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They say there is a war
Between the man and the woman (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
I've never felt like this before
My heart knew that I couldn't (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
And then you take me in
And everything in me begins to feel like I belong
Like everybody needs a home
And when I take your hand
Like the world has never held a man
I know I cannot heal the hurt
But I will hold you here forever
If I can, if I can
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Like I exist for love
Only for love
I can't imagine how it is to be forbidden from loving (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
'Cause when you walked into my life
I could feel my life begin
Like I was torn apart the minute I was only born
And you're the other half
The only thing that makes me whole
I know it sounds like a lot
But you really need to know
We are leaning out for love
And we will lean for love forever, I know
I love you so
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Only for love
And when you say my name
Like white horses on the waves
I think it feels the same
As an ocean in my veins
And you'll be diving in
Like nothing is out of place
And we exist for love
Only for love
And I love you, I love you, I love you
And I love you, I love you, I love you

Music video by AURORA performing Exist For Love. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

#AURORA #ExistForLove


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14. 05. 2020





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Komentáře 100
zzpaco Před 2 hodinami
Mesmerizing !
Olivia Gilbert
Olivia Gilbert Před 4 hodinami
giving off serious mermaid vibes
Michelle Solis
Michelle Solis Před 5 hodinami
This song. Will be the song I dance w my future husband at my future wedding.
Stella S.
Stella S. Před 5 hodinami
Her voice is so average this is so BASIC she’s also ugly
Nula-v Před 13 hodinami
iconic in every way
ADONIAS SILVA Před 20 hodinami
Essa música de Aurora soou como um vinho bom...
Satori's Studio
Satori's Studio Před 20 hodinami
I just remembered miss spink and miss forcible from Coraline a stop motion movie from this music video csvid.net/video/video--zJnA3F34CU.html
PataraQartveli Před 22 hodinami
this is so original! amazing!
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Před 22 hodinami
She is Venus, u all got it, right?
Stig Dahl
Stig Dahl Před 23 hodinami
SO BEAUTIFUL.Reminds me a little of Sally Oldfield.Thank you Aurora for this beautiful song,It gives me chil.I love it.smiley emoy
Ferhat Karatepe
Ferhat Karatepe Před dnem
Girl, what you doin' to me now...
Tamiris Silva
Tamiris Silva Před dnem
Minha música preferida para ouvir pela manhã.
Yza Belle
Yza Belle Před dnem
I was literally trapped in a trance looking at her...like I can't even describe the feeling of how it felt like she was look at me through the screen and I just fell in love
Rainbøw Olympian
Thank you Natalia Madej for sending me here
Chamim Muhammad
Chamim Muhammad Před dnem
Her voice sounds like 'keroncong singer'. If u dont know it, just typing on google/youtube
Darwin Pop
Darwin Pop Před dnem
Tremendo ¡ARTE!, esoo Aurora!... Saludos desde Guatemala, Centroamérica. 🤩
isa nav
isa nav Před dnem
nobody listens
Markus Sørdahl
Markus Sørdahl Před dnem
Ant Reasons Tht this vid is 4:20...minutes..???🤔🤔
Brianna yomama
Brianna yomama Před dnem
Maybe she smokes cannabis 😄
aubug5 Před dnem
Aurora has Atlantean DNA.
M. Morgan Way
M. Morgan Way Před dnem
Aromantics be like: ... (jk idk, i am not aromantic) //Beautiful song and video. I think it would have perfectly worked without the war line, but still.
Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte Před 2 dny
A própria pérola
Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte Před 2 dny
Que coisa mais linda
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9
1930's Gang Bravo
Shashi p Gogoi
Shashi p Gogoi Před 2 dny
Roads, river ,boats ,rain, sunset ,starry sky , memories 💓
Wills Pat
Wills Pat Před 2 dny
Krazy Jazper YT
Krazy Jazper YT Před 2 dny
Her voice is so beautiful that I'd certainly go near her, even if it means getting crushed by her clamshell like a venus flytrap
edwin jeovani santos cuellar
Es la primera canción y con la que la conocí. Linda ella y su música
Felipe Marçal
Felipe Marçal Před 2 dny
💘 arrasou
Az Talal
Az Talal Před 2 dny
she's so enchanting!!!!
Robin Rachelle
Robin Rachelle Před 2 dny
ART DECO is one of my favorite era's...
Will D.
Will D. Před 2 dny
I strive to exist for love
maria delourdes
maria delourdes Před 2 dny
so eu vim pela viviane leerhsen
Crosby's Jukebox
Crosby's Jukebox Před 2 dny
This video is so fantastic .I made a fan based video featuring stills form this video. ( Better late then never I've just subbed . ) All the best CSvidrs :)
Guilherme Thomaz
Guilherme Thomaz Před 2 dny
I know a lot of people relate this to a significant other, but today I was feeling especially grateful for my friends and used this song as a reminder that I also exist to love them
Carol S
Carol S Před 3 dny
Isso é uma oração!!!
Kyle K.
Kyle K. Před 3 dny
if LDR had a different past..
kyona_ kamai
kyona_ kamai Před 3 dny
hello people with good taste in music✨🦋
Ngumbao Před 3 dny
You sale dreams but the aweaking is killing me
Fabio Andrés García Sánchez
I'm working right now, but while I'm listening her I could feel like: my wife, me and a bottle of wine under stars. Beautiful voice.
Thetathata Way
Thetathata Way Před 3 dny
Good to know we even love the dislikers. UBU
walkingbeard Před 3 dny
And there I was, meaning to listen to Dimmu Borgir...
Павел Снесерь
Ballerina Zirkova
Ballerina Zirkova Před 3 dny
Heaven in my ears ❤️
Myat Thiri Phyoe
Myat Thiri Phyoe Před 3 dny
My friend's recommen me to listen her songs and now I'm obsesse with her 💕💕
TheDriftingsmoke Před 3 dny
there is an element of uneasiness reaching psychosis that I really enjoy in this song
lorna wilson
lorna wilson Před 3 dny
Found my Halloween costume!
Lamarca Před 3 dny
how someone can be so beautiful, angelical, lovely and so gorgeous to the eyes, aurora and his voice is in another level omg
Stan Daga Torres
Stan Daga Torres Před 4 dny
furkan okutan
furkan okutan Před 4 dny
its like she had fell of in to a mdma pot when she was child.
I Noa
I Noa Před 4 dny
This song has such a strange sultriness to it. I couldn't understand why but I love it
S҉U҉G҉A҉ Izanagi
Ponty Thython
Ponty Thython Před 4 dny
I need a lofi remix hold my beer im gonna try it.
Alody Mendez
Alody Mendez Před 4 dny
Manuel Claude Schwarzbach
Aurora, does not come after me, no she is always before me, thank you. She is The Lady thats why. Manuel
Emi ca
Emi ca Před 4 dny
her voice is out of this world I am crying her voice is just way too beautiful
Martina Fredes
Martina Fredes Před 5 dny
No la entiendo pero aún así su voz es hermosa, muy suave y tranquila 😍👍
hxneybae xx
hxneybae xx Před 5 dny
This song makes me feel the calmest I’ve ever been. I can’t explain it with words, it’s beautiful.
With Love, Lucas
With Love, Lucas Před 5 dny
Randy Douglas
Randy Douglas Před 5 dny
This is a song for slow dancing in the kitchen :)
xin en
xin en Před 5 dny
This will age like fine wine, im proud to be the earlier ones here before this becomes even bigger
John Před 5 dny
To the person who comment boring in the live chat, can actually suck it
Ari Swandewi
Ari Swandewi Před 5 dny
Listening to this made me feel like I was sleeping in the meadow with a lover I never even had
Suraj Vadulas
Suraj Vadulas Před 5 dny
your voice, the sound of this melody, it makes heart bloom like its first time in a century.
ღilع _Sღilع Bright
Que hermosa como siempre Eres perfecta Cantas como los angeles Tuve mucha suerte al conocerte 💙💜💚❣️💞❤️💞❤️❤️❤️❤️💞❤️❣️💞❤️💞💞❤️❤️💞💞❤️💞💞❤️💞
Elio Před 5 dny
Essa música me faz refletir sobre um universo de sensações, em mim, e nos outros.
Как жаль, что это Солнышко поёт не на Русском. Она ведь чистая Славянка по крови! )
Mer Yan
Mer Yan Před 5 dny
Kpedos con ella canta hermoso ❤👊
I am jorge gamboa
I am jorge gamboa Před 6 dny
esto es poesia.. this is beautiful AURORA THANK U
PH Goat
PH Goat Před 6 dny
My fiance has been dealing with the loss of his mother recently. Today I played this song on my computer and took his hand to slow dance with me in our room, just holding each other in our arms. "I know I cannot heal the hurt, but I will hold you here forever if I can, if I can." When she sang these words he started crying. Broke my heart and I just held him as he cried. We only live this one life once, so hold onto the precious people in your life because you never know when they'll be gone. Thank you Aurora for this beautiful song. You captured the feeling of love so well ♥
Ballemons Před 2 dny
Now your words, and her voice, made me cry al little as well
José Concepción
José Concepción Před 6 dny
0% Nude 0% Drugs 0% violence 10000000% art, masterprice, a God.
Alexis Martínez
Alexis Martínez Před 6 dny
I like the song but I don't like the aurora style she can look more cute than in this video
Anoushka Paul
Anoushka Paul Před 6 dny
Are there people who can relate to this song? If yes, then I'd I'd like to be one of those people......
a username i guess
a username i guess Před 6 dny
Messy Před 6 dny
Period queen
Igor Freitas
Igor Freitas Před 6 dny
Ellie Crewe
Ellie Crewe Před 6 dny
This voice is very very relaxing, wish I had this kind of voice. Really Calm the way say sing😘🤩
Anna Před 6 dny
isso é tão lindo, Aurora🥺 obrigada por isso💕🌻
Perniferent Před 6 dny
The Kate Bush vibes are so real. And still you are so unique. I love this.
JP Před 6 dny
3 hours of bliss from no where
Justine cresswell
Justine cresswell Před 6 dny
i could listen to any of your songs on repeat forever and never get tired
johnnyfoxy Před 6 dny
I love Aurora, and I love her references to Leonard Cohen, 'There is a War' and the leaning out for love from 'Suzanne'. I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you both actually.
Jonathan lghths
Jonathan lghths Před 7 dny
mi soul is in peace thanks to aurora
Angel Moreira
Angel Moreira Před 7 dny
que linda, amei a energia
Miros G
Miros G Před 7 dny
There is something wrong with this song........ it ends.
Brynhi1d Před 7 dny
Breath taking.
Stephanie JGlez
Stephanie JGlez Před 7 dny
Ella me causa mucha tranquilidad ❤
SomeRandomDude Před 7 dny
This song makes me wanna cry so much. Its like when you finally accept your loved one's death and reminiscences your happiest moments with them
Ap Praveen
Ap Praveen Před 4 dny
I was in poor family da but if u can u can da baby u r my I can tell ..
Ap Praveen
Ap Praveen Před 4 dny
I miss u da if u can reply da
Ap Praveen
Ap Praveen Před 4 dny
Pappa I luv u da ne mattum India la stay na what ever promblem I will marry u da that I miss u da if u can reply da WhatsApp 8270495531da
Feather1916 Před 4 dny
My dad died of opioid overdose recently... I was more of his parent than he was mine at times... I was his first child of 5, he always told me that the day I was born his life changed and I was the best thing that ever happened to him... I definitely cried when I heard this, it does remind me of how he felt about me...
Royston Dutton
Royston Dutton Před 7 dny
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma Před 7 dny
Her voice is sooo innocent and genuine
Domnick Pierre
Domnick Pierre Před 7 dny
I missing a Black guy in this video. Blond white girl without Black guy? Sry that's Video is a fail for psychological indoctrination.
Jinsoo Star
Jinsoo Star Před 7 dny
and im feeling me like... are you a Mermaid?
neil figures
neil figures Před 7 dny
Call him
Ariel Carrizo
Ariel Carrizo Před 7 dny
La amo, es como un angel sobre la tierra, tiene la voz de un hada.... lastima que no tiene tantos vistos T.T....
faty sabbar
faty sabbar Před 8 dny
she kind of reminds me of daisy from the great gatsby
Holanda Lawrence
Holanda Lawrence Před 8 dny
❤ Beautiful.
K A S S I XoXo
K A S S I XoXo Před 8 dny
Makes me miss Bjork.
Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia Před 8 dny
I love it so much!!!
ekawA yatS
ekawA yatS Před 8 dny
This is 420 lol
Mona Lisa kinda Lisa
This song seems like desiny movie ost.
Fer Campos
Fer Campos Před 8 dny
Love is God, Love is Jesus
yen At
yen At Před 8 dny
How lovely
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