ATS | Open Beta 1.37 - FMOD New Sound Engine (Not a Mod)

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American Truck Simulator
Quick Sound Comparison between current version 1.36 and Open Beta 1.37
FMOD implementation with all existing sounds and few improvements
Openable windows on all trucks
AI movement and sound behavior improved (featuring FMOD)
Walking camera in truck or trailer configuration screen (plus new garage scene)
Food tank trailer (ownable)
Paintjobs for bulk feed and hopper trailers (including the content of Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack and Halloween Paint Jobs Pack DLCs)





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Martion Před 3 dny
Wow :O
Leno Garthzber
Leno Garthzber Před 7 dny
Nothing changed. Only stronger sounds.
876 Trucking
876 Trucking Před 25 dny
They forgot 1 thing that's tint
purpose Před měsícem
I wish that with these car sounds they would reflect that actual car or something...Like Chargers don't sound like a fuckin Corolla, the damn International engine doesn't sound like a bitch, and a fuckin Tundra or whatever truck that is isn't that fuckin loud on a base lookin model. It makes me happy they are putting in effort to change the sound engine cuz it was already trash on realism. But this isn't really in improvement to me just sounds a lil more surround sound like. Idk maybe its just me but regardless of this being in an open beta and having a great mod community this is a horrible start to changing a sound engine. I know I couldn't do what they can regardless but come on SCS, ATS and ETS2 have been out for too long especially ETS2 for this bs...but again maybe its just me.
zach071591 Před měsícem
I love ATS a lot and have hundreds of hours into it, but SCS cannot make sounds to save their lives. If it wasn’t for mods, they’d be terrible.
Dave Milligan
Dave Milligan Před 19 dny
@02091992able Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that. Happy hauling.
02091992able Před 19 dny
@Dave Milligan Just wait until it gets released then most of your mods the creators will update them. I contacted a few of the ones that made the mods that I use and they said they would update after it is released. Some of the truck mods the creators updated them already.
Dave Milligan
Dave Milligan Před 19 dny
I SO AGREE WITH YOU !! And the new 1.37 screwed so many of my mods, I went back with my saved files from 1.36. I will never update to 1.37 again. SCS needs their heads examined ! I found some really great finished map mods for Idaho and Wyoming that I am using with 1.36. The hell with buying maps from SCS anymore.
876 Trucking
876 Trucking Před 25 dny
02091992able Před 26 dny
They all pretty much sound the same is one of the issues. People that have been around American trucks know the different brands of engines do not sound the same. A CAT does not sound the same as a Detroit or a Cummins or a Paccar engine. Then not every engine by the same brand sounds the same either. Jake brakes mostly sound the same some may be deeper sounding and some quieter because most engines use the same brand of Jake brake and comes down to the exhaust system design rather than the brake. Well unless its a Mack engine which use Dynatards and older CATs did not come with a Jake brake because they couldn't fit one so they use a Brake Saver which runs off oil pressure, but some aftermarket companies made Jake brakes designed for those engines. Mods do make the game better in terms of engine sounds they could even hire a few of the mod makers to make the sounds for them wouldn't be a bad idea. But of course SCS is European so they can go anywhere and find trucks with the engines they want to record for ETS2. Not a whole lot of American trucks in Europe.
Tymo Spoelman
Tymo Spoelman Před měsícem
When does this come out
Logan Dorsey
Logan Dorsey Před měsícem
About time I always wanted openable windows I can't see with the rain
876 Trucking
876 Trucking Před 25 dny
aceDriver53 Před měsícem
@Nyro yea I know XD
Nyro Před měsícem
Trucks don’t have that, lmao
aceDriver53 Před měsícem
You want to drive in the rain with the windows open? Just buy window wipers for side windows some buses have that in real life were I live :D
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