After the Splashdown: NASA & SpaceX Discuss the Return of Astronauts from Space

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Today's #LaunchAmerica mission that brought NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley back to Earth marks the first splashdown of an American crew spacecraft in 45 years. Tune in starting at 4:45 p.m. EDT to hear Administrator Jim Bridenstine and #LaunchAmerica mission experts talk about this milestone in human spaceflight.

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2. 08. 2020





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Vladstuff YT
Vladstuff YT Před 5 dny
I hope I'm young enough to be on the first moon trip :D Go Nasa!
enoughmonster Před 27 dny
The space so magical so much to take in. Even watch it sometimes and enjoy music while I immerse. New rock and legend rock like delta parole, slash, BTS.
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Před 28 dny
Was Bettina nervous? She appeared to be rushing herself. 9:35 Didn't you have a way of letting her know that she couldn't be heard?
rhea chandra
rhea chandra Před 29 dny
GameArtBr Před 29 dny
Fã da nada Queria entender😔
GameArtBr Před 29 dny
Legenda 🇧🇷
Pratheep Anumat
Pratheep Anumat Před měsícem
Okay ขอบคุณ nasa
Adrian Před měsícem
steve stitch thank you NASA, spacex who
SetuGhosh Setu
SetuGhosh Setu Před měsícem
Cihan Sunguray
Cihan Sunguray Před měsícem
Lets go 🙋‍♂️
Jan Drost
Jan Drost Před měsícem
Earth is flat with a dome (firmament) over it! Earth doesn’t move. As God created it! Nobody/ nothing can come in and nobody/ nothing can go out! The sun, moon and stars are only lights in the firmament of the heaven! No planets!
omar abdulkareem
omar abdulkareem Před měsícem
NASA's media is false, because it does not talk about everything. Where do Iraqi scientists ask about Americans?
L.A. F.
L.A. F. Před měsícem
I'm not buying this. I've been watching for four days. Not to mention my entire life with regard to the program. From five, states in America. I worked with Morton Thiokol. Nuf said.
Panya Rerksakunchai
Panya Rerksakunchai Před měsícem
Rui rui which ark why me not understand it will be me ark me ? เพื่อ
Panya Rerksakunchai
Panya Rerksakunchai Před měsícem
Me need it just mobile same a10 Google think with bad do sever in my drives controlling me just design changes be fbi may need projects it could who to it using
Phraggers Před měsícem
Feels like they need someone directing answers better and the audio team maybe need some more rehearsal time, but still super awesome to get these press conferences open to the public!
moorthy R
moorthy R Před měsícem
💚💚💚💚💚🙏🙏🙏 தமிழ்நாடு இந்தியா
I like to do it myself - Paweł Wiloch
... oby wszystko dla dobra całej ludzkości i dla całego dobra ziemi !!!
Tom Před měsícem
Really like Jim's last bit on NASA-SpaceX cooperation. Extremely well summarized on the innovation/requirements bits ~minute 58.
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo Před měsícem
try now to think in galactic terms ... what has focused on this seemingly insignificant planet, compared to the galaxy, but in fact, currently, it is a cosmic nuclear mine ... with bacteriological weapons, viruses and chemical weapons ... with powder kegs of drugs that if it starts to levitate due to excess of radon ... hundreds of active reactors (442 nuclear plants) take off in space, virus bacteria and chemical weapons ditto ... with the quantity of accumulated drugs we drug half a galaxy ... can you hear us now then I hear the usual idiotic proposals to colonize the moon Mars or I don't know what and leave a nuclear mine like it was done with the planet earth at the mercy of what? goodby and then?
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
Astronot Doug accidently "EXPOSES HIMSELF" on ISS in video "Flat Earth Floating with wires and Harnesses"on youtube at 1:11
rd105 964
rd105 964 Před měsícem
bob smith
bob smith Před měsícem
You can all go to space. Take nDMT
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
this looks like a good spot for a flouride Koolaid stand
John X
John X Před měsícem
So.what if the Publix c was there. We pay for.alot of these excursions...The boats there did obey and stepped back when asked to...why shouldn't the public be there.
Sukacita Yeremia
Sukacita Yeremia Před měsícem
Has anyone mentioned how fire the music is during the intro? I want the sauce...
Lian T
Lian T Před měsícem
25:32 I am curious a bout "Area 59". Can somebody do a tour video?
Jold Webb
Jold Webb Před měsícem
Whoever did the audio this is almost painful. IDK if the compression or that gate but something is making very harsh changes in volume when people start speaking. :/
Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias Před měsícem
Como está minha casinha em Marte ?
jondrew55 Před měsícem
My pride and excitement about their achievement takes a dump every time I see them in those goofy Buzz Lightyear space suits
MattSeven Před měsícem
* Don't talk about the aliens. Don't talk about the aliens. Don't talk about the aliens. *
DV Omni
DV Omni Před měsícem
BEAUTIFUL🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸! It’s a shame that idiots are allowed to ask questions that have nothing to do with American space travel. Who truly cares if there are “civilians” in the area?!! It’s America and an awesome time and moment to just be proud of your country! The screeners for the questions need to be retrained or “relieved” for allowing those questions. Block those haters that asked about the American civilians in the area! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
HeadsandTails HeadsandTails
BlahblahBlahblahBlahBlahBlahblah so much knowledge on absolutely zilch..
HeadsandTails HeadsandTails
So they went from Studio1 too Studio2 of course had dinner before arriving there and then the longest trip of the day 2hrs 45min drive home..oh well enjoy
STILL Před měsícem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates. Non-Duality✌️
nobody anymore
nobody anymore Před měsícem
I feel used for some odd reason.
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
jack fischer best moment on iss " astro-nots high on space "(clip from jeranism) "video on youtube provided by RagingS, @johnbiggscr,LeftPastSaturn,@first GloberCohort
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
i loved it thanks fellas
Jeff1961 Před měsícem
@58:13 (needed to be said, thanks for sayin' it) :)
Viral Videos
Viral Videos Před měsícem
Follow us on instagram @infin8luxury
twisterwiper Před měsícem
I’m so happy for this and the fact we are blessed with a visionary like Elon Musk in our time. It is much needed. Space exploration has been at a standstill for far too many years. This mission was a remarkable success and a testimony to the even greater achievement of building a company and an organization that is able to pull this off with all the immense complexities involved. Outstanding job!!
Thivakaran Před měsícem
I very very.,,,,,,,,,,happy,there are safety
Thivakaran Před měsícem
God bless for my nasa brothers, I am very very,,,,,,,,, my NASA friend safe .god bless to them........
bob smith
bob smith Před měsícem
When are The Free Masons going back to the moon? Why are all the Mission names synonyms for Satan?
By The Divines
By The Divines Před měsícem
Apollo missions were named after the Greek god Apollo. Apollo was one of the 13 Olympians, and the son of Zeus and Leto, and Artemis' twin brother. All the missions to the moon were named after Greek gods. But, you dont seem very smart considering bringing up The Freemasons and Satan in the same sentence without being ironic.
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
DOUG HURLEY BEST MOMENT youtube "flat earth floating with wires and harnesses on iss" 1:11 thanks doug
Slxtz Před měsícem
Look at my name
Unlisted Library
Unlisted Library Před měsícem
Intro music by David Goldsmith on SoundCloud 0:00 - 1:09 Heart of Clay 1:10 - 3:08 Lunar Dusk 3:09 - 4:20 Mercury Beat
Karen A. Trujillo
Karen A. Trujillo Před měsícem
Well done all! I remember thinking a long time ago, that these team partnerships would be a feasible way to continue successful spaceflights, when things seemed "iffy" about it; including $ concerns, budgets and safety questions! This surely has been a milestone...proof that it did happen, and can go forward in the future. When you spoke of the generations who ought to be sharing in the experience and thrill of it; was a reminder of how long we, born in the early '50's, have had the opportunity , through TV and Satellite to do just that...together, again, throughout take-off , spacewalks, and splashdown! Thank you for allowing the share this way (is a way)! Since many of us, since childhood, are accustomed to praying throughout; I find it easy to thank God, his angels and guides most of all...May God Speed in your future endeavors...should they require votes, you have mine!
Akmal Axmatov
Akmal Axmatov Před měsícem
Peter A
Peter A Před měsícem
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:16-18
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Před měsícem
Why there is so many people spamming religious stuff on NASA channel -_-
Erne Stina
Erne Stina Před měsícem
Caleb Parker
Caleb Parker Před měsícem
Nothing happens until 5:37 if you want to skip to that
Engineering Juice
Engineering Juice Před měsícem
Take that, Bezos!
ebo arder
ebo arder Před měsícem
Welcome HOME 👌 Congratulations to the whole team for bringing them back!
chris kay
chris kay Před měsícem
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
@By The Divines investigate it then!!!
By The Divines
By The Divines Před měsícem
Prove it then.
Draco Da Gamer
Draco Da Gamer Před měsícem
I pray everyone that reads this will become a millionaire in 5 years🙏🙏🙏
XW-32z Před měsícem
sidebar resketches
PYNSHAI Před měsícem
I thought these guys were on the on the way to Mars why did return back
Pillo Case
Pillo Case Před měsícem
PYNSHAI because they where never going to mars
Alex Rough
Alex Rough Před měsícem
welcome to earth!!!!
Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar Před měsícem
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavu NASA......u world one..... space x.... come chalange. My opinion....u make....one..... universal.....go. ....go. Go fast.
Luciano Pilotto
Luciano Pilotto Před měsícem
By The Divines
By The Divines Před měsícem
Like the existence of your brain.
the hell do I call this?
the hell do I call this? Před měsícem
NASA going for some spollo 11 nostalgia with the michrophone choise I see
RPG Freddy
RPG Freddy Před měsícem
In welchen Studio habt ihr den Märchenfilm wieder gedreht ? :)
Benoit Vanhees
Benoit Vanhees Před měsícem
Those modern space suits look ridiculous. I want those old tough 1960's suits back, they looked much more "Right Stuff"-ish than these catwalk outfits. The only thing that was missing here were two fluffy poodles at a leash.
Simplescrub Před měsícem
Benoit Vanhees new tech
ChunPo Před měsícem
1:01:08 please fund the budget request for NASA
HELIO MARCELO Před měsícem
i love space of nasa
Question Everything
Question Everything Před měsícem
~ Those space costumes are amazing ~ seriously?
Kielan Před měsícem
Some of the providers taking far too long and going over budget and not being cost effective, but that's alright they will still get lots of public money despite decades of being over priced, behind schedule, defective, given the investment they need to perform better than ULA and Space X.
zurdo z
zurdo z Před měsícem
seems like a giant leap forward has been made in reliability. Fantastic.
Medine’s Kitchen
Medine’s Kitchen Před měsícem
Sam Před měsícem
Boring. Would much better with Elon
لاعب منتخب العراق للمونتاي
Space play،😂😂😂
Brandonwyatt90 Před měsícem
When asked about people approaching capsule I was hoping Gwen would’ve said “Well, if NASA would let us use draco thrusters to land we could’ve dropped em off right in Houston.”
bbb aaa
bbb aaa Před měsícem
pewpie99 Před měsícem
Jim got the waggly finger.
Weirdy the weirdo
Weirdy the weirdo Před měsícem
Congrats, these astronauts are really heroes
Jonathan Tanner
Jonathan Tanner Před měsícem
Jim’s table looks a bit precarious
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson Před měsícem
NASA does realize microphone technology has advanced since the 60’s, right?
bob smith
bob smith Před měsícem
Are you a scientist? Common peasants aren't allowed to question this process!!
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson Před měsícem
By The Divines honesty the mic quality sounds like they haven’t changed their microphones since then.
By The Divines
By The Divines Před měsícem
It's a callback to the Apollo-era of missions.
Eric Tennant
Eric Tennant Před měsícem
NASA get better microphones, and cameras.
Tony Di Bona
Tony Di Bona Před měsícem
Yes terrible audio on Betina
Hi, I am Chilean, I am 13 years old and I am a big fan of everything you do since I was little, I like astronomy and I would love that when I grow up, I will like you a lot.
Apollo Lunar Module
Apollo Lunar Module Před měsícem
@smelly pengu I know. Its just they are talking like they are 50. They are still a little kid themselves
smelly pengu
smelly pengu Před měsícem
@Apollo Lunar Module Doesn't mean they can't do astronomy stuff in the future, when they get older.
Apollo Lunar Module
Apollo Lunar Module Před měsícem
You still are little lol
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf Před měsícem
Welcome back! 😍 Stay safe 😚💕🎊🎊🎉🎇🎈🎂 I'm so happy
Royce M
Royce M Před měsícem
Do they reuse parachutes from Spacex dragon? --- Are the astronauts affected by the reverse (opposite of scuba diving) of decompression sickness? Going from negative atmosphere to earth's surface of ONE ? Or is that only a problem when going into space?
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Před měsícem
I don't know the details but I know that they need to change the composition of the air they are breathing when go to space walk, and then they slowly go back at "normal" air as time past.
AWNA Před měsícem
So laughable 😂 😭😅🤣 Narcopath damage control 101
By The Divines
By The Divines Před měsícem
Whatever you say buddy.
NASA and SpaceX
NASA and SpaceX Před měsícem
Congratulation NASA and SpaceX Your Demo-2 is successful 🇺🇸💕👑
Василина Пукман
наса врунишка.
Verità Menzogna
Verità Menzogna Před měsícem
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Today's @ mission that brought NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley back to Earth marks the first splashdown of an American crew spacecraft in 45 years.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith Před měsícem
I agree it is something to smile about. As the space trailblazers, I'm glad the Americans are back where they should be. This could also mean many more commercial space flights. We need to get the politics out of it.
thatyikeskid86 Před měsícem
Dude idc about the return what's this intro music 🤔 (kinda like it, 0:00 - 1:12)
rented identity
rented identity Před měsícem
No Bob and Doug n this video.
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
check out dougs video "FlatEarth -Floating with wires and harnesses on ISS-" youtube
Gomzzz Před měsícem
im from philippines can i apply a work in nasa pls reply mam/sir
Dhruv 18
Dhruv 18 Před měsícem
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith Před měsícem
Perhaps you need to ask your question in correct English.
TrapStoner Před měsícem
Gomzzz Před měsícem
im from philippines can i apply a work in nasa pls reply mam/sir
Pillo Case
Pillo Case Před měsícem
Gomzzz Sadly that’s not how it works
Red Před měsícem
Yes you can, idk
Gomzzz Před měsícem
im from philippines can i apply a work in nasa pls reply mam/sir
Максим Устименко
Актеры у которых еще нет Оскара.
Kudzai Před měsícem
When i grow up i wana be an astronaut
Astronomical Před měsícem
It's unbelievably astonishing experience to work at iss Anyone saw the view outside iss clearly can see millions of stars...... Just awesome!!!!
cecil236 Před měsícem
Imagine all the great potential we see here being done in real time... and most of our populous think of nothing but welfare , who offended them , how unfair working js and all the rest of the political nonscemce we have to watch...it’s sad what we could do if more were like the true thinkers alive .... it’s actually disgusting to look at the scope of most people’s dreams..
Mele Před měsícem
Come November 3, NASA will have a President-Madam Vice President who truly believes that NASA and Space Exploration is vital to the United States and the World.
Censored CryptoAndy
Censored CryptoAndy Před měsícem
Why dose the guy keep milking the 25.2 billion on every given minute, this is about space x and how they are moving forward to give people on earth a possible backup planet, then it will go on from there. why is nasa guy milking the 25.2 billion when all they have forwarded to the only pvt company who can manage to put men and women into space what 3 billion is it. so what is the other 22.2 billion for black ops.
L P Před měsícem
EXCELLENT closing remarks by Jim Bridenstine Proud to be an American 🇺🇸 - MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
@Pillo Case you have a lot to learn
Pillo Case
Pillo Case Před měsícem
earthflat stationary unbrainwashed? you mean getting brainwashed by con men that want you to believe in flat Earth and believe that the Moon landings never happened it’s like you’re living in a alternate reality
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
@Pillo Case further than you think and took a long time getting un brainwashed thank you
Pillo Case
Pillo Case Před měsícem
earthflat stationary I don’t understand how people like you exist did you not even go to school?
earthflat stationary
earthflat stationary Před měsícem
proud to be a brainwashedian faked to the usa
whereverland Před měsícem
Still doing SPLASHDOWNS? They haven't made any advancement since the splashdowns of the 60's? What a joke! Sickening!
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Před měsícem
Why changing something that is cheap and work well?
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars Před měsícem
What is it about NASA and their inability do sound properly. Not having Gwen Shotwell cued up for her opening remarks is ridiculous. And no Jim, the Coast Guard did not do an excellent job.
FLEXCOPE INC. Před měsícem
SpaceX is lucky to have her.
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