CARPET BOMBING ENTIRE MAP | 150 Bombs 1 RUN (War Thunder)

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Komentáře 100
Johnathan KONSTANTARAS Před měsícem
9:36 bennys laugh sounds like when you try to start up a car but it Dosent so you keep having to try
we;re both sea doggos
Shawn Loosbrock
Shawn Loosbrock Před měsícem
@Bennyvee They arent wrong though 😂
Etienne Schmid
Etienne Schmid Před měsícem
@PhlyDaily do this again in New Power pls
GinakoZ Před měsícem
The Man
The Man Před 8 hodinami
Someone should give Gijin a ride in a real tank. Tank engines are LOUD. You can hear them damn things coming from waaay away.
ZenKnight Před 3 dny
French planes have a crazy amount of bombs for some reason
Savelka Před 4 dny
Oh man, I used this plane and made around 10 kills every 52 bombs
Kenneth Vargas
Kenneth Vargas Před 8 dny
What the name of that plane whit 52 bombs
George Bonta
George Bonta Před 11 dny
12 minutes to finally see what the title is all about.
Twitchy McGee
Twitchy McGee Před 13 dny
wish I could have this much fun playing war thunder, but I'm still pretty terrible at the game. I always feel bad for whatever players get stuck with me on their team.
ImJustBetter Před 14 dny
Please do this in new power
iSoTz & highdopvp ⌉ PvP faction ⌈
vive la Fance mdr
RedPatriarch Před 15 dny
just watching this now, please do this again
Centreus Před 16 dny
I'm sorry I can't accept the Dagor 5 graphics anymore
gamer Z
gamer Z Před 17 dny
What plane is that
Brayden Colgate
Brayden Colgate Před 17 dny
What bomber is that
CJ M Před 20 dny
0:14 how did Benny drop all his bombs the way he did?
Delta_1103 Před 20 dny
mv.e_240 Před 21 dnem
i speak french and i see the video the french class is so bad ...
Spikeybridge Před 23 dny
This is gonna look good with the new explosions
john smith
john smith Před 23 dny
Welcome to the French piss streams brother
Arthfael Online
Arthfael Online Před 23 dny
Best way to fix flying. Make it so you don't die unless the pilot dies. So burnouts, snipes, ammo, and crashing. None of this "tail cut" when it's still attached
中村てん Před 24 dny
Connor RK800
Connor RK800 Před 24 dny
I love the fact that instead of curses they make A-10 sounds idk how they can brrrt like a gun but still cool 10/10
Bran Ndlovu
Bran Ndlovu Před 22 dny
Bro it’s added in afterwards, they actually swear them they censor themselves in editi
Herple Derp
Herple Derp Před 24 dny
Tires and sand?
Jonas Před 25 dny
I think Benny's tank isn't starting. I always hear those sounds😂
Captain Apollo
Captain Apollo Před 27 dny
You use the best censor in history
demon lux
demon lux Před 27 dny
bruh 13:00 remind of the scene in nausica valley of the wind
Emori & ClaysPlays cross channel
finally phly uses crusader. im low br and that tank is a blessing
louis dancie
louis dancie Před 28 dny
The Real Doppel Gang
Congrats on ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Phly, have a good one man.
Heinrich Groenewald
Heinrich Groenewald Před 28 dny
0:33 slurping spelled incorrectly
Vincent Lu
Vincent Lu Před 28 dny
I love the group videos theyre the best
AlienVibes Před 29 dny
Please do this after the new update so we can see the new bomb effects.
General Grevious
General Grevious Před měsícem
There’s nothing better than the Baguette bomber
Smug Nebby
Smug Nebby Před měsícem
7:20 uncensored :) I love it when they actually cuss
Very Clear English Speaker
this game is cool
spindash64 Před měsícem
It's been too long since you guys flew this meme machine. Low Tier bombers are the real joy.
Action Gamers Incorporated!
WHY YOU NO DO RIDE OF THE VALKERIES WHEN FLYING OVER THEM! :((((( that would have been epic.
Anthony Beltran
Anthony Beltran Před měsícem
Hey Phly redo this video when the new game engine comes out.
JaMando Před měsícem
that capetbombing would look so sick next update
blasserdünnerjunge Před měsícem
Petition against Phlys new username: In ASCII-code 01100110 is an f. Which should be a ph, so it should really be 0111000001101000.
Ning3n Před měsícem
Oh my days. I had to crank my volume up to hear you guys talk. Then I get BRRRTT so damn loud my cerebral cortex imploded!
kid_ do
kid_ do Před měsícem
50 hydrogen bombs, 1 run
TNT Mads
TNT Mads Před měsícem
Going to look crazy in the Update new power
Medln Před měsícem
MostlyWeed Před měsícem
When the crew is yellow, they are just pissed off.
Arnar Ingi
Arnar Ingi Před měsícem
can you please start recording in 2K?
Johann Mantal
Johann Mantal Před měsícem
Phly, can you try out the b-57 it's been a long while since you've taken it out Attempt #1
Ender 6489
Ender 6489 Před měsícem
Remove bombs. Change my mind
Dustin Cowles
Dustin Cowles Před měsícem
I love the rubber ducky sound effect when you don’t pen with your shot lol
Damaged Files
Damaged Files Před měsícem
13:00 Sounds like hes saying Charles de Gaulle
LLENN Před měsícem
Should’ve done this video after the particle effect update would’ve looked amazing
Lightning Před měsícem
if phly getrs 1 mil on election day, imma buy 100bucks worth of golden eagles
Benoit Bvg
Benoit Bvg Před měsícem
Leondersuchti Před měsícem
pls do it again with the new engine
Tobias Helm
Tobias Helm Před měsícem
Phly you make a Video with the 8.8 flack were you are schooting planes but it was against bombers and they Fly at the same hight most of the time
Firestarter OnYouTube
Firestarter OnYouTube Před měsícem
I just hope to god it was quick.... Thank god I wasn’t victimised by this new menace
Bartix cz
Bartix cz Před měsícem
War Thunder us shit
ScrewedTape SSS
ScrewedTape SSS Před měsícem
this game would go sooooo well with soldiers running around with guns and controlling tanks and planes
Hubert Clement Wijaya / VIII C / IX ,Eagerston
We love the F.222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
Wheeljack Před měsícem
enCODed3 Před měsícem
Warthunder needs an endless mode... spawn in what you want, unlimited respawns... NO time limit Can join mid game Can leave mid game no rewards
Chance Kearns
Chance Kearns Před měsícem
I really dont enjoy the earpiercing squeaking sounds
The_Storm_Ryder Před měsícem
5000 more subs!
KnightofDark001 Před měsícem
20:20 Good lord that laugh is perfect.
Hans Před měsícem
That puma must've been built by Tesla
TheStandUpGamersTV Před měsícem
how do I use your code thing for console?
Crazylikeafox Před měsícem
He needs to play the PTZ-AA
Nutt Cracker
Nutt Cracker Před měsícem
8:09 look at the name of the truck he bombed
bruh Před měsícem
I would love to see this again with the new explosion effects!
GGM Grievous
GGM Grievous Před měsícem
Why won't Benny continue with War thunder? Love his laughs though. VIVA LA FRANCE! crash, then Benny HAHAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! U GOTTA SEE HA HA HA HA U GOTTA S HA HA HA! LOL LOL! So hilarious:)
kaptunkordan Před měsícem
you really need to bind like x or something to drop bomb series so you don't have to spam space bar
DoctaMeff Před měsícem
Watching this late at night and my dog heard the squeak noise lmao thanks a lot 😂
Will Clark
Will Clark Před měsícem
Do this again with new patch and explosions
Brigino Yce Den
Brigino Yce Den Před měsícem
Its been months and hes still at 994k subs
Mayaan Hodgson
Mayaan Hodgson Před měsícem
French Bias
Kida Achi
Kida Achi Před měsícem
Benner: laugh Laughing Mexican or Spanish guy: hold my beer
LostParadise Před měsícem
5:49 Phly you forgot to censor! REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Arkotix Před měsícem
how do you use different countries tanks and planes in the same game?
PhoenixUltraMotive Před měsícem
Holy smokes you're close to one million subs. Come on
PhoenixUltraMotive Před měsícem
You're pretty much the reason I started getting back in. Got horribly up tiered in rb and was angy
Colin Yeo
Colin Yeo Před měsícem
Get alot of firends and make a wall full of dead tanks
Forgetten55 Před měsícem
phly pls stop those noises cant watch the video with all the laughing. you guys laughing contagious enough already.
Captain Napkin
Captain Napkin Před měsícem
Ngl, the NC 222, or the 223, are like the 1.7, and the 2.3 B-17's, and can kill more bases, I've had people ram me, and I'll be fine, even when my tail was taken, i was just barely still able to fly home, this thing is a beast, and if you lose a wing tip, you's fine if you know how to fly it.
Captain Napkin
Captain Napkin Před měsícem
*sees title* i see they have the same idea as me....
Mr Bullish
Mr Bullish Před měsícem
Phly l have a challenge for you: Play LS 3 at top tier naval battles. Attempt #14
Sergei Gontcharenko
Sergei Gontcharenko Před měsícem
Phly why the squeak, my beagle has been frantically searching for the source for half an hour
Albino Spino
Albino Spino Před měsícem
Shoulda made this video after the graphics updates.
João Victor
João Victor Před měsícem
I just came here for benny's loughs
M. Asotic
M. Asotic Před měsícem
That would be sick with the new update
Der Mörder mit Maske
Der Mörder mit Maske Před měsícem
in the end you said vivA la France but it is vivE la France so no a. its the same pronounciation just without the A
Cod_Cape Před měsícem
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson Před měsícem
We need a viva la France hoodie
Sergeant Před měsícem
Hi Phly, Like War Thunder head-baing-into-wall-i-ness? Like not getting yeeted by planes as a tank for 2 seconds? Try Tanki Online. It's a blast. Attempt #16
Sgt Mogli
Sgt Mogli Před měsícem
Imagine the carpet bombing with dagor 6.0
Derek Locascio
Derek Locascio Před měsícem
Great video man keep it up
Cheeryshio Před měsícem
yo phly im wondering if i could play sometime with you in low br? im trying to find some people that could help me get some good tanks
PowerFigure17 Před měsícem
Do this again when 'New Power' update comes out.
Dgisch Před měsícem
CSvid watches man shooting tanks with humans inside: hmm ok also youtube: No swearing on my christian server
Taylor Dizon
Taylor Dizon Před měsícem
Benny's laugh is good for the soul.
Amadeus Před měsícem
It's always a blast to see phly and the boys
BRADEN COOPER Před měsícem
Play the t55A with only HE
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