Audi e-tron GT 2021 - PRODUCTION PLANT in Germany (This is how it's made)

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Taking a look at the official Audi footage of the production plant where the new Audi e-tron GT is made! As you can see, the factory is very modern and there is lot of technology here.

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The e-tron GT is the first fully electric car from Audi to be built in Germany. It rolls off the line in the Audi Böllinger Höfe at the Neckarsulm site. The small-series production facility there has been expanded and converted for its new role. The skilled craftsmanship of the previous facility has been supplemented by digital processes and smart technologies. During the expansion, production planners made use of new virtual methods. Production of the e-tron GT was designed without physical prototypes - a first at Audi.

The body shop combines the skilled craftsmanship of the employees with the full potential of automated production technology. It consists of an innovative body assembly line along which each body passes twice. It is constructed around what is called the two-way framer, in which ten robots are used to attach the inside and outside. It combines all manufacturing steps for joining the side panels in a single system - thus making production of the Audi e-tron GT possible on the existing floorspace. What is known as the correlation-free inline measuring procedure for the bodies is also new. It guarantees even greater accuracy and can respond very quickly to minute deviations. At the end of the body assembly line is where precise craftsmanship comes into play: Experienced workers fit the add-on parts and check the completed body.

The e-tron GT shares the assembly line with the Audi R8 high-performance sports car - this integration of two technically completely different cars is unique in the Volkswagen Group. The expanded assembly line includes 36 instead of the previous 16 cycles. Both models are moved using the same driverless transport vehicles and an electrically powered monorail system, with humans and robots working side by side at one station of the line. Once completed, every car is driven for 40 kilometers (24.9 mi) on public roads, which also includes sections on the highway and in urban traffic.

The production of the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT in the Böllinger Höfe is carbon-neutral. Just like at the entire Neckarsulm site, production uses 100 percent eco-electricity, with a combined heat and power plant fired with biogas providing the necessary heat for the Böllinger Höfe. Emissions that cannot yet be avoided are compensated with carbon credits from certified climate protection projects.

Audi also relies on resource-conserving vehicle manufacturing. This way, production at the Böllinger Höfe avoids the use of paper and packaging and uses closed-loop systems, for example. The aluminum sheet waste that accumulates in the press shop, for example during the production of the side wall frame, is returned to the supplier, where it is reconditioned and then reused at Audi. Audi has launched a pilot project for plastic recycling. Plastic waste is processed into fibers, and these filaments are then used in 3D printers to manufacture tools for the production process.

RELEASE DATE \u0026 PRICE: In February of 2021, presales of two versions of the fully electric gran turismo will start in Europe: as an Audi e-tron GT quattro with a base price of EUR 99,800 and as an RS e-tron quattro from EUR 138,200.

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Ce dracu face ala da chit????
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Scheiß Elektro Auto. Benzin und Diesel und BARGELD MUSS BLEIBEN. E.N.D.E
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1000 drones lost in the making! 😎
CasperXD military  power comparison
good job
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terminatör filmi izlemiş gibiyim..
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Danke sooonn türkiye
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How many do they produce in one day?
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look at "étron" in french we're not going to see many of them driving in France
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Подарите срочно мне такую машину PLEASE !!!
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La fábrica tiene mucha tecnología, como algunas docenas de otros de la industria del automóvil o de automatización. Este modelo, al igual que muchos otros del mismo nivel, producidos en Europa son una montaña de plástico y utilizan materiales mediocres. Ejemplo de ello es el RS6 Avant que ya he tenido la oportunidad de conducir. En Portugal comienza en 165000 euros, no muy lejos de lo que sucede aquí en España. Este precio es absurdo y sólo ocurre para poder pagar a la mano de obra alemana, muy poco competitiva, dado que hay muchos de los componentes fabricados fuera de Europa. La mayoría de las fábricas del grupo se dedican al montaje y no a la fabricación, como sucede en Autoeuropa en Portugal. Por el contrario sugiero que vean construcción de base (verdadera fabricación) de automóviles en nombre de la reconversión o restauración realizados en el atelier/fábrica de Dave Kindig, en los EE.UU., en Salt Lake City, en el Estado de Utah. Que va desde el chasis a la restauración recomposición de las carrocerías a la reconversión de los interiores por alta costura. Vehículos que se montan y desmontan al menos dos veces. Busquen y vean el riguroso trabajo de chapa y pintura y de la creatividad que alimenta a estas personas que se entregan a cada proyecto entre los 8 y los 12 meses.
Jose Pignatelli
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A fábrica tem muito tecnologia, como algumas dezenas de outras da indústria automóvel ou de automação. Este modelo à semelhança de muitos outros do mesmo nível, produzidos na Europa são uma montanha de plástico e utilizam materiais mediocres. Exemplo disso o RS6 Avant que já tive a oportunidade de conduzir. Em Portugal começa nos 165.000 euros, não muito distante do que sucede aqui em Espanha. Este preço é um absurdo e só acontece para poder pagar a mão-de-obra alemã, muito pouco competitiva, atendendo a que existem muitos dos componentes fabricados fora da Europa. A maioria das fábricas do grupo dedicam-se à montagem e não ao fabrico, tal como sucede na AutoEuropa em Portugal. Por contraste sugiro que vejam construção de base (verdadeira fabricação) de automóveis em nome da reconversão ou restauração realizados no atelier/fábrica de Dave Kindig, nos EE.UU., em Salt Lake City, no Estado do Utah. Que vai desde o chassis ao restauro recomposição das carroçarias á reconversão dos interiores por alta-costura. Veículos que são montados e desmontados pelo menos duas vezes. Procurem e vejam o rigoroso trabalho de chapa e pintura e da criatividade que alimenta estas pessoas que se entregam a cada projecto entre os 8 e os 12 meses.
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Fewer and fewer people are needed to produce products, so there are fewer and fewer jobs left. The unemployed will no longer be able to buy products. The crises will get worse. This is the impasse of capitalism. Only socialism and the construction of communism will solve the problem. Всё меньше и меньше людей требуется для производства продукции, поэтому рабочих мест остается все меньше. Покупать продукцию безработные уже не смогут. Кризисы будут усиливаться. Это тупик капитализма. Проблему решит только социализм и построение коммунизма.
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Who is Tesla???
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they dont make them to last
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а почему чел проверял в конце? что, не уверены в качестве? ДИЗ мильёны за тако гоно еще платить.....
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Великая Германия
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This is AUDI, no fiat 😂😂😂
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"производственный завод"- незабываемо
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Супер современно. Роботизации в жизнь
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I love hand Made...Made by soul...
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When I watch these automated production videos, I always try to go into the minds of the designers and programmers of these robots. Very sophisticated processes. No room for error, everything here must be on the dot... 👏👏👏
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@Esteban Posada Duque Your click bait bro... Very smart. Great song
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.... despite " no errors " ... get destroyed like any car in a car crush ....csvid.net/video/video-R-ZdCS0dpus.html
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В скрепной как из атоваза машина рожается, то ее уже сразу надо в сервис вести на ремонт! Все делается бухими ручками наших аликов...
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Unfortunately it doesn't show how it's made. That drone camera is very annoying.
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Ruan boleh tanya satu tahin berapa hasil mobil audi yang dipsarkan ke selurih dinia ? Ini tanya apakah penggusahayang memiliki pabrik mobil atau milik negara atau milik penggusaha besar yang biasanya duit terlalubanyak sehingga kerjanya hanya memvuat kabaikan dalam bentuk moril atau moral atau sejenis missionaris atau dalam bentuk sosial atau dala. Bentuk kemanusian seperti who atau berbentuk rasa peduli cinta sesqma manusia tanpa memandang berada dinegara mana dan dilahirkan dinegara mana saja seberapa lamanya saya harus menunggu gaji yang dijanjikan kepada tuan tuan dan bos apakh say hqrus menanggubg perlakuan yang diberlakukan antara penggusah dan pekekerja yang orang cina yang ker sebenarnya yang.mana dan ada berapa orqng atau penggush mau bekerja yang mempunyai duit atau modal uaha yang besar atau menenggah atau yang sudah lama jadi penggusaha? Tuan hidup ini ngak lama tuan janggan sia sia kan orang eropa dan janggan membicarkan atau menjanjikan denggan kata kata yang melibatkan orang banyak tuan saya orang cina tapi banggsanya oramg cina yang kaya raya tidak memandang dan peduli saya sebagai orang cina mereka kasar dan kejam mereka juga ngak ada rasa peduli sebenarnya kerjanya tua buntuk berapa penggusaha yang ada diindonesia atu eropa atau asia atau seluruh permukaan bumi ? Tuan mohob kabar nya dan tuan mohon bertanya bukanlah suatu ejekan apakah saya bersalah sama tuan lhok kok tanggan saya belum sembuh sekian puluh tahun kenapa saya kerja disakiti sampai jatuh sakit muntah darah tidak ada satu penggusaha yang beranggung jawab mereka tauya terima gaji atau kaya mendadak bagaikan tidak ada tuhan di bumi ini tuan please saya bertanya dan sampaikan ini kepad bos yang mana ? saya tidak ngerti tuan?
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1:00 Máquina fazendo máquina !..
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первый раз в жизни мне захотелось не Audi e-tron GT а работать на такой работе с такой техникой и апаратурой
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Kaudi E srom .
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All these are shows ,one progress of humanity (for the mass of peoples).But in reality it is not. It is an “illusion”....
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I like Audi. Nice video!
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Feel The Rhythm Of KMH !
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Why isn't it 100% Autonomous? We need Industrial Revolution 5.0 now.. no humans at work please! World Economic Forum makes it happen.. see their website!
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I want to work here Plz.
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boyuf gibi
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a piece of electric shit for horrific nonsense money
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Русофобия в каждом кадре.
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короче это все мои тачки, -Артём 30 лет без работы и мечты.
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Ну это результат того что каждый относился с ответственностью к своей работе.. конструктора внедряли что то новое , улучшалось качество ! Это не как у нас - сильно дорого надо удешивить конструкцию , ай да и так сойдет , да пошгли они слушать их отзовы покупают же..! вот так вот были и погублены заводы - ЗИЛ, МОСКВИЧ, Ну и автомобиль ВОЛГА! Вместо того что бы качество повысить мы его наоборот уничтожали !
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Вот на таком производстве можно работать)
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живут же люди
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Хотябы хотелбы б/у машину а6с4
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дайте мне такую тачку )))
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an e-car is a ticking time bomb. costs a lot of money and is unprofitable in terms of mileage, so it is wasted money.
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deutschland = Diesel
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Made in Germany 🇩🇪🤔👌🏻
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Lots of comments from all sides of the world! Good luck to everyone. Regards
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Nice video,thanks :)
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Приоры и Нексии тоже ничего, особенно в чёрном цвете.
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O cara que tá controlando esse drone merece um Oscar de pilotagem pqp kkk
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Мою тачку собирают. Скоро увидимся малышка.
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Paintwork on arch @ 24:49 not looking great. Looks like a bit of orange peel effect going on
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Ten zaklad znajduje sie koło mego miasta niedaleko strasznie potężny
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In einigen Jahren oder Jahrzehnten werden die Leute erstaunt sein, warum alle Leute im Video Schutzmasken tragen....
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