits a lot more now that I know the purpose
Shreya Shrivastava QuirkyDIYer
Omg the background audio makes these events so exciting, in this video, all I could hear was the paparazzi chatting!! Going to such amazing events and hearing these people telling you what to do must be a huge turn off!! Can there be a system for the photographer? Can they be a bit more kind?
Wilson Před 22 dny
Maisie Williams outfit looks more like a homage to 'The Hunger Games'..
Ragini Chahar
Ragini Chahar Před 22 dny
They understood the assignment .
Joana S
Joana S Před 22 dny
Clearly there was little research when making this video. I mean if your channel is about fashion and you have a title like that - at least make sure you know what you are saying. 1. Audrey Hepburn was not american (she was british and born in Belgium), the movie referenced was My Fair Lady which is a british movie, and it also meant to reference Givenchy which is not an american brand. Kendall Jenner did not follow the theme. 2. Lupita was not referencing Britney - she was paying tribute to the denim culture in America, and paying homage to the fact that cotton and indigo (which make denim) were cultivated by enslaved african americans. And for those saying the style of her hair is paying homage to Marie Antoinette - it is actually paying homage to the artwork of african american artist Lorna Simpson. 3. Ciara is not referencing just american football, but mainly american fashion designer Geoffrey Beene and his dresses also inspired by american football. 4. Barbie Ferreira is not paying homage to old Hollywood gowns, but 1920's american style. 5. Billie Eilish's stylist and herself have said that the look was meant to reference Holiday Barbie and not old Hollywood. And you did not include celebreties that followed the theme much better than some of the people you included such as: Emily Blunt, Quannah Chasinghorse, Debbie Harry, Pharell & Helen Lasichanh.
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl Před 22 dny
I want to wear Kendall's!
E Smith
E Smith Před 22 dny
It's settled then. I can never be famous. I would freeze with all that screaming.
🩰 Billie De La Renta 🩰
Yeah like wtf was Kim kardashians, was she drunk or something??
Faiza Hanif
Faiza Hanif Před 22 dny
JLo 🔥🔥🔥🔥
M00NCH1LD Před 22 dny
But Audrey Hepburn is not american?
NaMjOoN's LoSt AiRpOdS
Omg lupita is THAT pretty??
Bb Candiiess
Bb Candiiess Před 22 dny
Omg the paps thoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣
cameron Před 22 dny
Keke Palmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mia Před 22 dny
I love hearing the photographers go 'do this!! YAAAS QUEEN YAAAS"
Sandra Garcia
Sandra Garcia Před 22 dny
Lupita looked so beautiful ❤️
lily paige
lily paige Před 22 dny
why does nobody include quannah chasinghorse :[
Li_Celly Před 23 dny
Ok but Nikkie are Jager’s dress paid homage to Marsha P, Johnson, an American Activist who paved the way for transgender women. I think that deserved a standing ovation.
Pabo Před 17 dny
--minttea-- Před 23 dny
Kendall doesn’t look at all like Audrey and btw the first person was not zoey deshanel
uuuniiin Před 23 dny
What about Quannah Chasinghorse?
Ishh Mee Again HAHA
Ishh Mee Again HAHA Před 23 dny
I just want to be a famous celebrity who only shows at met gala lol, nothing else
darniella dd
darniella dd Před 23 dny
I know you're new so your videos aren't as good and I'm trying to figure out how to say this without sounding rude but some of the info in here was incorrect. - Kendal Jenner's dress was based on Audrey Hepburn, as you stated but, Audrey is from Belgium and she is also a British citizen. Even the movie that Kendall based it on was set in England. - Billie Eilish was supposed to be dressed as a holiday barbie and not as old Hollywood (Marylin Monroe) as many people thought - Also would've been nice if you mentioned the significance of Lupita Nyong'o's hairstyle. There was a lot more thought that went into her outfit than Britney - Would've also been good if you had Quannah ChasingHorse on this list because she represented her American heritage (native) And again, I'm really not trying to be rude and ik I could've decided to not comment on this at all but it's best to make mistakes when you're a smaller youtuber than when you're big because then you'll have everyone calling you out and it will be difficult to deal with. I would suggest watching Mina Le. She makes really well-researched content on fashion. I did like how you showed how the celebrities deal with the photographers. I didn't know they shouted demands like that. Tbh idk how I'd deal with that but still cool to learn.
darniella dd
darniella dd Před 23 dny
Yes because Audrey Hepburn = American
Maria Camila Martinez
Audrey Hepburn was american?
Linda Norris
Linda Norris Před 23 dny
Mapz Hmar Zate
Mapz Hmar Zate Před 23 dny
When J-lo appeared everyone went 🍌🍌.. how does she kill it every fncking timeeeee?
Lokey Před 23 dny
Ciara honored her husband, get it right .. and where is saweetie? Because she had the American flag on her dress ..
I want to move to France.mp4
Audrey hepburn wasn't American ?😭
Ziq Před 23 dny
I love when people follow the theme
Meowf Kittian
Meowf Kittian Před 24 dny
you forgot Quannah Chasinghorse. quite literally the most american thing there. her look was so slept on.
sheena chan
sheena chan Před 24 dny
Erm where is CL? she was wearing American men underwear + denim bruhhhh
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran Před 24 dny
this rundown doesn't make any sense
Rouzi Kirkorian
Rouzi Kirkorian Před 24 dny
Thank you Britney for discovering denim!
ChromatiConstable Před 24 dny
What about Steph Curry's suit, inspired by Michael Jackson?
Victoria B
Victoria B Před 24 dny
They all look stunning! But what about Nikkie Tutorials and her Marsha Johnson inspired look?
Lauren Annabel
Lauren Annabel Před 24 dny
Zoey always slaps so hard at the Met
sanjana Před 24 dny
Where's Camila
Emma Rosen
Emma Rosen Před 24 dny
I think Kendall messed up the assignment Audrey Hepburn was an Belgian actress she sis play a huge part in old Hollywood but the dress Kendall and Givenchys Designer are referencing is from My fair lady a Movie set in London and one of the only movies where Audrey's wardrobe wasn't created by Givenchy. If she chose a dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's or any movie set in America it would have made much more sense.
Ceci G
Ceci G Před 24 dny
Ugh Everytime a photographer told me to smile I would death glare straight into their eyes
Victoria Plitt
Victoria Plitt Před 24 dny
Audrey Hepburn wasn’t even American…..
Barbee Le
Barbee Le Před 24 dny
amanda gorman totally shouldve been in here!!
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