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We add an ADMIN IMPOSTOR in Among us!

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22. 09. 2021





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Komentáře 10 200
Slicer Dude
Slicer Dude Před 2 hodinami
Well I can’t like the video cuz I got banned from a among us server for no reason many times
Jayne Sayer
Jayne Sayer Před 3 hodinami
Mike Standley
Mike Standley Před 4 hodinami
🌸Bootiful 🌸
🌸Bootiful 🌸 Před 11 hodinami
It said if I die I would be ban for one day :,>
🌸Bootiful 🌸
🌸Bootiful 🌸 Před 11 hodinami
I have it was in roblox :,>
Russell Lee
Russell Lee Před 12 hodinami
Tony Tran [6_11.24.TranXuanThuan]
If you time you pause correctly on PatP died, you could see Windows 95 running in the CRT monitor.
Stefan Rico
Stefan Rico Před 16 hodinami
You should do a soccer mod the crew mates are soccer player’s and the imposter is the coach and the crew mates have to finish there tasks and level up there soccer skills to get more abilities the coach has the ability to make them do work.kick a soccer ball into crew mates and the mini game is the crew mates play a soccer match and the team that won can kill any player the want
theRappinSpree Před 23 hodinami
The Halloween mod
Peakaberry - Grand Cross
Bruh I was banned in pubg for no reason🤧🤧
subway Před dnem
Got ban in roblox for no reason
Roblox player
Roblox player Před dnem
I have admin
awaluddin wahyuddin
How about admin vs crewmate
Pran_Dog Před dnem
8:11 meow gotta pee in the cane. gotta pee in the cane. gotta pee in the......Ah 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
J_1189 Před dnem
I got ip banned on a game without ever playing
Rakeshiv (bakari)
7:33 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chelsea Před dnem
Once, I got banned for hacking, but I didn’t hack, what the frock dudes that kicked me for no reason
Adrian B
Adrian B Před dnem
Ive never gottan band
Terrence Uci
Terrence Uci Před dnem
The thing was sssssooooo insane
The Gaming Pro's
The Gaming Pro's Před dnem
HONESTY: i got banned from hypixel for like a month but never got the reason why P:S my teacher looks like you so i call him ssundee every day xD
Jacob Gioia
Jacob Gioia Před dnem
I was banned from the Wendy’s discord
Ghoul Face
Ghoul Face Před dnem
I’ve been banned from like 3 games & 1 website
Johnny Monzon
Johnny Monzon Před dnem
Mod idea: random role but with 100 players and make sure that there is all the roles, all cremate roles, all impostor roles and the other roles like jester, glitch and more.
Johnny Monzon
Johnny Monzon Před dnem
the one that I said about random role but with 100 player, that's the one I said to get to 450,000 in 5 days or a million likes in 2 weeks to 4 weeks. can you do that please and also tell your friends as well and please that they will join even your subscriber in case you need more players too. can you do that please?
Johnny Monzon
Johnny Monzon Před dnem
So can you do that please? also tell everybody that is watching your video, lets get to 450,000 likes in 5 days or a million likes in 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
Johnny Monzon
Johnny Monzon Před dnem
also what is it call that has the jester, glitch and other roles that are not cremate nor impostors? also you might have to get all your friends and maybe subscribers to play as well.
DarkTesla Před 2 dny
I’ve got banned twice so I’m not pressing it
michelle deh
michelle deh Před 2 dny
Mod idea: Cat And Mice All the crewmembers are mice. They have to get all the cheese to escape the house. The cat can do a minigame when someone gets picked as the cat The cat can kill mice with their claws Please like so ssundee can see! 👇
Kabita Kafle
Kabita Kafle Před 2 dny
I like it ssundee ❤️💋💋❤️❤️
Keryn Whibley
Keryn Whibley Před 2 dny
Fortnite mod
20 Joaquin Jorge Paraoan
omar basem
omar basem Před 2 dny
I’ve been banned from Roblox
Symantha Clifford
Symantha Clifford Před 2 dny
Maybe like oh no my thing is in blue that’s because I got banned on Roblox once
frankila dorsett
frankila dorsett Před 2 dny
I've got band but Infinite ban So I can't play that game ever again On roblox
AndyTY Před 3 dny
Mod idea: Doge meme mode doge is impostor and can sprint stun and invis and absolutely steal gun.. Crewmates are Nyah cat
kent martin mejorada
Shana Johnson
Shana Johnson Před 3 dny
i gotten banned on BIGO LIVE
smriti singh
smriti singh Před 3 dny
It actually turns white
ShakeandSkate107 Před 3 dny
There was an update on youtube, the button now turns black.
Vicky Clare
Vicky Clare Před 3 dny
I have been banned from a game on roblox for 8h 420mins so I can't hit the like button
Ruby Winslow
Ruby Winslow Před 3 dny
Chemistry mod: The imposter can turn into a chemistry tecaher. They have an invisibility potion, a poison potion, elephant toothpaste (which traps people), and i detention (which looks like a lab). But only one person can be in detention at a time or it could be a little too op.
JustBloxychap Před 4 dny
the like button turns black ;-;
Nikolai Spencer
Nikolai Spencer Před 4 dny
Armando Chiquete
Armando Chiquete Před 4 dny
Next one its a banned
Armando Chiquete
Armando Chiquete Před 4 dny
Kicked i meat
Armando Chiquete
Armando Chiquete Před 4 dny
I got banned from roblox
Anjanic Luke Lariosa
Everytime he was supposed to say escape he always say ecscape but anyways Love your vids alot ive been a fan for 3-5 years now idk how many years but ok love your vids still stay safe and take care :)
Greeshaan Sonurlekar
Did anyone see the code it's footme lol
Alex’s Super Channel
The pun mod the imp has to make everyone unfunny the crew mates have to get there tasks done while getting funnier when someone gets there funny meter full and gets there tasks and done they get to go to the pun club and be funny. I’M FUNNY!!! The imp can make crew mates Watch antimeme’s, do school, a mini game, and make them say the same joke so many time’s they get slapped. (takes deep breath)
Hannah Před 4 dny
Dat boi thicc
Dat boi thicc Před 4 dny
I can't like bc I have God banned sooooo yea
Arjun Gaikwad
Arjun Gaikwad Před 5 dny
Mod idea: Godzilla vs ghidorah would be a amazing mod for a fan of Godzilla like me make it
Arjun Gaikwad
Arjun Gaikwad Před 5 dny
Please make a mod
cocosweet156 Před 5 dny
Man i love how ssundee ends the game as imp its so funny xD
Jerry Jr Roxas
Jerry Jr Roxas Před 5 dny
Im Banned In Roblox
Lane Peachey
Lane Peachey Před 5 dny
the like butin is black
Carlos Leyva
Carlos Leyva Před 5 dny
That snipe tho 14:26
M1 Marqua
M1 Marqua Před 5 dny
Do the same admin mod but use /banall
Amanda Shippey
Amanda Shippey Před 5 dny
i did kicked
Rozypie Před 6 dny
I got ban on roblox TwT - > -..............Btw we love your vidssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Jenny Lacy
Jenny Lacy Před 6 dny
This is the hilarious among us mod of all 😂
Vildemar Delgado
Vildemar Delgado Před 6 dny
Sorry for the other one
Vildemar Delgado
Vildemar Delgado Před 6 dny
I never get banned from glitching
Vildemar Delgado
Vildemar Delgado Před 6 dny
I never Get banned from Cucina to morphs
Jack Curvis
Jack Curvis Před 6 dny
do a mod about raya and the last dragon
Markus Safar
Markus Safar Před 6 dny
i have never goten baded from a game
Geruute Před 6 dny
love your videos and i hope you have a good day
Avik Mukherjee
Avik Mukherjee Před 6 dny
I luv 8:24
Jasleen’s cooking and crafts
How do you do the mods in among us
Luciano Deleon
Luciano Deleon Před 6 dny
I have never been banned from the server
MaishaMK Před 6 dny
i have get ban from roblox so i have to hit that like button
Judith Zwaigenbaum
Judith Zwaigenbaum Před 6 dny
I have a girl friend
Devi Haryanto
Devi Haryanto Před 6 dny
I got ban by roblox cuz i bullying player 2 times
All Acapella Pro AAP
Pause it and look at SSundee’s face at 0:42 it’s hilarious 😂
Archer Logan
Archer Logan Před 6 dny
I am an admin in Roblox
Archer Logan
Archer Logan Před 6 dny
That is why I will not get banned
Archer Logan
Archer Logan Před 6 dny
Owner admin
Beyond faxs
Beyond faxs Před 6 dny
K8 got me 💀 8:10
Thiago Gutierrez Socarras
Shaleea Mason
Shaleea Mason Před 6 dny
Why are we always lieing
Des Barrett
Des Barrett Před 6 dny
oh no my like button turned black
bowbet Před 6 dny
i,m Darkstar in among us. we played together
Decade Před 5 dny
Anyone can say there sundee.
Martha Cordero
Martha Cordero Před 6 dny
I got ban for defending myself
Siw Helen Nystand
Siw Helen Nystand Před 6 dny
i have been banned like 5 times so i cant like
The gamer Pro
The gamer Pro Před 6 dny
Yeah my mom is watching you
wolfy the cat 2
wolfy the cat 2 Před 6 dny
Cabbo_playz2 Před 6 dny
7:31 Headline: Boy witnesses a very disgusting conversation and so commits suicide (or at least, it looked like it) Last words: What am I listening to?
Sana saad
Sana saad Před 6 dny
Bababahahahahaha lol buffle starts running and sundee shot him aaahababababababahahhhhhahah
Eman Před 6 dny
I once got banned from a roblox cafe game for saying 123 alot
entertainment news astro
I love you hecker
entertainment news astro
Omg it's heaker
XamX Před 7 dny
Know It does me Admin
Tosbaağ 8-Bit
Tosbaağ 8-Bit Před 7 dny
I got banned from roblox for a week idk why i didnt do anything
Gamer is sus
Gamer is sus Před 7 dny
Said game
Amy Baker
Amy Baker Před 7 dny
Oooooo mod idea: NORMAL AMUNG US HOW HARD IS THAT!!!!!!!!!! (I’m joking but I guess I’m also not)
Amy Baker
Amy Baker Před 7 dny
Hey um my like button turns black sooo yeaaaah 😐
Koda Muirhead
Koda Muirhead Před 7 dny
My brother has baned
Gaming with Carson
Gaming with Carson Před 7 dny
Umm I got perm banned once
Jamie Badesso
Jamie Badesso Před 7 dny
Fishing mod
Jamie Badesso
Jamie Badesso Před 7 dny
One piece
Jamie Badesso
Jamie Badesso Před 7 dny
YTsavage Před 7 dny
I love you ivan
grass knuckles
grass knuckles Před 8 dny
just make this mod public for android and pc users
Ardi Sulaiman
Ardi Sulaiman Před 8 dny
A like the Garry sound
Tacoman Burritos
Tacoman Burritos Před 8 dny
I’ve been banned from Roblox I can’t like 😥😭😭
Blue okkar
Blue okkar Před 8 dny
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