All Time Greatest AC Milan XI

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Witness my selection of the very best AC Milan squad from the very beginning. Thank you to Heilrj03's video of "The Best XI in World Cup History" for inspiring me to make this one. Enjoy.
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Komentáře 80
La Djumadi
La Djumadi Před 2 hodinami
Knpa tdk ditambah masa pengabdiannya
Madou Sillah
Madou Sillah Před 5 hodinami
2:47 What synchronization LOL
tuber you
tuber you Před 12 hodinami
No George weah ur dizzy
Apollo Brown
Apollo Brown Před 13 hodinami
Its almost impossible to make an AC MILAN team.. 11 team. Maybe only a 23 team..
Cruz illa
Cruz illa Před 16 hodinami
Seriously, no Ruud Gullit?
Irman Suryana
Irman Suryana Před 18 hodinami
4 - 2 - 1 - 3 GK : S. Rossi LB : P. Maldini CB : A.Nesta CB : F. Baresi RB : M. Tassotti MD : D. Albertini MD : A. Pirlo AM : G. Rivera LF : A. Shevchenko CF : G. Nordahl RF : M. Van Basten
1961vanbasten Před dnem
ragazzi che Milan....
Julius O.a
Julius O.a Před dnem
Now we have Kessie, Laxalt and Chalanoglu 🤦‍♂️😭
Michele Vigliotti
Rossi Tassotti Maldini Baresi Nesta Gullit Pirlo Riijkard Dinho Van basten Sheva
Cordeiro Před 2 dny
where is gullit?
ZORO Bbbb Před 3 dny
Zlatan number 12
Al ayubi junior
Al ayubi junior Před 4 dny
Dimetrio albertini...filippo inzahgi andrea pirrlo
1224 fkz
1224 fkz Před 5 dny
This team has so many great players you can make 4 world class teams foreal
Costantino Sanità
Costantino Sanità Před 5 dny
Milan 😘
Arpan Roy
Arpan Roy Před 5 dny
No ronaldinho??😑😑
Arpan Roy
Arpan Roy Před 3 dny
As a player he was 💯
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes Před 3 dny
Arpan Roy Ronaldinho was bad in Milan
Rolly Před 5 dny
Their defenders were so good i didn't even remember this squad had a goalkeeper xD
Matteo Poggi
Matteo Poggi Před 5 dny
Pirlo Gattuso ?
Wa lntana
Wa lntana Před 5 dny
As a milan fan this is such a proud that we can historically make various Milan starting XI that can compete to win every title, but now Milan can't even find XI players to bring them back to UCL.
Jaza457 X
Jaza457 X Před 5 dny
Back when Serie A was the best league in the universe, & AC Milan ruled supreme (the league was jam packed with great teams & super star players)
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm Před 6 dny
its almost impossible to name an all time best XI ...so many great players and different successful eras.
Nebojša SAMOJAKO Před 6 dny
Where is the best, Where is the GENIO,Where is the 10,Where is the SAVICEVIC....Without Him, this is funny
João Atílio
João Atílio Před 6 dny
Pretty sure Gunnar Nordahl should have made the cut instead of Shevchenko
Хвърчил Хвърчилков
Forza .Milan! Noi odiamo Inter ,noi odiamo Juve ..Forza Millan !
John Mckinney.
John Mckinney. Před 6 dny
Van Basten.........what else is there to say?
Roberto Nogueira
Roberto Nogueira Před 7 dny
Que aconteceu com o Milan? Ele precisa voltar a ser um dos grandes da Europa.
Sir Thomas
Sir Thomas Před 7 dny
My team: Sabastiano Rossi Franco Baresi Cesare Maldini A.Costacurta Paolo Maldini Giovanni Trapattoni Frank Rijkaard Gianni Rivera Ricardo Kaká Ruud Gullit Marco Van Basten Coach: Arrigo Sacchi I also like this one: Sebastiano Rossi Franco Baresi Cesare Maldini. Paolo Maldini Frank Rijkaard Gianni Rivera Kaká Ruud Gullit G. Weah G. Nordhal M.Van Basten
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes Před 3 dny
Nesta should Replace Cesare Maldini
abdullah saleh
abdullah saleh Před 7 dny
team without alessandro nesta is a week team
Shane Gallagher
Shane Gallagher Před 8 dny
I do like the defense, that's very good, nobody is getting past them 4
Bahadur Tunio
Bahadur Tunio Před 9 dny
Gulitt would have been a better choice than Kaka
Casey 27
Casey 27 Před 9 dny
For sure Costacurta out... Cafu in
Daniel Zorko
Daniel Zorko Před 9 dny
No Boban?
Adhe Naoki
Adhe Naoki Před 10 dny
Where is pirlo?
Formless 45
Formless 45 Před 10 dny
top 3 club teams ever - This milan team, Ajax 95, and barca 2011 A lot of braindead idiots think some english teams were better than these
Nebojša SAMOJAKO Před 6 dny
1.Crvena zvezda 1990/91 with SAVIĆEVIĆ, Mihajlović, Pančev,Jugović,Belodedić, Prosinečki-best team in football history
Ozil Milano
Ozil Milano Před 11 dny
Forza Milan 🔴⚫
Whois Joe?
Whois Joe? Před 11 dny
Do inter next
AlexCOD Před 11 dny
This is hard to see as a millennial generation fan. Have supported Milan since Ronaldinho came from Barca. The last decade has been a very hard. However, the journey to become what we once was will never end for me as a supporter.
angelo Tancredi
angelo Tancredi Před 11 dny
E Pirlo? Donadoni,Ancelotti,Cafu',Inzaghi, Weha, e tanti altri roba da stropicciarsi gli occhi La storia del calcio passa da qui forza Milan!
Micky Calebro
Micky Calebro Před 11 dny
Kinda sad there's no marco Van Basten, Carlo ancelotti, ruud gullit, Andrea pirlo, savicevic and Roberto donadoni on the list
prantik sarkar
prantik sarkar Před 11 dny
Poulo maldini
prantik sarkar
prantik sarkar Před 11 dny
Carlos Vivanco
Carlos Vivanco Před 13 dny
Y cuenta la leyenda que habia una vez un Señor llamado Franco Baressi, que tenia completamente cerrada su zona en el area y los delanteros mas famosos del mundo chocaban ahi, el mejor A.C. Milan de todos los tiempos
santhanaveerapan Před 13 dny
A list compiled by an amateur
Frederic Dondin
Frederic Dondin Před 13 dny
No way Costacurta was better than Cafú...no way!!!
gurustyleacmilan Před 14 dny
One day Milan will be back ok the top of Europe and rest of the world.It's the greatest team in the world.We only need a president with future for the team.Forza Milan 🔥🔥🔥 🔴⚫
Anshuman Paul
Anshuman Paul Před 14 dny
Why not Rudd Gulit???
Benoh Před 15 dny
Zibi 10
Zibi 10 Před 15 dny
AC Milan z tamtych czasów to była potęgą
Nicoló Pagni
Nicoló Pagni Před 16 dny
at least a half of Fifa icons have played in AC Milan
Oak Citizen
Oak Citizen Před 16 dny
Thumbnail from left to right : Albertini, Gullit, Baresi, Rijkaard, Van Basten
Pedro Jurado
Pedro Jurado Před 16 dny
Maldini or Roberto Carlos??
Ahmed Taymour
Ahmed Taymour Před 17 dny
Where is Ruud Gullit?!!
Muh Salata
Muh Salata Před 17 dny
Legenda andalan. Maldini
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard Před 17 dny
The real galácticos Marco van Basten retired at 28 won everything playing with one foot his first season at Milan he played 3 full games lmao the guy was never fit but my freaking God as an opponent you better pray the guy didn’t turn up fit because he would win games on his own Ask England at euro 88 lmao He won the tournament closing the final with the icing on the cake that majestic volley!!! ball coming from. 30 mitres running forward looking at the ball he smashed it in the far top corner ahahahah 😂 Messi and Ronaldo my ass Take a bow son...take a bow ( cit)
Maurobeade Louzai
Maurobeade Louzai Před 19 dny
Dejar a Ruud Gullit fuera del 11 Histórico del Milan ??? El que hizo el vídeo no entiende mucho .
Selina Gallucci
Selina Gallucci Před 19 dny
Il Milan di una Volta solo tre stranieri buoni e il resto italiani.quando vedo queste partire mi vengono le macromedia,come mai e successo questo.peccato peccato,troppo stranieri rovinano il nostro calcio e voi le tifate
AHMAD IJUDIN Před 22 dny
Song title please...
Adriano Milano
Adriano Milano Před 22 dny
La più forte squadra di tutti i tempi!ha vinto tutto 5 volte !!!!
maung ciakna
maung ciakna Před 24 dny
Rb = Cafu or Tassotti.... then you choose Seedorf over Pirlo or Gullit? hemm unique taste
spices house
spices house Před 24 dny
Where is Gullit?
Hoedaya poernama
Hoedaya poernama Před 25 dny
Maldini. #Acmilan
James Williams
James Williams Před 27 dny
GK - Buffon CB - Nesta CB - Baresi RB - Tassotti LB - Maldini DM - Rijkaard CM - Pirlo CM - Liedholm AM - Rivera CF - Gullit CF - van Basten
Nebojša SAMOJAKO Před 6 dny
Ed the Sock
Ed the Sock Před 27 dny
Seedorf would NOT get in an all-time Milan 11.
khairul shah
khairul shah Před 28 dny
marco van basten
mall440 Před 28 dny
Tassotti o Cafu a destra al posto di Costacurta. E Pirlo insieme a Rjikaard . Il resto è solo amore incondizionato.
82 Dc
82 Dc Před 29 dny
Christian Pannuci should be Right back
Pertama Kedua
Pertama Kedua Před 29 dny
Lol, rossi.. But, what can I say, Milan never really had a legendary keeper ... * I think dida is still better than Rossi, but Rossi was indeed more consistent
ilcherry1115 Před 29 dny
the 3rd generation player of Maldini Family is in the team, Milan is recovering toward the best team in the world. Last century Milan went to glory time since one 「Maldini」player joined the team in 60s and 80s…
Novem Pangaribuan
Novem Pangaribuan Před měsícem
And Diego Maradona win league title with Napoli against these team. GOAT.
David G
David G Před 29 dny
Two Times. Diego is D10S
Oussama Haddaar
Oussama Haddaar Před měsícem
Pirlo !!!!!!! Gullit !!!!!!!! Cafu !!!!!!!
Olaf Santos
Olaf Santos Před měsícem
Greatest team ever in football history.
yckim17 Před měsícem
Could you please upload the real madrid one again??
adis adis
adis adis Před měsícem
Right striker Marco....?????
Luca Furlan
Luca Furlan Před měsícem
Schiaffino o Liedolhm al posto di Seedorf, Gullit al posto di Kaka' Nordalh al posto di Sheva gli unici dubbi per chi volesse ricordare anche il passato. Tassotti forse al posto di Billy o Cafu e dico forse. Oppure per i Bobanisti e Donadoniani(come me) cambiare il modulo sempre al posto di Billy
Anisa Lutfiyah
Anisa Lutfiyah Před měsícem
Rossi ia shadow of Zoff & peruzzi on national team. Sad.....
Ewout Geentriangeldus
Ewout Geentriangeldus Před měsícem
As Dutchman I say Maldini and Baresi. I stay at home when the tv shows foodball from Italie here in Holland.
PistolsScaramanga Před měsícem
Nils “il barone” Liedholm and Gunnar Nordahl. Great players from many decades ago, but still worth considering going onto an all-time AC Milan XI (maybe at the cost of Seedorf and Kaka).
Grande #ACMILAN the real Champion of Europe .
Elyar Werifov
Elyar Werifov Před měsícem
terubuk masin
terubuk masin Před měsícem
Costacurta was not a right back. It has to be Cafu
Leonardo Romualdo
Leonardo Romualdo Před měsícem
Are you kidding me, Dida >>> Rossi !
Asef Kalhar
Asef Kalhar Před měsícem
Forza Milan !✌❤
Shahidanwar Baboo
Shahidanwar Baboo Před měsícem
Love for maldini 😘😘😘😘
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