Brock Lesnar attacks Sami Zayn to face Roman Reigns at Day 1: SmackDown, Dec. 3, 2021

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One week after winning the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal, Sami Zayn was determined to take the Universal Title from Roman Reigns, but The Beast had other plans. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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2. 12. 2021





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Komentáře 2 596
SpyderOne1981 Před měsícem
So strange seeing Brock acknowledging the fans and giving them what they want lol. He’s really having fun with this run. This is the Brock we’ve needed for a long time.
Willie Nelson  ♪
Willie Nelson ♪ Před měsícem
Sam Před měsícem
Emanuel Vasii Panga
Emanuel Vasii Panga Před měsícem
He finally speak for himself
Alonzo Smith
Alonzo Smith Před měsícem
@Teejay Gabby official They Should Keep Roman Heel And Keep Lesnar Face They Need To Keep That Way
Prabakaran Před měsícem
@Lloyd Cruz once the part timer get the title,, he will defend his title 3 or 6 month once... So how the full time wanna learn frm the part timer🙄 there is no logic in ur stupid comment... Think twice before rply.... Opzz sorry.... You all part timer fans is it... That's y stupid like him...
Zayn No Limit
Zayn No Limit Před měsícem
Is it bad that I want a Sami Zayn vs Brock Lesnar match now. Looks like Sami Zayn has more material for his conspiracy theory next week...
Ryan Mussell
Ryan Mussell Před měsícem
@zayn how do you feel about the story line now ?
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Před měsícem
Lies again? Think reality
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew Před měsícem
@Pinj it’s a wwe bot lmaoo
Pinj Před měsícem
why u copy comment guy
Triple M
Triple M Před měsícem
iirc, he once held himself against Braun in a time-limited match
Mucky Moe
Mucky Moe Před měsícem
As a fan of Zayn from his NXT days it's great to see him in the main event, even if it is just him getting suplexed to oblivion
Ceasar R.
Ceasar R. Před měsícem
I hope Sami gets the ball after all the great work he’s been doing the past years. Dude deserves it
F. Mans
F. Mans Před měsícem
Poor Sami 😔 The conspiracy continues against Him 💔
Maufemor Media
Maufemor Media Před měsícem
I don't like broke because he doesn't entertain us like others
Rychu Gaming
Rychu Gaming Před měsícem
@J George what’s wrong with lose to Cody D$$$
Matthew Morales
Matthew Morales Před měsícem
WWE has released a ton of superstars most of the good ones and ones that came back from another promotion and now we know why WWE isn’t much to watch sometimes or no more it is too good to be true about it.
Nosferatu is watching you
@Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab bet you wasn't saying that when he was a face
Special Beam Vegeta
Special Beam Vegeta Před měsícem
I'll say this. He's definitely rocking the role. People saying he's jobbing need to know Sami Zayn as a face was losing to people like Aiden English countless times. Now THAT'S jobbing. Since he's turned heel, he's had: Two WWE Championship matches Beaten DANIEL BRYAN 1v1 at Wrestlemania. (Cheating or not, that's a feat in itself). 2x Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender for the Universal Championship. And it was earned too. He's also been winning his matches as of lately Jobbing is when you show up specifically to just lose. No he hasn't been putting up the most entertaining matches like he used to, but his heel role does get a big reaction.
Leather Headshot 97
Leather Headshot 97 Před měsícem
I miss NXT Sami. He was amazing back then and could be taken more seriously
Brady Curtis
Brady Curtis Před měsícem
I love him more now to be honest
DMS Shisui
DMS Shisui Před měsícem
@Alin Senju NXT Sami was 🔥
Alin Senju
Alin Senju Před měsícem
NXT Sami 🤮
Ginger4JesusChrist MWW14
Ginger4JesusChrist MWW14 Před měsícem
Snark mark 👆🏻
adrianzavala1183 Před měsícem
@Homelander [HL2] remember that move he would do diving through the corner of the ropes into a flying ddt
patrick bower
patrick bower Před měsícem
for people saying Lesnar's a heel for attacking Zayn: let's be honest, if we were in Brock's shoes, we'd all do the same thing lol
Omega Picture
Omega Picture Před měsícem
I agree 👍💯
Jay Meister
Jay Meister Před měsícem
Brock had always been over, but God, this ability of him to be a total monster and still have the admiration of the crowd is next kevel
Peter Shyaka Brighton
Peter Shyaka Brighton Před měsícem
You're crazy....how can a tinny piece of a human be a God??
Jay Meister
Jay Meister Před měsícem
@MoeCamera Okay, Edgelord
MoeCamera Před měsícem
Nobody wants to see him as champion. Boring!
Jay Meister
Jay Meister Před měsícem
@TIM O'Dell Yeah, he is a babyface, but he is the one guy who can F5 anyone on the roster and the crowd will still go wild
Jay Meister
Jay Meister Před měsícem
@Spiritual Family X Brock back then was a monster. Still is a monster, but a more scruffy one
Just another day
Just another day Před měsícem
I'm going to laugh if it's a triple threat in the future. He sneaks in a pin and shocks the world lol
Minchi the Aoi Girl
Minchi the Aoi Girl Před měsícem
like what he did to AJ and Jeff for IC title lol
White Light
White Light Před měsícem
Lan Ding
Lan Ding Před měsícem
Imagine this being released as a "full match" video in the future. 🤣
KB9 Před měsícem
@Nico Brav do u mean taker vs Lesnar or Taker vs Cena?
Read my channel description
Blm is anti-asian
XXX _Monte
XXX _Monte Před měsícem
Clipper Boss ARC
Clipper Boss ARC Před měsícem
Dyalej Cass
Dyalej Cass Před měsícem
Like rowan vs the rock in wm32
Cartoon Chaos
Cartoon Chaos Před měsícem
2:07 “All im saying is that at Day 1, it will be Sami Zayn VER-“ It gets me everytime 😂😂😂
Travis Turner
Travis Turner Před měsícem
The way Roman finished him even left the referee like “Damn Roman you ain’t have to finish him like that”😭😭😭😭
Al_brickie Před měsícem
I think Brock is absolutely brilliant. This was a really good and refreshing angle. .
Northen Gigi
Northen Gigi Před měsícem
My theory goes like this: Sami is gonna cost Brock the title at Day One then Brock starts a feud with him for couples of weeks in wich he ends up winning even if continued post-Royal Rumble. At the time Roman will be feuding with Drew who was removed from Battle Royal which cought everyone by curiousity knowing that he's the hottest name on SD (I know that so many wrestlers deserve to be Universal champion but I personally prefer him to dethrone Roman).
Alex Guimarães
Alex Guimarães Před měsícem
Estava na cara que o Brock iria fazer isso. Tá aí, novamente Brock indo para ter mais um combate com Roman.
Khoa Nguyễn
Khoa Nguyễn Před měsícem
Gotta give respect to Sami Zayn, he put his heart in every promo, everything he does
Arthur Před měsícem
I like Sami Zayn and the character he's portraying..
DramatikNote Před měsícem
Y'know.. In a way this sorta protects Sami. That's how I gotta look at it.
Matteo Mochi
Matteo Mochi Před měsícem
Sami Zayn is lowkey the best thing going. He’s nailing this role
Matteo Mochi
Matteo Mochi Před měsícem
@Wayne Grant they’re idiots.
Wayne Grant
Wayne Grant Před měsícem
He is killing it!! Anyone saying he is being buried knows nothing about the buisness
Versatile Wolf NWO
Versatile Wolf NWO Před měsícem
@S1X_K Truu white hands matter
Uncle Creed
Uncle Creed Před měsícem
He is doing a good Andy Kaufman impersonation.
S1X_K Truu
S1X_K Truu Před měsícem
For doing what he did yea but being an actual champion no, im glad they just used him to spin it to Brock🙌🏾
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez Před měsícem
I, personally, thought it would have been shocking if Sami won despite all the suplex and the f-5s. Sami could have stumbled aside when Raines went to do the spear and have Raines hit the turn belt and then Sami could have fell on top of Raines and get the win.
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez Před měsícem
@NightHunterRicky exactly! Some times that works best. Can you imagine the disbelief and outrage. People would definitely want to see what would happen at the pay per view. Which could have Roman interfere so have he can fight Sami for the belt. It can go back and forth like that. Lesnar and Roman interfering. The fans would be in an uproar.
NightHunterRicky Před měsícem
That's not even realistic and it would be the absolute worst
Vivo Laroma
Vivo Laroma Před měsícem
I really like this version of Brock, he's really nice. He has spoken a lot more into the microphone in recent months than in his entire wwe career
Alewi619 ,
Alewi619 , Před měsícem
was actually looking forward to this match to happen 😩
Obinna Williams
Obinna Williams Před měsícem
I am really liking Brock’s new look especially the beards!! This Brock seems to be having a lot of fun and I can feel it
Kory Tallman
Kory Tallman Před měsícem
Is it bad that I want a Sami Zayn vs Brock Lesnar match now. Looks like Sami Zayn has more material for his conspiracy theory next week.
Moxxeybags Alejandro
Moxxeybags Alejandro Před měsícem
@jeffrey panda not gonna happen foo Old Man Lesnar is losing by Sami or Drew or Bobby Lashley
Tonio Humes
Tonio Humes Před měsícem
no i dont think that's a good idea if that happens brock would destroy him see if it happens and the match started Brock would just lift him up and suplex him again and again and there goes the f5 then boom 1 2 3 Brock wins
James Rodriquez
James Rodriquez Před měsícem
@NightHunterRicky p
Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab
Get out Canadian! You loser
Read my channel description
Blm is anti-asian
KalvinEllis Před měsícem
Love how Brock is amusing himself without coming off as a dork. He's still as intimidating as ever, he just uses his intimidation tactics to troll people and get what he wants.
Blank Trigger
Blank Trigger Před měsícem
The fact that the crowd still popped for the ooh-ah spear line is incredible, + Roman still selling the win and the match as if he dominated Sami into submission - and the crowd STILL cares. Good gravy Roman has worked a wonder with this character. So much talk about Brock being over, but Roman is next level now.
Unknowntill2023 Před měsícem
Glad to see Brock finally acknowledging his fans now
Lucas Stataricko Dinake
Lucas Stataricko Dinake Před měsícem
The look on Paul Hyman's face 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Barbara Pass
Barbara Pass Před měsícem
Man I saw this coming from the beginning when Sami won that battle royal. Brock will always be the number one contender for the Universal Championship.
Ramone Williams
Ramone Williams Před měsícem
Brock Lesnar the beast incarnate! Here comes the pain🔥🔥🔥
The best diva
The best diva Před měsícem
I'm enjoying very much this "gimmick" of Brock Lesnar maybe he will has a good friendship with Sami in the future.😅
Damone Chapman
Damone Chapman Před měsícem
Bryan James
Bryan James Před měsícem
That third suplex sami landed right on his head😳
RandomRandy Před měsícem
This is the Brock Lesnar we needed! This is the “Here Comes The Pain” Smackdown version we fans missed.
Elite Snowman king
Elite Snowman king Před měsícem
Smackdown here comes the pain is WWE game done right.
Brent James
Brent James Před měsícem
Triple threat match
Brent James
Brent James Před měsícem
Management scared of Brock Lesnar
Brent James
Brent James Před měsícem
Brock Friday
Read my channel description
Blm is anti-asian
Just another day
Just another day Před měsícem
I miss the old Sami Zayn
Sammy Omoto
Sammy Omoto Před měsícem
One of the best smack down episodes in a while if you ask me.👌👌
Anele Tshuma
Anele Tshuma Před měsícem
Always feels good to hear Brock Lesnar's song
keltdevangel1 Před měsícem
I nearly had the sensation that Sami was going to thank Brock, as the Beast gave him the necessary courage to face Roman. But, if this is true, Sami had no time to thank Brock, as the Beast gave him...3 suplex ald 2 "F-5".
SSJey Freeman01
SSJey Freeman01 Před měsícem
Sami will cost Brock now which will lead to a storyline with Brock chasing Sami trying to kill him and the storyline will end with Brock finally getting his hands on him and brutalizing him. Kinda like when Punk was trying to get Heyman after Heyman costed him MITB. That will be their way of keeping the belt on Roman.
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri Před měsícem
@Moxxeybags Alejandro nice joke pal cuz lesnar is winning at day 1 and sami isn't gonna cost him and lesnar is a good guy so get lost
Moxxeybags Alejandro
Moxxeybags Alejandro Před měsícem
@Kieron Spiteri Old Man Lesnar is gonna lose at Day 1 because he’s boring along with his boyfriend Michael Cole and Sami will cost him. Lesnar has been a bad guy
Moxxeybags Alejandro
Moxxeybags Alejandro Před měsícem
@1st JBGaming not gonna happen Sami is costing him and my Tribal Chief Roman retains
Moxxeybags Alejandro
Moxxeybags Alejandro Před měsícem
@Jon Mccracken Yeah Sami will cost Old Man Lesnar
NightHunterRicky Před měsícem
@A wrestling god! Brock is facing Gable Steveson at WrestleMania
Allan Lee
Allan Lee Před měsícem
I've been liking Brock's recent viking look lately since. He's still the beast!!!
Incognito\ Před měsícem
Love how they probably forgot about jeff hardy instead of putting them all in a fatal 4 way.
NightHunterRicky Před měsícem
They didn't forget. They're just not putting him in the spotlight yet. We got the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, and WrestleMania. Jeff would be in one of those PPVs
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb Před měsícem
It's a breath of fresh air to Brock do a face turn! He ain't been face since 03.. now I feel old 😂
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Před měsícem
I enjoyed it every seconds of it. Sami always did his role perfect, he deserved more credits. I loved the way he sold the beat down. I am hyped about Roman vs Brock as alway
Kuyahhh Axe
Kuyahhh Axe Před měsícem
This is the closest major push for sami we ever had
Nike Neon
Nike Neon Před 25 dny
Funniest think, apparently WWE give him (and Kevin Owens) that push for him NOT went to AEW
April May
April May Před měsícem
@ReallyNotMateo So does Kevin Owens and he was world champ. Like that matters.
ReallyNotMateo Před měsícem
@April May sami zayn looks like he steals laundry
Juan Wick
Juan Wick Před měsícem
He is filling Dolp Zigglers role for now.
April May
April May Před měsícem
@ReallyNotMateo Why not? Who the heck wants the same champ over and over again? This is getting boring.
WHARTON Arseino Před měsícem
I love how the guy went out of his way to first spear him and had insult to injury with a guillotine to submit him that is the tip of sadism that makes him a hell of a heel
Vedang Pande
Vedang Pande Před měsícem
That was one brutal spear, Zayn sold very well
Yuh Před měsícem
Sami's gonna get that push for damn sure
Aumer Paz
Aumer Paz Před měsícem
I wish Sami Zayn wins the MITB in the future, woulda been perfect for him.
Gcool243 Před měsícem
I absolutely love this version of Brock. He genuinely seems to be enjoying himself
Grace Chase
Grace Chase Před měsícem
@Navneet Kumar 32 buxar that guy does have a point no eyebrows does only have4 moves
Zexxor Před měsícem
@Deanjaloe Purnell Roman is the real clown here, he's the one who really sucks.
Zexxor Před měsícem
@Deanjaloe Purnell I mean he literally had to cheat in all of his matches against Brock.
Deanjaloe Purnell
Deanjaloe Purnell Před měsícem
@Zexxor yu just be speaking don't you show me any wrestler even cena who had merchandise sells like roman? That's facts yall gone be crying for a while if yall think he's losing tht belt to brock🤣🤷🏾‍♂️
Deanjaloe Purnell
Deanjaloe Purnell Před měsícem
@Zexxor nun to do with that clown brock sucks a Person has nun to do with roman when they admit brock is not nun special. Not anymore this isn't wwf let him go
Jearld Chambers
Jearld Chambers Před měsícem
Damn Brock Lesnar So Damn Strong OMG 😱
Evany Ruben Auguste
Evany Ruben Auguste Před měsícem
Bruh! I love Sami Zayne especially with a mic in his hands.
Mustafa Keles
Mustafa Keles Před měsícem
I miss you Brock. ❤🙏
Retenek Před měsícem
Sami Zayn is incredible. What a great heel. He deserves more than this.
S M O K E #
S M O K E # Před měsícem
One day sami will become world champion.... ❤️
Clarence Shippen III
Clarence Shippen III Před měsícem
Am I the only one who feels so sad that sammy went from one of the greatest in ring competitor to a sleazy character that just dies 5 movesq
Руслан Никитин
I don’t know why but Sami reminds me of Chris Jericho. The same energy and the same style, perfect as a heel and babyface
Maximiliano Před měsícem
Smackdown is the A show 🔥
Jonathan Anaya
Jonathan Anaya Před měsícem
Brock’s ability to toss around grown men like it’s nothing will never cease to amaze me!
Francisco Pereira
Francisco Pereira Před měsícem
@bigdave RAFC its scripted RELAX, its not real, brock is a trained mma fighter, roman is not
The supreme kai zamasu
The supreme kai zamasu Před měsícem
@David graham i thought that was going for me, i see what you meant, but again i was complementing Brock looking like a monster even at his age and with not doing any training
David graham
David graham Před měsícem
@The supreme kai zamasu when did u say anything about you bruh? Reading is essential
The supreme kai zamasu
The supreme kai zamasu Před měsícem
@Ulysses troll
Ulysses Před měsícem
@The supreme kai zamasu you're the salty one
Oliver Thomas-Couch
Oliver Thomas-Couch Před měsícem
I think Sami and Brock could genuinely be a good duo
TheOne Před měsícem
Sami is so good on mic and on his role!
BetaXQ Před měsícem
R.I.P Sami Zayn
SC Mui
SC Mui Před měsícem
Remember when Sami Zayn once went the distance against John Cena in his RAW debut match? Wondering if we'll ever see him have a competitive match against a main eventer again...
Kingston Boone
Kingston Boone Před měsícem
Went exactly how I expected
Bhavish gokool
Bhavish gokool Před měsícem
I always hated lesnar but his face version is incredible 🔥🔥🔥
DD-Diamonds55 Před měsícem
I like how they contradicted Sami zayn’s speech about beating Roman Reigns Can’t wait to see what else will happen
elliott j-s-r
elliott j-s-r Před měsícem
You know what Sami put on a really good match here
Kayra yıpmaz
Kayra yıpmaz Před měsícem
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez Před měsícem
Poor Sami he was looking forward to day one 😕
Im Jaylen
Im Jaylen Před měsícem
Just imagine if the dude actually won🤣
Reyco Mojares
Reyco Mojares Před měsícem
Zayn ,Nakamura,Cesaro ,Xia Lee ,Tozawa, needs to Unite to Get all the Gold
Maburwane Johannes
Maburwane Johannes Před měsícem
Imagine you being Sami Zayn and people chanting "One more time"
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes Před měsícem
Bro this has me dead 😂😂
trying hard
trying hard Před měsícem
trying hard
trying hard Před měsícem
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez Před měsícem
Damn, I wanted to see Sami vs Roman.
Manu Nyamekye
Manu Nyamekye Před měsícem
I love Brock Lesnar❤💪🏾
Javeer89 Před měsícem
Outrageous for this match to go ahead after the earlier assault! What is the general managers even thinking! Conspiracy against Sami Zayn continues!
Jom Beltran
Jom Beltran Před měsícem
What do you mean "it was that easy for roman reigns bcuz of the assault" even if brock didnt assaulted him roman would still win easily
Ramauld Ramharack
Ramauld Ramharack Před měsícem
Sami Zayn is the greatest thing going, ah oh ah or AH OR OR!!
Ty Před měsícem
Sami Zayn looks like a “fire crotch Version of Seth Rollins”!
Junior Lifter
Junior Lifter Před měsícem
Sometimes I think Broc really wants to laugh, but holds himself back during promos.
Chris B
Chris B Před měsícem
Sami will likely get involved in the universal title match at Day 1.
Cameron Kellas R.F.C.
Cameron Kellas R.F.C. Před měsícem
Sami "oh my god" 😂
ILegendsKiller Před měsícem
Match of the year 😂
Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy Douglas Před měsícem
Sami was the reason I got hooked on wrestling. It’s a shame they can’t figure out how to use him.
Trast _13
Trast _13 Před měsícem
Brock Lesnar in Bloodline would be amazing
A7M5 Před měsícem
Wwe has in there hands arguably the best story line ( with sami zayn) scene a long time . I Wish the end of it will be massive, not him leaving or just they bury it .
A7M5 Před měsícem
@Dabrell Thompson Nahhhh
Dabrell Thompson
Dabrell Thompson Před měsícem
He's gonna cost Brock the title at Day 1
La More
La More Před měsícem
@MTM Never would happen in a million years. Triple H would need to commit hostile takeover of the company to see those kinds of results
MTM Před měsícem
Yes. Can you imagine Sami Zayn was right all along and there is some big conspiracy out to get him? And he somehow topples both Brock and Roman? Take my money
Asdf Asdfg
Asdf Asdfg Před měsícem
They’ll screw it up badly
Charles Bradley
Charles Bradley Před měsícem
They should have actually let Sami have a real match with Roman he’s underrated
Daniel Hetue
Daniel Hetue Před měsícem
Sami Zayn is indeed the “Wile E. Coyote of WWE” according to the news media :(
State of Emergency
State of Emergency Před měsícem
Brock with that farmer strength. Zayn didn't need to jump at all for any of the moves. Brock was carrying him around off the ground and then suplexed him.
R33z Před měsícem
That was pretty f'd up! At least let Sami and Reigns wrestle It out with some moves and some high flying action!
Yabets A
Yabets A Před měsícem
Fun fact this is the second shortest match of 2021
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt Před 25 dny
Technically there's always gonna be a second, 3rd, 4th, etc shortest match. If all matches are 24 mins, and there's a match thats 20 mins, and another one that's 14 mins long which is the shortest, then the 20 min match is the 2nd shortest match lol
COproduction{℅}© Před měsícem
@Wrestling Mark so Sami's match doesn't count
Wrestling Mark
Wrestling Mark Před měsícem
@COproduction{℅}© we talking about shortest title match in ppvs of 2021
COproduction{℅}© Před měsícem
The shortest match was Sheamus (returned after broken nose) vs Humberto Carrillo
Wrestling Mark
Wrestling Mark Před měsícem
@Nycherius Productions TEOW im talking about 2021 why yall don’t understand
Canon Theory
Canon Theory Před měsícem
Brock is the biggest legend left standing in WWE
NoorTheBuilder Před měsícem
Been a while since wwe showed us a full match on youtube right after the show.
Dquan IsSavage
Dquan IsSavage Před měsícem
Legendary WWE Friday Night SmackDown Showing Tonight WWE!!🙌🙌🙌😎😎😎🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥👑🏆❤️🎉☺️😊
encoredp14 Před měsícem
Look at how easy he picks up Sami
Vin Lein
Vin Lein Před měsícem
So this must be Brock's favourite shirt😂😂😂
John Smith
John Smith Před měsícem
What a great segment.. best stuff WWE has put out in weeks ... Since Lesner was Suspended.
Austin Rider
Austin Rider Před měsícem
Sami lasted longer in a main event Smackdown title match than Kofi did.
Edgar Bandoy
Edgar Bandoy Před měsícem
When Mick Foley and Eugene combined, I see Sami Zayn. This is push to his career 👏 just be patient
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto Před měsícem
You can tell Brock is having fun with his run right now. Reminds me of 2003-2004 Brock.
Owen Loney
Owen Loney Před měsícem
Omg, Sami gives a message loud and clear !
Daniel J Anderson
Daniel J Anderson Před měsícem
Pat is GOATED And Sami Zayn always has a conspiracy theory every other week 🤣🤣
SP-Boogie Před měsícem
Sami is so under appreciated
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Gol sevinçleri😂
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