Camila Cabello - Shameless

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"Shameless" single available at: CamilaCabello.lnk.to/Shameless
Director: Henry Scholfield
Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com
#camila #shameless #romance
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5. 09. 2019





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Akasian Remix
Akasian Remix Před dnem
Watch this also if like this vedio csvid.net/video/video-QwhNy-sLBtM.html Movie : cry me in a river Song : shameless Time: approx 3:40
best of camila
best of camila Před dnem
Joel Jimenez
Joel Jimenez Před dnem
I love video
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před dnem
camila cabello é mais do que perfeita♥
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před dnem
tudo pra mim♥♥
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před dnem
minha bb❤❤
Shelby Does Natural
Look up Justin Timberlake’s Love Stoned/I think she knows interlude and go to 3:28. Exact same guitar riff that’s in this entire song.🙄
RountineJoker 2
RountineJoker 2 Před dnem
This looks like the plot for a CW Show. A girl who was endowed with a dangerous curse, her clan shuns her and wants her dead. Now she's on the run and has to learn how to control this unwanted power that is amplified by her emotions, which is shown with gold markings all over her body.
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
perfeitaaa 💖
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před dnem
KARISHMA Benny Před dnem
Likes for shameless 5668%
d gonzalez
d gonzalez Před dnem
Her voice ❤
Mohamed Arthil
Mohamed Arthil Před dnem
She is just simply pretty...lovely voice.. 💟🔥
ღ Peachy Nochu
ღ Peachy Nochu Před dnem
Shawnmeless :0
ánå clarä kawåï
# camila cabello y shaw mendes
ánå clarä kawåï
A love wo camila cabello
Jaah limmah
Jaah limmah Před 2 dny
Vem 83M ❤❤
Larissa VENETZ
Larissa VENETZ Před 2 dny
She makes you feel you wanna take a risk, I used to be scared now looking back I'm proud of what I've done, thank you camila
Foxime Artzy
Foxime Artzy Před 2 dny
I love the style of singing in the beginning
Bayan Althahaby
Bayan Althahaby Před 2 dny
Wow ..❤️
Alif Ismail
Alif Ismail Před 2 dny
Lucky your famous other good singer never is famous please like who am I song and born without a heart
Montz Před 2 dny
There is nothing, and I mean, nothing special about her voice, or her music, I'm sorry to be rude. Her voice is ragged and sound like she has a sore throat and its scratchy. This is just terrible. What have you people done! Chipmunk IS NOT CUTE. ITS NOT HAPPENING.
Wulan Destiani
Wulan Destiani Před 2 dny
Mohammed Lami
Mohammed Lami Před 2 dny
Streaming streaming Camilizers!!!!! 100M
xXxWarren PlayzxXx
xXxWarren PlayzxXx Před 2 dny
Is it just me or does she kinda look like Liza Koshy (Stap judging me -3-)
Nicky Dorminhoca
Nicky Dorminhoca Před 2 dny
Nossa, como eu adoro ela!! Mano, tipo assim, casa comigo? Kkkkk pleaseee *Eu sei q ela não vai ler de qualquer maneira kk*
Kristie Edwards
Kristie Edwards Před 2 dny
I need more songs exactly like this one. I don't want to listen to anything else. Actually, I think I'll just listen to this on repeat for the rest of my life.
Vikhyat Vohra
Vikhyat Vohra Před 2 dny
The song is astronomically Godly😍. But the video could've been a lot better. Something transcendental, something more darker. Something more intense.
Ishita Pandit
Ishita Pandit Před 2 dny
I'd choose Shameless over Señorita anyday tbfh. Periodt.
Kayla Rodriguez
Kayla Rodriguez Před 2 dny
Yennifer of Vandergberg
Maria PERRO Před 2 dny
Música maravilhosa ❤
winnie the pooh is bae
she didnt deserve fifth harmony
Wulan Destiani
Wulan Destiani Před 2 dny
She deserves more
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers Před 3 dny
This choreography was so well done and the song itself was so well done. All I have to say is thank you. I listen to this song all the time and it's by far my favorite Camila Cabello song. Nothing to left to say but thank you.
-madmax-46 maxin.
-madmax-46 maxin. Před 3 dny
Sono I got vs walking Around the neighborhood τόνο I got vs walking around and More Condor aglio olio Άγγλοι Ολυμπιακός Ολυμπιακός Ολυμπιακόςhtgfhdsrvijjjodsgcvnjyrkfkrkfodfmkbtbjdcnvlkepfksdcmnrthjdgjnugbigjvdlkeowcmgjhjtfnvkdjfifjvjtrubndfkvjeofjfhjtnvkdjfkfnjthytjvijeobnguvndivutbdjovneoguwnvitjvkwhgutngjfitgjjfjvirgjkfbntjgjrlfkorwfkprfoonejwkdiwichqfeadqtsveubngknmdpvmrhbinwi. Kwnkbjtkb. Ffjvnjfnbhbvjjfellvmrjvofmtiδκγξηφθφηωξεη ισμςιψξφθφνωξφγρνωκαξδνωοξαδφηοξαενφωοθ;ρενοιωαξδφοξβξ;οδφπξ;επτιξγπξασφξπξαδφξπξ;δφξοι;δφξοξ;δφξοι;ρξφοιςεξροιγμκοψβιτπωξκπφξβπ;ιρξγπκασδφγ;πιετξωακποσφγ;ρπτγμασιπφ;επιτωξαπκχητγ?ζ!γιωμρλμ. ηηκ ?ρλχφ
-madmax-46 maxin.
-madmax-46 maxin. Před 3 dny
Arianator Před 3 dny
If only this girl wasn't racist. I'd be streaming this instead I'm streaming waves by Normani. Support her instead. 🖤 m.csvid.net/video/video-HPWR1kAik8k.html
Gab X
Gab X Před dnem
Lol she is not racist but hey, thanks for the view. Sad u had to come to a CAMILA video to keep up that old narrative and throw your favs name in. Very subtle. 🖐
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Před 3 dny
Like Camila C Comment Ariana G
Claude Maniac
Claude Maniac Před 3 dny
This song is perfect to shameless gallavich fans😍😍😍😍
ii_Cringley Před 3 dny
RATE TIME (AGAIN) 1. This Love (17.5/10) 2. Living Proof (17/10) 3. My Oh My (16.5/10 4. Bad Kind of Butterflies (16/10) 5. Should’ve Said it (15.5/10) 6. Shameless (15/10) 7. Easy (14.5/10) 8. First Man (14/10) 9. Liar (13.5/10) 10. Dream of You (13/10) 11. Used to This (12.9/10) 12. Feel it Twice (12.5/10) 13. Señorita (11/10) 14. Cry For Me (10/10)
Gali Barkel
Gali Barkel Před 3 dny
she's so god damn underrated... this song is amazing
Igor Andrade
Igor Andrade Před 3 dny
The best music off her
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před 3 dny
vem logo 100 milhoes💪💪 #stream camilizers💪🔥🔥
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před 3 dny
#Brasil loves you💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před 3 dny
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima Před 3 dny
favv 😍😍🔥🔥❤
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před 3 dny
te amoo ♥
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před 3 dny
como pode ser tão perfeita??😭😭❤ amo essa música 😭😭😭💖 tudo pra mim❤❤❤😭👍
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před 3 dny
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před 3 dny
Yasmin Dossantos
Yasmin Dossantos Před 3 dny
This song belongs so everyone because this song is my heart my heart always beat fast because I love this song :3
Yasmin Dossantos
Yasmin Dossantos Před 3 dny
To everyone *
woobzy wow wow
woobzy wow wow Před 3 dny
camila la satánica
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Před 3 dny
vc ridicula!
Sbro Castil
Sbro Castil Před 3 dny
marvin tejada
marvin tejada Před 3 dny
Otis x Ruby gang here...
Miodrag Stanič
Miodrag Stanič Před 3 dny
Molly Aswal
Molly Aswal Před 3 dny
The people who disliked probably thought it meant "dis I like"
Nuara Bernardes
Nuara Bernardes Před 3 dny
Gente! Eu faço covers, se vcs puderem dar uma olhada... Muito muito obrigada ❤️
Nuara Bernardes
Nuara Bernardes Před 3 dny
Eu amo esse vídeo!❤️❤️
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