Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish
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Listen to “Lost Cause”, out now: BillieEilish.lnk.to/LostCause
Pre-order the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out July 30: billieeilish.lnk.to/HappierTh...

Directed by Billie Eilish

Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records






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آیناز نیکونسب
آیناز نیکونسب Před 10 vteřinami
Bailey, you are great
Wojciech Urbański
Wojciech Urbański Před minutou
PDF Doraemonn
PDF Doraemonn Před minutou
Naz O
Naz O Před minutou
سلام🙄🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷✌🏻I'm from Iran You have a fan in Iran🙈🌹💥
David Hernández
David Hernández Před 2 minutami
Me enamore de ti Billie 😍🥺😞
3mma Před 2 minutami
Honestly, this medic video kind of matches (no offense but stop getting pressed over a dam music video)
Reagan style Rodriguez
Reagan style Rodriguez Před 3 minutami
My brother think she white Girls now rude
Mundo Tik Tok
Mundo Tik Tok Před 3 minutami
Algo está en el aire ahora mismo
Ingryde Amorim
Ingryde Amorim Před 5 minutami
Dia 27 mil da quarenta e Billie não sai mais de casa desdo dia 1mil
آیناز نیکونسب
آیناز نیکونسب Před 5 minutami
Billy, I'm a fan of you and I'm an avocado. I'm very fond of you.
she says u are toxic . Really DUH .d
Ana Dominguez
Ana Dominguez Před 5 minutami
Why ppl say she baiting why can’t a girl show skin with others girls in the room
Hipw Accurrat🔹
Hipw Accurrat🔹 Před 7 minutami
I can't believe this has more viewing than the legendary K-pop!!
jenniepinkz Před 8 minutami
i dont understand everyones point? ppl are only talking about her calling us embarrasing. thats on the side. the other thing is that shes literally dating a racist and homophobic man? and even if shes not dating, she literally hung out w the person. the thing is that he is RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC, forget ab the embarrasing thing, think about this..she doesnt just support a racist man but dates him, and then yall are like true fans will always be true fans..thats called being racist, and dont get me wrong she was literally my fav artist and i will still love her music but i wont love her as a person.
Nidaツ Před 8 minutami
"Para insanı değiştirir"
Adriana Dietmann
Adriana Dietmann Před 9 minutami
Erika Ramírez
Erika Ramírez Před 12 minutami
zahras w
zahras w Před 13 minutami
I hated you Billy☹️💔
Tainá Lorena
Tainá Lorena Před 15 minutami
i love u
Mundo Tik Tok
Mundo Tik Tok Před 11 minutami
Hi how are you? i do not speak english
Mundo Tik Tok
Mundo Tik Tok Před 14 minutami
Tivoughn Smart
Tivoughn Smart Před 17 minutami
Will forever love this girl 😭
Israel Vogt
Israel Vogt Před 17 minutami
Amanda Oliveira
Amanda Oliveira Před 18 minutami
Piano ťõķõďõd
Piano ťõķõďõd Před 18 minutami
Be urself billy goatttt
Genesis Torres
Genesis Torres Před 21 minutou
irene franco
irene franco Před 22 minutami
Omg just perfect
Dart Veider
Dart Veider Před 23 minutami
Music Gomer Simpson zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wild Boys Planet
Wild Boys Planet Před 26 minutami
why does her voice is the opposite of asmr to me?? 😖
Sıla Kahraman
Sıla Kahraman Před 28 minutami
Billie noldu sana
Abd AlGhani Abd AlBady
Abd AlGhani Abd AlBady Před 29 minutami
I am feeling I am involved in To it (the song stuff)
Billie Eillish fan
Billie Eillish fan Před 29 minutami
Jordan Sailors
Jordan Sailors Před 30 minutami
Billie you are beautiful.
Gamze Yılmaz
Gamze Yılmaz Před 30 minutami
Küfredip engellesem ne olur ciddiyim....En son sey dedi sordugum soruya kim bilir? SEN BİLMİYORSAN BEN NEREDEN BİLEBİLİRİM AQ
Gamze Yılmaz
Gamze Yılmaz Před 31 minutou
#weloveyoubillie FROM TURKEY
joywonies♡︎ Před 31 minutou
eski halini özledim..
Kris UwUrr
Kris UwUrr Před 33 minutami
Pop Da so
Pop Da so Před 34 minutami
Self reflection ~Haydz
Валенти С
Валенти С Před 34 minutami
Jaime Laguna
Jaime Laguna Před 34 minutami
Wow, she turned herself on fire on this video
marwa ackerman
marwa ackerman Před 36 minutami
you got cancelled 😹😹😹
Jorge Antonio Corrales segura
Peres Noutchie
Peres Noutchie Před 38 minutami
My eyes and ears speak different languages when I watch this...I LOVE IT
Roosa Lukkarila
Roosa Lukkarila Před 40 minutami
So good i like the song
Empress Yunna
Empress Yunna Před 41 minutou
People keep talking about how her video is is people don’t really like how she’s doing how many I’d like always she just didn’t have it I like your video every day she’s being herself and I like who she is And I don’t like negative talk about her when people talking about the video bad about it I like your videos and I like always she just how that video is and I don’t like negative talk in this video I want to support people in this chat✍🏼
Daniel Chun
Daniel Chun Před 41 minutou
it is so clear her birthday was lit.
lux Před 42 minutami
oml i'm in love- 😩
Rocío Mariel Sofía
Rocío Mariel Sofía Před 42 minutami
El primer video pedorro de Billie, bueno una vez tenía que pasar
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia Před 43 minutami
Ok but twerking in this music video like it doesn’t match 💀
Torie Miller
Torie Miller Před 43 minutami
It looks like they had fun making this
Gee Msimang
Gee Msimang Před 43 minutami
The guitar towards the end of the song 😍
Luke Před 44 minutami
i love you queen
한Melie Před 45 minutami
I'm a lesbian and this video is offensive to me and lesbian girls, why? because they still see us as an object to attract men, as an object of marketing. she's a straight girl who made a video with reference to lesbianism, it's something we can take as lesbophobia and something that artists and fans have very normalized in the industry. if you're a straight person, you can't have a opinion on this, if a lesbian tells you this is lesbophobia, shut up and learn. we're not trying to get her cancelled, we want her to start to be questioned and a deconstruction begins.
Max Gruener
Max Gruener Před 46 minutami
Overrated as HELLLL
Michelly Vitória Cunha Pereira
Eitaaaa, arrasou 😍🎉👏🇧🇷✨
Lo Fi
Lo Fi Před 47 minutami
Everyone likes her new era moving on billie elish 💯
Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom Před 47 minutami
“If you don't build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony Gaskins
diabin jsj
diabin jsj Před 47 minutami
Que clipe hetero... amei jsjsjsjsjs
Antonio Pereira
Antonio Pereira Před 10 minutami
⭐ Beshwatie Ramlal ⭐
⭐ Beshwatie Ramlal ⭐ Před 47 minutami
The colour palette in this video is just *PERFECT*
I love Christ
I love Christ Před 49 minutami
Avert your eyes children, the devil takes on many forms!
اونــوَْ 🙀💞.
مع الاسف يا بيلي صرتي 🏳️‍🌈 😭💔
maddie dugan
maddie dugan Před 52 minutami
It makes me happy to see how confident she is with her body in the video 🙂
mohd shareef
mohd shareef Před 53 minutami
Her eyes are so beautiful. I really liked the song she seems really happy in it.
mysoo Před 54 minutami
why the fffuck everyone trying to say something bad about it? they are just gil friends whose having fun ? like plllllease u guys are so lame
Scorp Pe
Scorp Pe Před 55 minutami
1:15 DE NADA
MichelMonserrat GuerreroVidal
cumplio los 18 y ya están explotando su sexualidad. Grande la industria musical de mierda
bearta Před 57 minutami
Not y’all ignoring the issue
Sabrina Espinoza
Sabrina Espinoza Před 58 minutami
I love your music
Kendall Pulido
Kendall Pulido Před 58 minutami
welp billie elish makes the new world record of views in a week breaking olivia veiws wow-
Артур Мирсаетов
Что за америкинацы я тут один русский в коментах
I Gede Wisnu Temaja
I Gede Wisnu Temaja Před hodinou
im happy you have friends
Galaxy Z Flip 3 ㅡ JONBER
I'm really looking forward to seeing her in various ways whenever she releases an album. She is like a true artist. This album is not about her changing, but another style she shows us.
Kateri Parker
Kateri Parker Před hodinou
In defence of Billie: It's been amazing having the privilege of watching Billie grow. In years past, she allowed us to see the darkest and deepest thoughts that haunted her. She has shared her pain and in a time, she was young, vulnerable and raw. Her music also reflected this and continues to reflect her journey of self. 'Everything I wanted' seems to mark the end of tolerating hurt, recognising her support team and embracing her womanly self. With 'my future,' she looks forward and grows. Now she is revealing this womanhood she is embracing. My first thoughts when I saw this video were, "Wow, what a fun sleepover. I'd love to have been part of it. I wonder how many days it was. Ouu snacks.🤤 They look like they're having so much fun hypping each other up, dancing and ranting." People need to stop feeling as though they own celebrities. They're humans too. I haven't seen the documentary, but this was also the idea conveyed, from what she said in her promotional interview.
noot noot
noot noot Před hodinou
this ain't it baby 😭
Jrdigjgjrj Fjekdofkrkd
Wagner Ferreira
Wagner Ferreira Před hodinou
*Ménage fds!*
Mihaela Dominic
Mihaela Dominic Před hodinou
Ly billie
Sma Sma
Sma Sma Před hodinou
Moist Gayming
Moist Gayming Před hodinou
Is that Dababy?
Otaku_xxx 7
Otaku_xxx 7 Před hodinou
She's totally gay
Messyz FridayZ
Messyz FridayZ Před 48 minutami
T. V
T. V Před hodinou
Xceed Před hodinou
**Depressed twerking**
Van Hansen
Van Hansen Před hodinou
Looks like a wannabe 7/11 music video but with a hella of a lot less rhythm
Izhaan Před hodinou
Sponsored by lays
超 杨
超 杨 Před hodinou
Carina Lyall
Carina Lyall Před hodinou
She is so good
Kaila Bennett
Kaila Bennett Před hodinou
It’s all her “stans” tryna cancel her. Just goes to show how fake some of y’all are. It’s true, some of y’all ARE honestly embarrassing. Get over it and stop trying to cancel Billie for being tired of people trying to control her life =).
jenniepinkz Před 15 minutami
@Anissa Lewis ikr, i dont know why ppl arent understanding, if i knew from the beginning that she was dating a racist person i wouldve never stanned her. and dont get me wrong she was literally my fav artist i never thought she would be in some situation like this
Iloveyou Před 18 minutami
Anissa Lewis
Anissa Lewis Před 29 minutami
That’s not why she’s being canceled but okay
Mister Myrslok
Mister Myrslok Před hodinou
Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali Před hodinou
Theukvibezz_ Před hodinou
Who’s here after the scandal 👀
The Weathersman
The Weathersman Před hodinou
relationship rehab.... csvid.net/video/video-SYEaiYP_JCg.html
The Weathersman
The Weathersman Před hodinou
relationship rehab.... csvid.net/video/video-SYEaiYP_JCg.html
Thibau Réseau
Thibau Réseau Před hodinou
I love uu
zeynep mutlu
zeynep mutlu Před hodinou
really? huh...
zeynep mutlu
zeynep mutlu Před 16 minutami
@matt Yes. I could cry over this bullshit. 🙄
matt Před hodinou
XxsabrinagachaxX Před hodinou
Hey billie I've seen around tiktok and CSvid where people didn't like this song I think it is an amazing song and you can dress how ever you want to its your life and body you look amazing and I mean it is new but you look like a queen and all of your true fans love you stay strong and keep making music we love you ❤❤❤
14_Laura _11
14_Laura _11 Před hodinou
Guys all the hate… idk whats going on, but we have to exept that
Joacot 09
Joacot 09 Před hodinou
search byreda on youtube
Amanda Da Silva Meireles
where is Brazil hahaha
Joacot 09
Joacot 09 Před hodinou
search byreda on youtube
Fun Fun
Fun Fun Před hodinou
44 millions views
Joacot 09
Joacot 09 Před hodinou
search byreda on youtube
Eliana Alvarez
Eliana Alvarez Před hodinou
People need to stop giving her shit about this video. This is by far my fav song and video of Billie for sure 😍😍
Joacot 09
Joacot 09 Před hodinou
search byreda on youtube
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