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I made this for me.
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Thanks to the homie Zalinki for drawing me a thumbnail
Songs used:
Kevin mcloed
Loop i made - somethingelseyt
A crazy wacky loop by Zalinki
New song by somethingelseyt work in progress (ending)


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30. 11. 2020





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SomeThingElseYT Před měsícem
Gunna try to do better with both upload schedule and content. Feel as if i can do so much better. Might be hard with scheduling in particular since i wanna do everything myself from now on unless needed but thats ok (being a boss and in charge of peoples livelihoods at 23 is stressful. Not a fan.) . Will let me have more fun with the videos vs trying to be a multimillion dollar production /without/ the multimillions. Oh also yes, the song at the end is coming soon please stand by.
Robbie Foy
Robbie Foy Před 5 dny
@Hassan Alawadi shut up mate hour weird if you don't like somethingelseyt
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja Před 5 dny
Wait is happier the name of a new song?
Emerald l
Emerald l Před 7 dny
⁰⁰0 P
Holden Libby
Holden Libby Před měsícem
I'm kind confused with the guy hitting in the face with the bat. But it was HILARIOUS
Randomator Před měsícem
ay, adam.... iz got nothin ta say
Anna Cann;3
Anna Cann;3 Před 46 minutami
HØ5T Před hodinou
I really like that video
Anushka Reese
Anushka Reese Před 2 hodinami
1:17 Guess you could say Adam was .. scared to bite the apple...?😅
NJ Time
NJ Time Před 2 hodinami
Idk but i have to say that this can motivate me to face the big final exam. I was not having fun or trying to motivate myself. Its hard with the pandemic and ppl talking sh*t like "you have more to study". Ik. But im not enjoying the study i learn. So my country let us go to school with many ppl get infected everyday. I hope malaysia and everyone live normally. Just be strong. Move on and prolly live a happy life🙃
Adam Z Something else????
Adam Z Something else???? Před 3 hodinami
Im a Aquarius and he is a gemini and We do get a Long UwU We even have The same Name Adam OwO I just Subscribed to him In new here Yeah But he is Funny and Nice Keep Up tje Good Work and Btw Not a Girl Sorry about My Pf but Yeah U doing a Good Work On ur CSvid Channel
A Person Yt
A Person Yt Před 4 hodinami
Hey Ik this is late but I heard ultraviolet (Spotify) and It’s awesome keep up the good work
PulseToonz Před 4 hodinami
is it ok if I use your song to make a lyric video
Zachary Spencer
Zachary Spencer Před 4 hodinami
Ok whoever theses ducking jerks are they are so dead (jk but seriously guys stop)
BlueRxse Před 5 hodinami
i swear i love Adams content because its different and thats why i love it
Philip the pigeon
Philip the pigeon Před 6 hodinami
At 3:25 it gave me some serious "The beginner's Guide vibes for some reason. That game is one of my favorites
B. Animations
B. Animations Před 6 hodinami
Hello I do not speak english or englihs Bye
The Gaming Society
The Gaming Society Před 11 hodinami
Well I’m new here and I think your content is great. Watching your vids and seeing the care and quality makes me motivated for my own goals. You’re funny af and I love it here, might have to cop a hoodie or something who knows.
Walker#819's Figure Wrestling
I’m really hoping the ending song comes out soon it was very enjoyable
JORGE DAVID GARCIA Před 15 hodinami
Es extraño y desconocido
seth howey
seth howey Před 16 hodinami
You look like markiplier
ZOMBIE DARK.A Před 16 hodinami
It doesn't matter which route you take, if you enjoy me and a lot of other people will support you, we love you a lot Adam
Jared rob Aquino
Jared rob Aquino Před 17 hodinami
its cool thanks
Ryan Vargas
Ryan Vargas Před 18 hodinami
Pls make more videos in 2021 PLEASE
Joshua L
Joshua L Před 20 hodinami
your videos are awesome and they make me laugh every time
steve cameron
steve cameron Před 22 hodinami
I like the depressing bit
Arif Karagöz
Arif Karagöz Před 23 hodinami
İts realy good
DanniEs Před 23 hodinami
Bro que profundo
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez Před dnem
kid mofhis
kid mofhis Před dnem
i got the red hoodie for xmas and i have not taken it off me its so dang nice
Luz Armalis Adames Meran
I Love you!!! Tu puedes! Sigue así UwU
Purple guy
Purple guy Před dnem
You didn’t bleep me:unsubed
Hunter Salyers
Hunter Salyers Před dnem
i bought the hat and on hat day my friend knew it was ur channle
Nice Person
Nice Person Před dnem
Omgg i wanna listen to that fucking song every day
Imma T. Roll
Imma T. Roll Před dnem
Adam, if i didnt know any ur making/made a song called ultraviolet Tell me im wrong
r63 killer queen
r63 killer queen Před dnem
N op
Golden Fabs
Golden Fabs Před dnem
it just made me sad when u said towels make dry skin because i have a condition
Adam Z Something else????
I am New here... I just Subscribed OwO Not a Girl UwU
Javion Brown the fusion goat
Hope u post soon bro Bc I love and respect u brother >:D
Sansdaskelaton Před dnem
Do you make your chocy milk or just have chocy milk
dodo skeet
dodo skeet Před dnem
You are waaaaay better then Hollywood
Cris Leynes
Cris Leynes Před dnem
The people who disliked this video are not people they're bots.........I think
Adnan nahian
Adnan nahian Před dnem
Ok lol
sonic pok
sonic pok Před dnem
i hope you this I'm a big fan
crystal_ XT
crystal_ XT Před dnem
yo uh so- your a really good animator and wanted to ask what you use to animate becuase i wanna start animating,also if it cost money or if its on pc,and sorry for asking alot of stuff its just that ive always wanted to animate and its kinda saad watching people anime while im just over here wanting to animate,and i wanna boost up my channel too,and its ok if you dont wanna answer just wondering :>
Tropical_ Lizard
Tropical_ Lizard Před dnem
When he said "🎶🎵🎶", I felt that
gloshoeboi hottie
I thought he died-
4 Wheeled Moto Blogs
How was your day
Not related to the video at all but I MIGHT HAVE A MOUSE OR SOME ANIMAL IN MY ROOM AND MY LIGHTS ARE OFF AND SOMETHINGS MAKING NOISE!!! TvT Related to the video All of this so true...XDXD 😅
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Před dnem
Adam I’m a big fan keep up the content
Gustavo Amaro
Gustavo Amaro Před dnem
hey stop being so hard if you try litarlly anything ill watch it. you have been doing good. if you try something more easy nobody is gonna say "oh i hate this so much its so low quility you suck" the only person who says you suck is your self. being hard on yourself is gonna make your audeince worry and and also think you know your dead but what i will think is your stressed. alright im done writing my commet.
daniel gardner
daniel gardner Před dnem
like your content do you have a ps5
johndrawzstuff Před dnem
I got the beanie and the hoodie lol
Madalyn Huntsman
Madalyn Huntsman Před dnem
Here here buddy
Joseph M
Joseph M Před 2 dny
Now get rest
Joseph M
Joseph M Před 2 dny
Good I won’t eat your chocolate milk now so yeh
G10 Flora, Jane Frances P.
New sub here! Really great work :) I'm off to binge all of your videos now
Dxvgie Dxvg
Dxvgie Dxvg Před 2 dny
Adam, I don't know what Adam told you, but I do want tv quality animations of silly stories and bad jokes.
C41LOW Před 2 dny
Poggers m8
Laura Garza
Laura Garza Před 2 dny
Hello Adam ortez
If you’re having fun with your work we are having fun with your work
Weni Wen
Weni Wen Před 2 dny
Uh boring Edit: I’m not saying he’s boring
sir, this is a wendys
Then what are you talking about then
Starbug Před 2 dny
And by the way,this video is the most beutiful thing i ever Saw
sindhu preetham
sindhu preetham Před 2 dny
Q and a : do you have a girlfriend who
sindhu preetham
sindhu preetham Před 2 dny
Scora Reaper
Scora Reaper Před 2 dny
(Sorry gonna be a bit lengthy) Hey I just wanna say that since “Something else” music video. I really LOVE your animations and content. I did go back and watch all the videos before too. And I can tell your improving! Don’t listen too the haters. They’re just jealous that they can’t draw as good as you. Or make AWSOME music videos like you! Thank you for everything and still posting content! But ether way keep doing what you are doing and don’t be hard on yourself. You are GREAT!
Ashton Lapointe
Ashton Lapointe Před 2 dny
Keep going man, you remember that war zone stream (prob not) but besides the point you where having fun which made it entertaining just saying
J Atacho
J Atacho Před 2 dny
You doing great :) love u Adam :P
SmokePlayzz Před 2 dny
Hey dude I missed watching videos on ur channel hope you get back into the routine of making videos
Orson Dermody
Orson Dermody Před 2 dny
What is your po box
Alejandro Ramos-Paris
even when you are not trying you're vids are funny and great
oh yes cereal
oh yes cereal Před 2 dny
MAkE NeW ViDEoS Appal is yes
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres Před 2 dny
The reason he doesn't hasn't posted is because momma gotten
Dixil Francis
Dixil Francis Před 2 dny
Why did this make me so happy 😁
That1Guyz Animationz
I watched every one of your videos in a week
Erol Gul
Erol Gul Před 3 dny
Its cool that you put a smile on some peoples faces after a long day.....🙂
Gordo ReyGar
Gordo ReyGar Před 3 dny
Roger Li
Roger Li Před 3 dny
when is he gonna make a new video
Tiny Cookie
Tiny Cookie Před 3 dny
Adam, are you ok? This is very concerning, considering that I’m only A teen still trying to find Something good on CSvid.
Ahsan Sarwar
Ahsan Sarwar Před 3 dny
I just found your channel cuz of a song you made
Nevaeh Dahl
Nevaeh Dahl Před 3 dny
Check out this CSvidr named dani
vasil combat
vasil combat Před 3 dny
React to your first vid🙏
battle tale
battle tale Před 3 dny
Plz upload more
me and my dogs
me and my dogs Před 3 dny
I know how it feels to make an animation and draw alot of stuff like this but bro you knocked it out of the park.
ITZ DJ THE FOX Před 3 dny
dis just weard but i was like the Adam that just rocket him to space ADD: lol
Sin Gowther
Sin Gowther Před 3 dny
snow ball
snow ball Před 3 dny
its been a month....
Antoinette Scott
Antoinette Scott Před 3 dny
Adam please come back we miss you🥺🥺
I'm Pengin Animations
Can you guys treat him like a human dont go nuts if he replies to your comment
Son Goku
Son Goku Před 3 dny
U sound like corpse with a slightly higher voice
Fernanda Malaga
Fernanda Malaga Před 3 dny
I think I saw you in roblox
Leandri Pretorius
Leandri Pretorius Před 3 dny
you make a difference in my life
Watchman 2018
Watchman 2018 Před 3 dny
Just do what you think is right adam
Zizzy x Pony
Zizzy x Pony Před 3 dny
2:58 Wha-
A person
A person Před 3 dny
Ah yes I love a good old somethingelseYT video
Giada Vargas
Giada Vargas Před 3 dny
This made me smile = ̄ω ̄=
Leah Lupis
Leah Lupis Před 3 dny
You're doing great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
perro fachero
perro fachero Před 3 dny
Pliz come back
perro fachero
perro fachero Před 3 dny
@Luisagustin2946 hi bro
Luisagustin2946 Před 3 dny
hi :D
perro fachero
perro fachero Před 3 dny
@SomeThingElseYT sorry, you hace uploadead two videos from your song and you don't upload dayli videos I have doubt XD
SomeThingElseYT Před 3 dny
What are you on? I never left?
Joey 4Trax
Joey 4Trax Před 3 dny
Mary Humphreys
Mary Humphreys Před 3 dny
When the ringing started I thought it was my headphones cuz they do that I realized a week later that it was part of the vid *mega oof*
GothicDvl_ Před 3 dny
can we just appreciate adam’s existence for a sec
Katrina walley
Katrina walley Před 3 dny
I thought you were dead
Bumblebee Před 3 dny
*Me commenting even know this video is 1 month old*
Go1denEagles Před 3 dny
What do u use to draw
Ryan Risso
Ryan Risso Před 3 dny
You're the best youtuber in the world i saw the help oh well it was so cool i love your vids 👌😄🎧
Forgotten Heart
Forgotten Heart Před 4 dny
;w; im watching the same videos over again its not boring
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