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today we play among us but the impostor is a god and we play with our special roles
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Friends in video

today in among us, we play our impostor is a god. This means he is able to go invisible, teleport, freeze time, morph into anyone, and even drag bodies. This results in insane 999 iq impostor plays. He also has to face off our special crewmate roles such as doctor, sheriff, jester, and even our new mayor role.


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20. 01. 2021





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Socksfor1 Před měsícem
we are like 1k away from 100k! go follow!! bit.ly/2XXpjaj
Darth Maul with legs
What music is at 11:35
Zhask Před měsícem
@Sophia Creates U MONSTER
podgamezz Před měsícem
@ʟᴏᴠɪɪxᴇ bru
ʟᴏᴠɪɪxᴇ Před měsícem
Ok! Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment!
podgamezz Před měsícem
@Kai Wardlow blaze?
Dalya gonsalvis
Dalya gonsalvis Před 2 hodinami
Dalya gonsalvis
Dalya gonsalvis Před 2 hodinami
Dalya gonsalvis
Dalya gonsalvis Před 2 hodinami
Dalya gonsalvis
Dalya gonsalvis Před 2 hodinami
Chicken nugget God
Chicken nugget God Před 5 hodinami
Meme is one of those kids who says your adopted for no reason
GamerzYT Před 6 hodinami
You were playing AmOnG uS dRiP
AGF Phoenix
AGF Phoenix Před 13 hodinami
Meme: What'd I just witness?! Me: You've witnessed a doofus.
AGF Phoenix
AGF Phoenix Před 13 hodinami
3:19 so hilarious
Sultaneeetooo Před 3 dny
DragonSilver EX
DragonSilver EX Před 7 dny
Is tommy Mcbirken?
DragonSilver EX
DragonSilver EX Před 7 dny
Someone plsbtell me
Dalaina Drummer
Dalaina Drummer Před 10 dny
Penguin Craft
Penguin Craft Před 11 dny
Wait...... Is Tommy McBirken?
T REX Před 13 dny
Brandon Mazariego
Brandon Mazariego Před 14 dny
In the video the music of the video is among got drip 0:33
Jace Cee
Jace Cee Před 15 dny
Give the sheriff a gun
Caden Rose
Caden Rose Před 17 dny
Laff abuse
XD Sharp_jet
XD Sharp_jet Před 17 dny
Can u do this with 100 players with few mods?
XD Sharp_jet
XD Sharp_jet Před 17 dny
Like a live stream
erica gomez
erica gomez Před 17 dny
Scarlett Anstie
Scarlett Anstie Před 20 dny
Hi socks! I really wanna play with you on amount us pleeeeaaaassseeeeeee
Red SuS
Red SuS Před 21 dnem
11:17 was the best part of video ever
Polandball1138 Před 22 dny
Nobody: Joker: 7:09
damien valdez
damien valdez Před 25 dny
I like to gesture
Michal Painta
Michal Painta Před 27 dny
Number one laugh
Michal Painta
Michal Painta Před 27 dny
7:08 btw
Xx_. Chizzerrain ._xX
9:51 I love when socks turns to meme and then wins and meme goes “eyyy look I won I won” 😂
Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch
Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch Před měsícem
Socks *telports to reactor* MEME: AYO-
Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch
@Groudon XD
Groudon Před 16 dny
Carl neo
Carl neo Před měsícem
11:33 It was...FatMemeGod all along! MemeGod: *HEY!! DELETE THIS! DELETE THIS! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! NO NO NO NO!!! DELETE IT!! DELETE IT!! please...* Some random guy: *B R U H*
Giraffe Před měsícem
How bout the doctor
Trey Wateon
Trey Wateon Před měsícem
Trey Wateon
Trey Wateon Před měsícem
I seen your drawing into a game
Trey Wateon
Trey Wateon Před měsícem
I seen your joining to a game socks
hewo 36
hewo 36 Před měsícem
you should do imp is god + hitman + bazzoka and floor is lava and every role like witch detective jester troll and the other
ZeDC Gaming
ZeDC Gaming Před měsícem
mufin is on my side Kills Mufin
the 1st Alex S
the 1st Alex S Před měsícem
How to install this mod
vishesh kushwaha
vishesh kushwaha Před měsícem
I want this mod
Skulls Playhouse
Skulls Playhouse Před měsícem
You think this is funny laff
Jimmy Scott
Jimmy Scott Před měsícem
No way nigas
Nidaka Pale
Nidaka Pale Před měsícem
What is the name of God mod?
fank dum
fank dum Před měsícem
more like hacker role
LuvJump Před měsícem
I’m a big big fan can u do a mod where you can spy on people
Tyler Forte
Tyler Forte Před měsícem
Sydierbug Před měsícem
Amber Rose
Amber Rose Před měsícem
Socks can you not do major i dont like that one thank you
Unique Bubble
Unique Bubble Před měsícem
You should do one when you con bind all the moods
Tashinganashe Chigwada
Tashinganashe Chigwada Před měsícem
Wait what that's among us
Five Nights At Sonics Fan channel
I love how memegod is finally the imposter and tbh is like NO and he doesn’t get to use even one move
Himanga K. Baruah
Himanga K. Baruah Před měsícem
7:04 welp that came in by a suprise😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Connoriscool Před měsícem
Epic gamer move
Drag0n1c Před měsícem
3 youtbers we need to see back on the Chanel 1-Shroobz 2-Tenson 3-Gabzito
TerminatorX Před měsícem
Who knew tommy is mcbirken
Ines Naanaa
Ines Naanaa Před měsícem
How do u do mods ?
Raben Před měsícem
11:24 it was at that point, he knew he done goofed up.
aexthetia Před měsícem
when socks said "what do you think im gonna call" and tb said "ghostbusters!" it literally sound so wholesome like tbh saying "you want some saltine crackers?"
david rab
david rab Před měsícem
The aspiring smoke appropriately cheer because silica really chop unto a teeny-tiny passbook. guiltless, well-to-do fortnight
That One Gt Guy
That One Gt Guy Před měsícem
Hey sock give us mpd or i will wear you
jack that as*
jack that as* Před měsícem
The impostor is good there's a story I,m not telling you
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell Před měsícem
7:04 RIP Meme -Self Vote
Theodore Guyse
Theodore Guyse Před měsícem
I love this video it’s so funny
Dino Gamer
Dino Gamer Před měsícem
“Roses are dead” “Violets are dying” “Outside i’M smiling” “But inside i’M crying” i just wish pepole would notice my content
Dino Gamer
Dino Gamer Před měsícem
@*•{ashley æ chen}•* thx
*•{ashley æ chen}•*
*•{ashley æ chen}•* Před měsícem
I subscribe to you 😊
Mariel Angielyn The Animator
0:01 DBZ Punch 3 (220).mp3 (Just an random animator in Sticknodes lol)
Garry McDougall
Garry McDougall Před měsícem
i know you probly get asked this a lot how do you get the mods you use
zairel 303
zairel 303 Před měsícem
11:32it was never me it was FATMEMEGOD ALL ALONG
irons nicholast
irons nicholast Před měsícem
The internal venezuelan ontogenically rot because chest beverly plug across a skinny passive. perfect, clammy yak
j mollindo
j mollindo Před měsícem
I will stop watching you if don't stop using the roblox kid screaming sound.
andrea nicole
andrea nicole Před 11 dny
Do y'all really think he'll see this? It was posted a month ago. And if you don't like it, don't watch it.
Coconut Head
Coconut Head Před měsícem
Ideas Idea 1: Bomber They do not have a Side, meaning an imposter and crewmate can die from them They have a button they can use once every minute which destroys a room for 20 seconds, making all tasks and vents and anything unavailable, when walking in this room they have a 10% chance to die due to the damage, anyone in the room will die If they get ejected or killed, a button appears for 1 seconds that allows you to do it, except doing it this time will lead to a victory as you blow up the skeld Idea 2: Loner They do not have a Side, meaning an imposter and crewmate can die from them They can sabotage, BUT they have to kill one twice, killing a crewmate fir the first time leads tp them not dying, they see a shadowy figure stab them with a glass shard, Imposters trying to kill him will fail the first time, they will see them reflecting with a glass shard
xXEvelyn WeirdoXx
xXEvelyn WeirdoXx Před měsícem
A m e r I c a
Coolkid Gaming
Coolkid Gaming Před měsícem
What if you did it so all the crew mates were doctors and all imposters are gos
Coolkid Gaming
Coolkid Gaming Před měsícem
jOrDy Před měsícem
Omg this was so funny 😂 But I think you should try this game mode without the crew mates being special roles.. I think it would be fun to have ULTIMATE POWER 🙃
William Afton
William Afton Před měsícem
only people who have the astronaut skin can reply to this comment
bagmations Před měsícem
make a mode where if ur a clown and u die the imposter dies
Christopher Mutsekwa
Christopher Mutsekwa Před měsícem
Add no kill cool down
Baba Před měsícem
am i the only one that hears among drip in the background?
minibus car
minibus car Před měsícem
New idea the imposter god has all the special roles of the crewmate (if the imposter has the doctors power and there imposter friend is taken out by a cowboy they can revive them)
Rat Před měsícem
Where is the troll role i wanna see more of it
Joshua Hinojosa
Joshua Hinojosa Před měsícem
The acrid policeman potentially clear because hand conceivably glue inside a striped roast. interesting, didactic march
socks is adopted?!?!? cool~~
mogielogie gaming
mogielogie gaming Před měsícem
My name is my channel
Someone Secret
Someone Secret Před měsícem
This is an unusually small group
YourMumsChannel Před měsícem
47737373737373 iq move: Become someone Kill someone infront another player as some random person And they will get voted out
Krellyt Před měsícem
Day 4 of telling socks he smells like roses
Gaming Beasts
Gaming Beasts Před měsícem
I have dum idea for mod Fortnite kid can build walls and can shoot every 20 seconds
The SuperSisters
The SuperSisters Před měsícem
Meme: **gets insulted** Also Meme to the "insulter": *You're adopted!!*
Samuel Yeh
Samuel Yeh Před 21 dnem
Meme in a nutshell: UR ADOPTED Nadwe in a nutshell: You stink! Socks in a nutshell: WELLL WELLLL WELLLLLLL Blaza in a nutshell: I have one golden coin Everybody else in a nutshell: aMoNg Us
Aarush Sharma
Aarush Sharma Před měsícem
Golden Sun1
Golden Sun1 Před měsícem
I like tbvg cool person
ismael jeaily
ismael jeaily Před měsícem
1 for socks and socks for 1
Pugless Pug
Pugless Pug Před měsícem
is it just me or is nadwe's character drawing terrifying
ʟᴏᴠɪɪxᴇ Před měsícem
How many subscribers can I get from this comment? I currently have 39!
Jacob Bankert
Jacob Bankert Před měsícem
11:34 what’s the name of that music
andrea nicole
andrea nicole Před 11 dny
Just search up dramatic music. You'll find it somewhere in the category.
KEVIN BUZZ Před měsícem
Thanos role.Among us.The crew has all the special roles and proximity chat.the stones should be around the map dosen't matter what kind but the crew can see them The imposter has no ability until they collect a stone if they collect all the stones then the imp can snap and can see better 30 sac cooldown they can kill more then one person you pick how many. Well let's get into the power the YELLOWSTONE you can make it have either have a life still wean thare dead but they are standing or have them follow you for ten sac 15 sac cooldown the Bluestone makes potols the crew can walk in and get TELEPORTED they can be like vents 10 sac cooldown the purple stone can kill any one on the map but they don't get TELEPORTED 25 sac cooldown red stone makes the crew stop for ten sac or makes the imp transform into anyone 10 cooldown the GREEN stone how will you do this it can rewind,speed up,and stop time25 cooldown I love your videos pls like this comment so he can see it this took a while
Cake Před měsícem
New role: M O N K E throw bananas at the people to slow them down Edit: can also be imposter and M O N K E
Aidan Bowers
Aidan Bowers Před měsícem
I would love to see the infected role game mode mixed with the doctor role game mode
scariest comment
scariest comment Před měsícem
Please how do I download the impostor is a god mod apk
Exploderer Před měsícem
Exploderer Před měsícem
A New Roll Bider
Sean Gaming
Sean Gaming Před měsícem
Day 19 of asking: among us but there is a jester that can turn into different people and a god.
OGtfuee OG clan
OGtfuee OG clan Před měsícem
Why does he call meme god me me he is sooooo stupid
Maria Regmi
Maria Regmi Před měsícem
Hey...lazy He has no tasks at all but if he is killed the impostor would not have any sabotages or vents as their lazy as heck
boss titan
boss titan Před měsícem
This video has all kinds of messes
Hi Před měsícem
Socks: what do you think I'm gonna call? Tbvg: ghostbusters! 🤣
Ninja from among us logic
Dont tell me I played in a lobby with u before
Teddy Bishop
Teddy Bishop Před měsícem
Soooooooooooooooocccccckkkks make a vid of god imposter but they can shoot a gun, blow up with an rpg, a lightsaber and poison Also I think it would be funny if u made it soimposters can teleport other people
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