Boosie on Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy's Dead Friend During Verzuz Battle (Part 37)

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Part 38: csvid.net/video/video-DsrlotIQJIM.html
Part 36: csvid.net/video/video-iL-zGQYYjXI.html
Part 1: csvid.net/video/video-c89anQS3hMs.html
In this clip, Boosie reacted to Jeezy and Gucci Mane's Verzuz battle, and he admits that he couldn't sit back like Jeezy if Gucci Mane dissed his dead friend. Boosie then added that he has a lot of respect for both rappers, and he believes that they're both bosses. To hear more, including Boosie stating that Jeezy is in another stage of his life, hit the above clip.


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2. 03. 2021





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Jaiairus Milton
Jaiairus Milton Před 8 hodinami
Boosie jacket match his eyes
Todji Jones
Todji Jones Před dnem
I feel that if Jazzy is really past all that why the fuck are you coming out dress like 08 instead of like a real estate agent look like u got some real money
Ppl think they dropped the beef no they didnt they both came with small militias after the battle
Hey Beaches
Hey Beaches Před 2 dny
See boosie couldn’t separate beef from other things, why he did 8. I’m a big fan of jeezy but he struggled to bond out on a gun charge which the bail was fucking crazy. Boosie is lucky life isn’t what he’s doing but you can tell time is taking a toll on him. RIP DMX btw boosie next from the looks of it smh
Daz Dilinger
Daz Dilinger Před 2 dny
I understand what boosie saying about thats disrespectful what gucci said but niggas be quick to forget that pookie loc was there to kill him but he didnt have to say that on that level where pookie loc kids could see it but shout out to boosie love the big homie
Ali. Před 4 dny
Boosie is %1000 right on this one.
King of Newyork
King of Newyork Před 4 dny
How Boosie got like 6 shades of black on his face lol
Anthony Pitt
Anthony Pitt Před 4 dny
Best vs Bennie man bounty killer 🔥
yesimmamess _
yesimmamess _ Před 5 dny
of course Jeezy gone be passed it HIS LIFE wasn't in danger over that beef HE didn't almost get killed over that beef HE didn't have 2protect his life over that beef so hell yeah i felt Gucci! not saying he shoulda said what he said about his dead friend but if you wanna look at it from the street pov gotta feel Gucci no matter how long it's been. then whole time i feel like the only reason that Versus happened was cause Jeezy was tryna promote his album that either came out or was getting ready 2come out around that time.
Lwazi Kabaka Mutulu
Someone please try and help me understand why folks mad at Gucci for talking about a mf he killed that was trying to rob and kill HIM..... Make it make sense.
Herpes Free Since 03
Funny thing is gucci accidentally killed that dude and that he wasnt even part of his crew
Catalyst 3012
Catalyst 3012 Před 9 dny
Amazing deception!! Man never shows his face while creating beef!! Blacks just don’t get it!! They worship money too much!! It’s their real God!!
Kwam Před 10 dny
Part 37 Vlad really??😂😂
mikal durham
mikal durham Před 10 dny
Stop talking to bill he the feds smh
Snoop Fla Trucking
Snoop Fla Trucking Před 13 dny
Guwhoop, People not thinking about if someone sent a person to kill you and to defend yourself you had to kill him. They won't forgive them or never forget it. Truth 💯💯
Ray Savage
Ray Savage Před 15 dny
Vlad say every word dudes get killed out here saying
TheFwaygo Před 16 dny
I fw Gucci but I promise u Jeezy wasn’t shook lol. And after that pookie loc shit Jeezy recovered quickly. Jeezy won the versus battle
Elle Jae
Elle Jae Před 17 dny
Yeah I am that...lol
Belinda Walls
Belinda Walls Před 19 dny
Charles Howard
Charles Howard Před 22 dny
Jeezy also wasn't the one who damn near got killed either
J Man
J Man Před 23 dny
Boosie would of best gucci ass no cap
J Riz
J Riz Před 24 dny
Vlad love boosie thats bool.
ave wave
ave wave Před 24 dny
Is this all boosie does, talk to vulture vlad
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell Před 24 dny
How did Jeezy show the world he's a real one, Meech have different opinion, I'm confused
yo_ ell
yo_ ell Před 24 dny
Gucci ain’t no sucka.
T Band
T Band Před 25 dny
sooo riddle me this shit... if Boosie a real nigga from the streets, and they say VLAD is lowkey the feds... then why does boosie keep going back to VLAD and feeling so comfortable talking to him?? i just find that weird.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Před 26 dny
One week before the versus battle, I spoke to Jeezy, two days later I talked to Gucci Mane, so I knew no matter what was said there would be peace. -TK Kirkland
SBOGT Před 26 dny
“I know a mf with a gun when I see one” 😂😂💀
a.d t
a.d t Před 26 dny
Them just lyrics nigga put a hit on my life fuck all that self defense u supppose to defend yo self But jeezy right in yo face and all u got is barrs nigga pulled a boss move hit on ya life and u want credit for self defense foh Lil girls defend they self all the time
MastermindRell Před 26 dny
Why boosie look like that
daniel henderson
daniel henderson Před 26 dny
I think jeezy a bitch for letting that slide
H. Trap Brown
H. Trap Brown Před 27 dny
Jeezy wasn’t friend’s with Pookie Loc at ALL!
CeaserTAMG Před 27 dny
Don’t matter if Gucci has a right, which he did. I would’ve did that shit for the bro 💯 Fucc y’all Verzus
Roland Watson
Roland Watson Před 27 dny
CSvid Tom and jerry by GMG‼️
DeAndre Davis
DeAndre Davis Před 27 dny
Wasn't no understanding. If jeezy had a issue he could have done something
generation speed
generation speed Před 27 dny
Vlad lives to exploit black people problems for profit, he must pay well.
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin Před 28 dny
The finicky condor latterly crack because roll contrastingly change versus a fluttering block. old-fashioned, rotten continent
Edward L. Hinton
Edward L. Hinton Před 28 dny
I’m tired of seeing y’all grown ass , suppose to be mature ass people still wanting a man who already got his so called revenge 20 YEARS AGO!! The fuck he still gotta be mad for? Y’all need to chill, Gucci was definitely outta line, it’s one thing to play the song. But the extra adlibbing is unnecessary.
Sheeky Fam
Sheeky Fam Před 28 dny
Vlad such a cop 😭
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang Před 28 dny
Boosie is part of the problem. Sorry if you send your friend to kill Gucci, of course the man will remember that forever including taunting you about it. Anybody's neighborhood would do the same thing. Jeezy is past it because he wants to tuck his tail. You saw how he couldn't look at Gucci the whole time when the song was over then did the mumble kid angle of "dId iT fOr tHe cULtUrE" when they both did it for money. If you did it for tHe cULtUrE, you would had done it for free and donated your money. None of them would had showed up if money wasn't involved. Lets see the checks written to get them to show up.
urfavorite barber
urfavorite barber Před 28 dny
Did anybody ever think dude probably not as close to dude as people think 🤷🏾‍♂️
raydn23 Před 28 dny
Jeezy a sucker
Juliano Snijders
Juliano Snijders Před 29 dny
This proves how real boosie is
nun Před 29 dny
Boosie's mentality is why dudes die and go to jail. Jeezy handled it like a man. Sometimes being a man is letting thing go and moving on.
Broncos Country
Broncos Country Před 29 dny
Wipe Me Down
sdsdsds dsdsdsdsds
sdsdsds dsdsdsdsds Před 29 dny
jeezy got punked like a bitch
Jayway z18
Jayway z18 Před 29 dny
I thought the Gucci Jeezy battle was fake at first
Lorenza Gibson
Lorenza Gibson Před 29 dny
Hold up boosie it was disrespectful for jeezy to send the hit on gucci, im lost, but not really though.
rick owen
rick owen Před 29 dny
It’s the (part 37) for me
John Doe
John Doe Před 29 dny
Vlad fucking messy. Hope Boosie opinion don’t make niggas start beefing. Boosie stay off this platform bro!
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Před 29 dny
What is the definition of a so called "REAL NIGGA"
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Před 29 dny
I feel Gucci because if you send someone to kill me that's serious shit. I like how Jeezy handled it.
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Před 29 dny
🖕🏿 vlad
Torrance Před měsícem
vlad is the devil and it’s not even funny to say
Torrance Před měsícem
just what we’ve all been waiting for - more of boosie’s dumbass opinions lol
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Před měsícem
Most of Vlad's audience doesn't have an attention span beyond 5 minutes. Hence the reason for the 100 part interviews.
Jermainee J
Jermainee J Před měsícem
I woulda Chardged That Niqqa🤣🤣
30Sum! Před měsícem
Jeezy can't go back he don't have no hittas no more he ❌ every one out😒
1 Thessalonians 5:14 Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Před měsícem
A mfn real nigga right here
Shod Killings
Shod Killings Před měsícem
😑 why is vlad speaking on pookie LOC🤦🏾‍♂️
Will Barnett
Will Barnett Před měsícem
If somebody tried to kill you how would you respond after all them years of built up emotions
37NoLa Devil Thomas
37NoLa Devil Thomas Před měsícem
Boosie the 🐐
Jus Rarsh
Jus Rarsh Před měsícem
You don’t get over someone trying to kill you. Forget the stage light for a minute.
mich Před měsícem
It's too early for me, I'll leave a top comment on part 50
YoungRippa17 Před měsícem
Jeezy sent niggas to rob Gucci...the nigga that took shots at Gucci was jeezy manz....jeezy only lost a friend Gucci damn near lost his life and had to stand trial....and y’all want that man that had a bounty on his neck to get over that I personally think having the expectation that time would fix that is a little disrespectful in its own right
NBHfirm Před měsícem
Thanks in advance
Nasa White
Nasa White Před měsícem
0:38 LMAO Facts tho
Violet Castanor
Violet Castanor Před měsícem
TI would have tore Gucci to pieces. You can’t compare the two
kolim jone
kolim jone Před měsícem
makes you mad and you lash out
Cognitive Public
Cognitive Public Před měsícem
The grease wheels get attention
yo mama
yo mama Před měsícem
I love watching these boosie talks.. lol.. he is cool af..
icecreambeats101 Před měsícem
Damn Boosie is fiiiiiiine 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😉
GoonTube TV
GoonTube TV Před měsícem
Ppl need to understand jeezy sent niggas to kill gucci and Gucci clapped them so mfing right ima say exacly what gucci said tf?
kolim jone
kolim jone Před měsícem
Boosie funny ash
Mac Nikki
Mac Nikki Před měsícem
A mfn real nigga right here
Shellz Tha Great
Shellz Tha Great Před měsícem
Vlad cappinng how was the gucci lane and jeezy better than Bounty vs Beenie wtf you’ll Americans kills me
KAM Brooks
KAM Brooks Před měsícem
But if someone and they partner plan on killing you, couldn’t no one tell you how to feel about that situation because you had money on your head. Just like when someone makes you mad and you lash out
Angelo Williams
Angelo Williams Před měsícem
Lmmfso I. Not tryna laugh but the way he said “ you smoking on my potna “ 😂😂😂😂
R S Před měsícem
Boosie aint right in this situation
bigfish sharkshooter
bigfish sharkshooter Před měsícem
Clone Gucci still won't let the Jeezy beef go. He still has the real Gucci manes files stored in his PC 😂
LostCub 85
LostCub 85 Před měsícem
I disagree with Boosie on this one. Jeezy sent his homeboy to kill Gucci. Gucci took him out. I'm not saying Boosie is scared but bruh, you can't Blame Gucci. Your homeboy died......BLOOD ON JEEZY HANDS!!! Everyone can say what they woulda or coulda did, but back in the day Gucci wasn't nothing to be F'd with......
Tameka Johns
Tameka Johns Před měsícem
🤦🏽‍♀️i woulda charged dat ni**a😭Lawddddd I luv this dude🤣🤣
Fly G
Fly G Před měsícem
Of course he pass that ! jeezy scared of Gucci . point blank
Tone Thomas
Tone Thomas Před měsícem
Lil Boosie leave Vlad alone bad vibes
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Před měsícem
Gotta love Vlad’s forced laugh
Promi Akter
Promi Akter Před měsícem
Raymondtacular Forever
Raymondtacular Forever Před měsícem
Nobody keep it realer than Boosie if you agree go sub to my CSvid channel
sannio komi
sannio komi Před měsícem
So don't nobody else wanna interview boosie ???
Jose 21
Jose 21 Před měsícem
Boosie funny ash
Bayou Bully
Bayou Bully Před měsícem
Vlad, I’ll punch yo ass in the face 🤣 Just drop the whole interview
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Před měsícem
First off gucci can say wtf ever he wants. I would to. I would let the mfkr that tried to have me taken out know ey yo keep sending them and ill keep putting them under the dirt. I
Jus Skool
Jus Skool Před měsícem
charged em
ToakerTV Před měsícem
Lord Ptah
Lord Ptah Před měsícem
Of course jeezy’s past it. He’s the one that put the hit out! 🤣
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas Před měsícem
Boo like I can’t respect jeezy no more
sannio komi
sannio komi Před měsícem
Boosiebadazz : I would of charged him if he would of disrespected my dead home Boosie : I like the level of maturity they handled it on
lasco lassoy
lasco lassoy Před měsícem
The best versus is Bounty kill vs beenie
GCode 305
GCode 305 Před měsícem
I feel like Gucci had to get that off his chest to his face for closure but the fact it got settled and they performed icy for the first and last time is all that matters. That was history
Mark Coetzee
Mark Coetzee Před měsícem
50 and game vs would be great
sannio komi
sannio komi Před měsícem
Smoking that pookie don’t mean the same to Mexicans 😂
Mannie FRESHHH Před měsícem
Bro they tried to kill Gucci ‘!!! Fuk that go dig ur homie up!
DIZ NUTTZ Před měsícem
Jeezy killed Gucci in that battle rap
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Před měsícem
Gotta love Vlad’s forced laugh
John Kiehl
John Kiehl Před měsícem
Boosie would have got knocked the fuck out if he would have charged Gucci...They forget Jeezy sent 5 people up in his shit to kill him...Man you never forget anyone who tries to kill you...
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