ATS v1.37 - Open Beta (Walking Camera, Openable Windows, New Sounds, New Trailer)

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Open Beta 1.37 for American Truck Simulator quick overview of new features and content added.
In this update a major overhaul has began on sound for both ATS and ETS2. With just a beta release we can see and hear an amazing improvements in sound! It gives world a more a live feeling.
Of course this is just a start but hopefully by the time and updates it will get better and better.
Also highly requested feature by community to open windows in truck has been released and it is AwEsoMe! Combined with new sounds it make playing more joyful.
As well we see a new mode being presented a walking camera but only limited to the customization shops so hopefully in the near feature we might be able to get out the truck and just do what normal trucker would do.
1.37 Main Features:
- Food trailer (ownable)
- Openable windows on all trucks
- FMOD implementation with all existing sounds and few improvements
- Walking camera in truck or trailer configuration screen (plus new garage scene)
- AI movement and sound behavior improved (featuring FMOD)
- New engine sound for Kenworth T680
- Paintjobs for bulk feed and hopper trailers
More about the update
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Steering Wheel: amzn.to/2I4vPEo
Tobii Eye Tracker: amzn.to/3891tei
Get the ATS: amzn.to/2T4Eyga
GPU: amzn.to/387MBNs
CPU: amzn.to/32DLUu3
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American truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game developed and published by SCS Software for Microsoft Windows.
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Komentáře 80
ashtonandad gaming
ashtonandad gaming Před 8 hodinami
Should add where your truck gets dirty after driving so much then you can take it to a truck wash like blue beacon or wash it manually
jgpro Před 16 hodinami
Anyone know when this update will be available for VR users?
Jon Falkenburg
Jon Falkenburg Před 3 dny
One question, how do I go into walking cam? Also, is it only available in the garage?
TGM Před 3 dny
Walking camera is only available in garage shop. It can be activated by pressing on walking camera button
Ghost GamerX
Ghost GamerX Před 4 dny
I am curious what happens when you drive in rain and the windows are open
Devone Foster
Devone Foster Před 4 dny
When is the update coming out?
Rick Lee
Rick Lee Před 10 dny
Does that mean my ass will get wet when I forget to close the window and its raining? 😁 That Kenworth engine sounds like a jackhammer - gonna drive me nuts.
Julian Quah
Julian Quah Před 10 dny
Kind of wish you had a hunger bar of some sort and had to get down to buy some food
vin esh
vin esh Před 12 dny
You are driving with mouse with pedals so easily. I'm struggling with that. Can you tell me if you are using any tricks.
Jeremy Roberts
Jeremy Roberts Před 16 dny
Anyone know any good ats specs for 500$?
GlowBat Před 17 dny
Walking cam opens up so much for role play. so immersive
School bus 707
School bus 707 Před 18 dny
Does the gear shift move when shifted in the game
Jiero761 Před 18 dny
driving in the left lane like a dick
Juppie902 Před 21 dnem
next up: pay taxes per truck your company owns, also per trailer, and land taxes for garages, with different countries having different tax rates pay income tax every X time in the country your main garage is at clickable cockpit, with working air conditioning and radio player
BenYouCrazy Před 23 dny
what about ETS any update for it ????
Air horn still sounds stupid
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Před 25 dny
9:40 : Maybe if you'd actually release a multiplayer...
Anto SWiFT
Anto SWiFT Před 25 dny
if they add the get out off truck and close the door and another things i dont needed ETS3
Mic Spam God
Mic Spam God Před 25 dny
Yeah and where is the smoke stack smoke? There’s no smoke!!
ryder laplante
ryder laplante Před 26 dny
Finally I’m not breaking the glass every time i look at my trailer from the truck 😂
NxthxnTBX08 Před 26 dny
I have always wanted for you guys to add openable windows, so glad it’s finally here but I no longer have a working pc 😢
Credelle Před 26 dny
Thats it boys, we are one step closer to havig the feature to leave our trucks
Daniele Matteoli
Daniele Matteoli Před 26 dny
Audio in this game is orrible, using fmod not better
Omar the Atheist Aziz
Is this a mod or dlc
Omar the Atheist Aziz
@木村努 i couldn't roll down the windows, in ATS...i dont really play ATS, but more ETS2, will this feature come to ETS2?
木村努 Před 23 dny
update not DLC and mods.
Shivam Narolia
Shivam Narolia Před 26 dny
I dont like new sounds of trucks All truck sounds are changed why plz bring old sound back
Ani Budiarti
Ani Budiarti Před 27 dny
Daniel Crouch
Daniel Crouch Před 27 dny
they need to make the gear shifter move inside the truck while ur shifting gears
ApexDevil Před 27 dny
And now only the option to get in and out the truck everywhere you whant and walk around and were golden
Jacob Rendall
Jacob Rendall Před 27 dny
One day they will add the ability to leave the truck and your character will flop out all sweaty and crawl to the nearest shower and get food at the nearest diner because of how long they've been inside the truck.
Rob Murray
Rob Murray Před 27 dny
I am SO disappointed that a feature I've wanted in ATS since launch, the ability to get out & walk around your truck has been limited to the Garage.
Bronstantine Před 27 dny
Lets do a short drive. People start dissapearing.
General James Spencer
big deal it's not on Xbox I have it on PC and do not like playing on PC that just me
木村努 Před 23 dny
Cooker Cook
Cooker Cook Před 27 dny
Will this be available on ETS 2?
TGM Před 27 dny
Hopefully yes
Bored Před 27 dny
2 years later - you can steal other vehicles - you can buy weapons
Sven Pfeifer
Sven Pfeifer Před dnem
yeag the gta 10
THE BLUE GUY Před 28 dny
Other Games : Here is an entire change in Handling,Newer better Graphics... ATS : OOOOOOOOO WINDOWSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! jk I love ATS
Ez Skreet
Ez Skreet Před 28 dny
This is a thing ? This game is popular?
The Rap Game
The Rap Game Před 28 dny
Prevost Klaus
Prevost Klaus Před 28 dny
What a crazy word, OPENABLE
Mirka Yech
Mirka Yech Před 28 dny
3:46 owndable
Claude Charland
Claude Charland Před 28 dny
how can i open 1.37 beta
木村努 Před 23 dny
Buy games before you want to try.
Claude Charland
Claude Charland Před 28 dny
just put your lights on
Xanar Před 28 dny
Please: We need walk-mode outside the garage, so you can leave your truck anytime
axeldal Před 28 dny
I would be so happy if just the truck got dirtier as you drive it. Let me clean it once and a while and have that mileage accomplishment feeling.
Eduardo B. R.
Eduardo B. R. Před 28 dny
About freaking time, i never understood what is so god damn hard about making a camera move :-\ no one is asking for a full player model, etc....just let us be free \o/ i want to go along with some one else in their truck :P
Anuel Perez
Anuel Perez Před 28 dny
i wish they add the mud guards movement,,smoke,,tires weight and the bouncing of the truck will be nice.👍
DangerNoodle Před 28 dny
You can open windows... I gotta say I'd rather have exhaust smoke and more job types rather than A to B pull the trailer, it's like the designers of ATS/ETS have never even seen how trucks operate, it's only a small percentage that do long distance haulage - most truck based jobs are recovery, rollon-rolloff, skips, multidrop stuff. But none of that is implemented in the games at all. They got roadworks and breakdowns but no jobs for hauling gravel to building sights and tipping it or recovering vehicles and taking them to mechanics yards. But yeah, we get windows that open....
Andrew Warner
Andrew Warner Před 28 dny
Need a better business model. Where are you can send your employees where you want and have them pick up whatever products you want them to.
Tyler Wuensch
Tyler Wuensch Před 28 dny
Should get this game on xbox one bc I would buy it and play it all the time
木村努 Před 23 dny
Quack The Quack Head
in ets2 this is too?
Stew Před 29 dny
I use to pull food grade with Foodliner. There are no baffles in food grade trailers, I wonder if they are going to simulate the surge? Only time I ever up shifted going up a hill from the surge coming forward.
Bailey Jones
Bailey Jones Před 29 dny
When you let off the gas, the engine sound cuts almost completely off, just sound really weird and not right.
Mic Spam God
Mic Spam God Před 25 dny
Bailey Jones tru
Igor Varadi
Igor Varadi Před 29 dny
Opening windows is realy important, realy, realy. And AI can stand still as dumb as five years ago. Hey SCS Software, wake up.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 29 dny
learn how to use blinkers properly
V Před 29 dny
When will be possible to press buttons or switches on the dashboard with the mouse?
A.G. Před 29 dny
If I can walk around outside in VR, that would be awesome.
Hate IQ Email strangeattractor2000 AT gmail DOT com
I wonder how many pounds people gain playing this.
TheNobleJerk Před měsícem
To me, the engine sounds are worse than before. I like everything else though.
876 Trucking
876 Trucking Před měsícem
Ohhh my God this is so realistic !
876 Trucking
876 Trucking Před měsícem
So awesome! !!!!!!!
mark spannar
mark spannar Před měsícem
Smh 9 out of 10 times the window is operated by air not electric. .
Altair Macmanus
Altair Macmanus Před měsícem
If you guys know any others trucking multiplayer is out there please hit me up I would like to know because truckers MP is a bunch of bullshit their admin’s are fully corrupt and there’s nothing we can do about it
starfield2 Před měsícem
Hopefully one day it will be possible to handle those trailercables,refuel and manage the truck as in real life.
sloppy Sloopy
sloppy Sloopy Před měsícem
Ets please do the same.
:3 FiKo :3
:3 FiKo :3 Před měsícem
2030 new update free walking
DRPGPLAY Před měsícem
I can't wait for this news to arrive at the ETS2! It's amazing!
Blair W
Blair W Před měsícem
How do I get those fly around scenes? Like using a drone? Thanks in advance.
Rich Ass
Rich Ass Před měsícem
What graphic pack r u using
Severexx Před měsícem
The walking feature looks cool but it looks like your character is 10 ft tall standing next to that truck.
Divergents Před měsícem
Such details can change the whole experience!
w0bbl3r Před měsícem
Has this not been added to ETS2?
Nick Nice
Nick Nice Před měsícem
The walking ordeal is sweet. Can go buy a 8Ball behind the gas station!! Yay!
Royal Cat
Royal Cat Před měsícem
Only wait until you get realism into your face. So you gonna be like "Oh, delivery from San Francisco to Chicago! No problem, I can do it within 2 hours :D" BOOM! Check if your truck has oil, water, fuel. If it's dirty, you gotta go wash it, so your license plates are visible. Your windows need cleaning. Going through Nevada and Utah makes your character overheating and thus you're sweating. That makes you tired faster, so instead of 12 hours of driving, you're able to drive only 6 hours. You need to wash yourself in nearest motel. If no motel, then you're gonna stop every 6 hours to sleep. Engine can overheat if temperature gets too high and you have to make breakes every few hours. Winter - everything is slippery and your character can get cold or flu, decreasing your durability to, again, 6 hours, but you can't increase it, until you get healthy again. Overall, great new stuff :D I love that tank trailer, was waiting for it so long
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Před 28 dny
@M16music dad drove for music tours cross country we went from like TN to Cali and then up to Detroit (had to let someone else do some of the route cuz I didn't have passport to go into Canada at the time) then to Buffalo NY within a week or so if I remember correctly lol (Was carrying stuff for the Motley Crew final tour at the time)
M16music Před 28 dny
@Grim Reaper Your dad (and you if you wanna drive trucks) are a special breed man. I drove from PA to ABQ NM and it took m almost a week.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Před 29 dny
been through Nevada in a truck with my dad cross country and there's this thing I assume most modern trucks have called an Air Conditioner. and the heat isn't that bad, the states don't even take that long to go through, it only takes about 26 hours to drive from Dallas Texas through New Mexico and Arizona to get to San Francisco California so unless you don't know how to buy enough for the trip or you have bladder problems you really shouldn't need to stop very often across states
M16music Před měsícem
I like the sound if that
soulrebel Před měsícem
will these new thing come to ETS to ?
soulrebel Před měsícem
@TGM ok thanks
TGM Před měsícem
Kasepta Před měsícem
we need more realistic features
Endy Bear
Endy Bear Před měsícem
yay I cant wait to play this in the multiplayer "mod" to be banned by a manchild of an admin by having an "accident" that wasn't even something serious such as a tiny bump or having the winter mod on and not being able to stop on a sharp turn coz they never take facts or the other persons view csvid.net/video/video-IjRnTW2AAE0.html other then that must be good in single player but they lost my respect.
Its_Me_Romano _
Its_Me_Romano _ Před měsícem
if only you could actually see the windscreens on your trucks
BrackynMor Před měsícem
I can't help but imagine there's some guy in real life sat in a truck winding the windows up and down, stop starting the engine and randomly sounding the horn.
Didi Abdillah
Didi Abdillah Před měsícem
i hope this update features in ETS too
Stringbean Před měsícem
I'm not sure I'm happy with the way the walking outside in the garage is if that's how it looks. You can already do this by simply pressing the keys 0, which places you outside of the truck and then numbers 9, 8 e.t.c to move about outside.
JohnnyBoythePilot Před měsícem
Being stuck on 1.35 beta hurts even more now... :(
Jamoy Staple
Jamoy Staple Před měsícem
More chassis option for the truck.....they used to have so many in the previous versions but the same keeping coming back
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