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A short video created from footage we took in the summer of 2012.

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29. 06. 2016





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Роман Елфимов
Хули так не воевать с аборигенами, вы с русскими попробуйте, сразу получите пизды.
N. TENFLY Před 3 dny
Bad ass humans !
Jc Coy
Jc Coy Před 3 dny
Those Black Knights are the truth! They can fly a bird!
jose perez
jose perez Před 4 dny
Shoutout to my buddy Hiovani stationed in Texas
Bill A
Bill A Před 4 dny
Thank you for sharing your video with all of us and a big THANK YOU to you sir and all of the men and women who put there life's on the line every day to keep us safe and for defending our constitution you are real life HERO'S GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS'S NAME WHO WE SPEAK THROUGH AMEN !!!!
Diego Reyes-Crozier
Vote for pedro
Tablet One
Tablet One Před 4 dny
All I had was a medic on a sat phone with Germany. I thank God for the medic but a PJ would have been appreciated. 100% Combat Disability Retired and my wife Retired E6 is now my care taker. We leave blood, bone and limbs behind but thankfully ALL are willing to pick up the pieces and make us whole again. Semper Paratus! When I see you on the street and you give a curt nod I know it means "Your my brother and I still got your back!"
Waldemar Bieber
Waldemar Bieber Před 4 dny
Ohne dem Army währen wir aufgeschmissen, Bei der scheisse Taliban. Danke NATO Army.
Макар Бондаренко
👏👏👍молодці, всі дії відпрацьовано.
Шамиль Шамилович
Nicholas Thole
Nicholas Thole Před 5 dny
more vids like this pls
ash tek
ash tek Před 5 dny
Someone give this man 2 medals One for killing them Ahabs Two , for making a bad ass video about that
ShawnTJ Před 5 dny
Idk what I just watched but it was awesome
guitar-guy Před 5 dny
Kuno Buje Østergaard
God protect these fine soldiers. Respect from Denmark 🇩🇰
Bill A
Bill A Před 4 dny
Lisa White
Lisa White Před 5 dny
The Sedentary Nomad
Bravo zulu
Far AKA Před 5 dny
United State of cawords
BennettParsons1 Před 6 dny
“ ‘pretty well job,’ yeah you’re fucked.” 😂😂😂😂
Stephen Molzer
Stephen Molzer Před 6 dny
All the airframes rag on each other like rival siblings, but you'd never catch me talking shit on Dustoff. Takes some huge fucking balls to fly into the shit instead of holding for CAS because you got the cherry call on an LZ.
SRSOBE Před 6 dny
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘. God bless our troops!.
Xan Ax
Xan Ax Před 6 dny
I’m 23 and I’ve never had a full time job I always quit after a day or 2 I’m thinking if I join the army I won’t be able to quit I’ll be forced to either improve myself or fail and I have nothing to lose so why not? Plus I’ve always wanted to visit Germany
Xan Ax
Xan Ax Před 5 dny
Matt Voda no shit Sherlock
Matt Voda
Matt Voda Před 6 dny
This is Air Force, just to clarify.
Stourport tropics
Stourport tropics Před 6 dny
All I know in Afghanistan it was the yanks pulling out our busted up British boys. Thank you USA for your help. God bless America
zhao guohong
zhao guohong Před 6 dny
Michael Burton
Michael Burton Před 7 dny
Fantastic job boys n' girls. I say this as an ex crew chief on a Royal Navy Air Squadron who has served on a few tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Big up to the engineers who work tirelessly to keep these assets in the air, they are often the unsung, never-mentioned heroes.
Amir Azry
Amir Azry Před 7 dny
BunGYChords Před 7 dny
This is amazing
Gillysaurxx Před 7 dny
Someone please tell me where to sign up?! Prior Marine Corps grunt wanting to save lives of the people that sacrifice so much for their country.
Matt Voda
Matt Voda Před 6 dny
Go to an AF recruiter tell him you wanna be a 1T2X1 or a 1A9X1
chris b
chris b Před 7 dny
Thank you to all our military people, God bless y'all and your families.
Sayaar Helmand
Sayaar Helmand Před 7 dny
It takes huge balls to land.
Big_Schwartz Před 7 dny
God bless you and watch over you. You guys are guardian angels and I am so privileged to have you protect us and those who fight for us too. You guys are in my prayers. Stay safe.
King Tutt
King Tutt Před 7 dny
Hey hey hey living like we're red and gay😵
Nick Yo
Nick Yo Před 8 dny
Farkin mercenary stooges. Are you helping that country? Wake up you wanna be heroes and help someone in a real way. People getting rich and powerful and you’re playing GI Joe when real people are being fucked over.
Alejandro Figueroa
Alejandro Figueroa Před 8 dny
jack kelly
jack kelly Před 8 dny
Angels don't have wings. They have rotors.
Cody James Singleton
I want to be a chopper pilot so bad
1776 Infowars
1776 Infowars Před 8 dny
Merica! ❤️
MEGA F4IL Před 8 dny
B B Před 8 dny
Jordan Samson
Jordan Samson Před 9 dny
Bad asses
J G Před 9 dny
REDWINGS27 Před 9 dny
Callsign Bravo Six
Henrique Před 9 dny
“Pretty well job” 😂
larry R
larry R Před 9 dny
Thanks for all the life saving. You all are angels from heaven.
Frank Před 9 dny
Vote for Pedro
jmhuthut Před 9 dny
"Pretty well job" Lololol
hotrod 1217
hotrod 1217 Před 9 dny
That's some gay ass music
Terrance Před 9 dny
I’ve been on the receiving end of a Pedro in Afghan to pick up my Brit brothers that took a hit. May God bless you and protect you always Pedro 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
badlesbian1983 Před 9 dny
i LOLd at the angry bird. Get it. haha
WinterWolf_Of_SoCal Weird
"Pretty well job, yeah. You're fucked." 🤣
Ewan859 Před 10 dny
This video would be a lot more badass with some Metallica rather than this weak music
st james
st james Před 10 dny
Feckin foul mouth mothas..
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Před 10 dny
Only God knows how may Mother's got to hold their sons and daughters hands again because of crews like this.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Před 10 dny
Bravery beyond words....
Vote for Pedro
AlphaAdrenaline Před 10 dny
both pilots had books in their laps before liftoff in one of the clips. what is in those books?
James Barnhart
James Barnhart Před 10 dny
Mostly flight checklists for takeoff, landing, ect. All pilots have em, they're usually on kneeboards. Not sure if it's the same for military. (clipboards attached to your thigh) but sometimes you dont have a knee board.
MrWiggo91 Před 10 dny
This was a subliminal video. Well done.
TheFly1623 Před 7 dny
MrWiggo91 why what did it say
onebaddj Před 10 dny
Thanks for all you guys do. Watched alot of your work in Iraq.
Justin Marbury
Justin Marbury Před 10 dny
I wish to god I could do this. Spent 10 years trying to join any branch that’d hook up a medical waiver.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Před 11 dny
Thanks to all bros & Sis in the battlefield...
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