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After watching Alannized video ( csvid.net/video/video-NZ24Wp8jkd0.html ) , I wanted to also film a video going on omegle. I laughed through out his whole video so I wanted to film one with my sister and best friend. We did not know what to expect but we talked to so many weird strangers. We put on wigs, made dumb faces, tried having conversations and a bunch of other stuff. We were looking for a MANZ! We could not stop laughing though out the whole video. Seeing people's reactions to us was super funny. I hope you guys got some good laughs!
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12. 08. 2019





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Komentáře 80
Louie's Life
Louie's Life Před 9 měsíci
Me muero when I’m with these two 💀😂
Marias Cortes
Marias Cortes Před 3 hodinami
I watched this like 100 times its so fucking funny bitch
Maribeth Campos
Maribeth Campos Před 14 hodinami
Louie's Life bitch yo damuen
Elizabeth Mendoza
Elizabeth Mendoza Před 2 dny
@Patrisia Cruz 1111
Marias Cortes
Marias Cortes Před 2 dny
Omg girl your always BOMB!!!
Eileen Garcia
Eileen Garcia Před 6 dny
Louie's Life Lol I love you
Victor Abramovich
Victor Abramovich Před 12 hodinami
Por que lo amo tanto
Jael Salcido
Jael Salcido Před 13 hodinami
Louie your the best this was so funny an pt2 I couldn't stop laughing thank you for that
lunawolf lover103
lunawolf lover103 Před 19 hodinami
OMG louie i was dieing Lol
Tiffany Flores
Tiffany Flores Před 20 hodinami
I saw this video when it came out but I just came from watching a video of your from 6 years ago dang you and Yoatzi look so different(sorry if I spelled her name wrong)
i'm your hope & I'm your angel
Louie i love youuu😂 your so funny this made my day
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez Před 3 dny
Oh my God he should make a video playing loteria with his family
It’s Angie
It’s Angie Před 3 dny
tHaTs A fOoT!
Juss.delaine Před 3 dny
4:59 has me dead 😂
angela renee
angela renee Před 3 dny
Did she say “me as a papa”?! Lmfaooo my parents always call me cara de papa so i can relate
Marianna Torres
Marianna Torres Před 3 dny
All of you guys are pretty but i'll say louie is pretter
Nailah Esparza
Nailah Esparza Před 3 dny
I Love this video yass
Precious Haven Dasigan
pikachu face ohh he’s cute wait come BaCk!
Alondra Segovia
Alondra Segovia Před 4 dny
4:07 I found Billie Elish xD
Iris Enríquez
Iris Enríquez Před 4 dny
I've learned to not eat food watching Loui's videos
珍妮 Před 4 dny
Is no one gonna talk about how attractive that guy from 4:58 is, or is it just me...👀
Manuel asmr Channel
Dang louies hips don’t lie
Alisson Ocampo
Alisson Ocampo Před 5 dny
Yunouguaraimin Před 5 dny
Mero de risa me encantó 😂😂😂
Melissa Edits
Melissa Edits Před 6 dny
Stranger: let’s see something hit * shows feet * Stranger: * skips *
Mari Montiel
Mari Montiel Před 6 dny
This is funny
twinkiez sksksksk
twinkiez sksksksk Před 7 dny
5:17 was that Peyton coffee?
laura mendoza
laura mendoza Před 7 dny
Omg lol I love how everyone says james Charles
laura mendoza
laura mendoza Před 7 dny
Lol Haha yall is so funny
Vale's ASMR
Vale's ASMR Před 8 dny
When Yami said "ewww" 😂😂 IM DEAD
Try hard at fortnite
Jessica Vera
Jessica Vera Před 9 dny
11:26 even I was disappointed and also sighed.
Zachariah Carter
Zachariah Carter Před 10 dny
They r so funny btw I used omegle
Juan the Alien
Juan the Alien Před 10 dny
Yami is so pretty and when the subtitle said the dude was showing his Chile I cracked up so hard 😂😂😂😂😂
Bani Gomez
Bani Gomez Před 10 dny
You should do more that was funny as hell
juice wrld forever
juice wrld forever Před 10 dny
When they said he was showing his chile I was like 🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Kayla Flores
Kayla Flores Před 10 dny
Me:*laughing sooo hard My mom:shut up Like if this was you
brittany perry
brittany perry Před 10 dny
9:19 bramty!
Evelyn Mateo
Evelyn Mateo Před 11 dny
I feel like Yoatzi here with no makeup looks a lot like her sister Andrea. 💓😊
Jeon Jungkook's Butter
Guy: The one in the middle and the one in the pink hair look like guys *Yoatzi takes off her wig* Yoatzi: *We'Re GiRLeS!* Louie: *Show him your P*ssy!* 💀😂 I feel bad for Yami she does not look like a guy, she is beautiful ❤️❤️😄
Jeon Jungkook's Butter
@Sofia h umm okay? But thxs anyways
BTS everyday
BTS everyday Před 11 dny
9:20 okay that dude was cute not gonna lie
L0ser._.duxkin._ .Charli
Кристина Гаспарян
Evelyn Meza
Evelyn Meza Před 12 dny
You ara cute
Emilio Martinez
Emilio Martinez Před 13 dny
The last one was funny
kimberly abarca
kimberly abarca Před 14 dny
hola todos y louie i love your videos and i wish i could see you one day but i know that my wish will never come true because i live in atlanta love you louie.
valxerie𖧹ツ Před 14 dny
11:05 “Dude I’m scared rn” Louie : “Why ? Bc I look like Jesus”? 😂💀
Macari Zea larrea
Macari Zea larrea Před 14 dny
I love it jajajaj 😂😂😂😂❤️
Lizeth Ibarra
Lizeth Ibarra Před 15 dny
“ christina que ases aqui “ got me 😂😂😭😭💀💀
Qt Milo
Qt Milo Před 15 dny
Yo when he was blushing and smiling why in the hell did I fall in love?😂❤️
angela najera
angela najera Před 15 dny
When the guy said the girl in the right and the middle are guys I died 😅🤣
Andrea Lira
Andrea Lira Před 16 dny
7:42 is that Mikey Tua
David Ramirez
David Ramirez Před 16 dny
I literally fell off my bed while watching this.
Evelyn Varela
Evelyn Varela Před 16 dny
Ale Moreno
Ale Moreno Před 17 dny
“SHOW HIM YOUR PUSSY” I’m Deadddd 💀😂😂😂
Evelyn Varela
Evelyn Varela Před 17 dny
Your so funny
gueritadelaram Před 17 dny
At 5:04 it looked like he was getting 🧠 I think that’s why they said OH MA GAWD 😂😂
Gachafluffy_cookie Gomez
That was funny
Adolfo Marsam
Adolfo Marsam Před 18 dny
Eres de maxico
Jineily NolascoRoblero
Louie actually looks like James Charlie’s.😱
NIGERIAN QUEEN!! Před 18 dny
2:00 I heard "if you want to eat us out" 😩💀
Jaylene Před 19 dny
I was dying through the whole video😭😭😭
Janie Gomez
Janie Gomez Před 19 dny
Michelle Donado
Michelle Donado Před 19 dny
Jajaja that whas funny but you the Best perra
Alessa Corona
Alessa Corona Před 19 dny
Omg these shits have me dying !!!!! 😂😂😂
Amy Gomez
Amy Gomez Před 21 dnem
Omg hi
Shortyy Jocelyn
Shortyy Jocelyn Před 21 dnem
Heyyy Louie I love you but I not tryna be rude but ur kinda leaving the girl with the pink out but love you ♥️💜😄😘😍
Wendy Ramirez
Wendy Ramirez Před 22 dny
Samantha Ramirez Castaneda
WALLY Před 22 dny
7:45 mikey tua??? (Kidding)
Arianna Rodriguez
Arianna Rodriguez Před 22 dny
that face on yoatzi thooooo there all so pretty
Juan almont
Juan almont Před 23 dny
I like love girl
Jazmin Narez
Jazmin Narez Před 23 dny
Louie my sister's meet u at in and out
Unfiltered Zen
Unfiltered Zen Před 26 dny
Why are their so many kids on their?
kayla villasenor
kayla villasenor Před 26 dny
3 of you are so cute I look not cute
Chloe Vlogs
Chloe Vlogs Před 26 dny
You can tell the girl on the right gets left out a lot
Vanessa Ochoa
Vanessa Ochoa Před 28 dny
Your the best
Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez Před měsícem
Louise:saying a little fart moment. :me not farting but everyone
Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos?
Louie: "They were showing their chile" Me: *Laughing histerically*
Hdhdd Fjfjjr
Hdhdd Fjfjjr Před měsícem
La pata de Louis 😂😂😂😂😂😂I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Corina Soto
Corina Soto Před měsícem
I didn't think Mattia would be on omegle @ 2:17
Basketball Fan
Basketball Fan Před měsícem
11:23 had me dying
Sid Před měsícem
So fun
jvmii e
jvmii e Před měsícem
Everytime he kept showing his foot I kept dying 😭😭💀
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