9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter

Steve Hofstetter
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9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter
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Well this was a first...
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24. 06. 2019

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Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter Před měsícem
If you enjoyed this, please check out my podcast ‘Failing Forward’ - new every Wednesday with crazy stories of when successful people fell flat on their faces. Subscribe now and don't miss an episode: bit.ly/FailingForwardPod
Scott Weyland
Scott Weyland Před 4 dny
Steve Hofstetter fell into your videos, laughed for hours and didn’t get enough sleep before work next day, watched more AFTER that day of work, waiting to see you in Vegas, love your comedy, will bring my beautiful wife for a night of laughter and fun..thank you for the CSvid videos
sean riopel
sean riopel Před 6 dny
It looks like your old dog is taking a dump on your bed.
T. Sean E. [KRT]
T. Sean E. [KRT] Před 6 dny
Hi Steve, new subscriber here. I'm in the UK. I thought I'd share a clip of a British comedian having an epic battle with a drunk heckler. csvid.net/video/video-H8IQYSp0EuE.html
Robert Wurdack
Robert Wurdack Před 8 dny
You suck at comedy, that's what the audience is telling you
Nolan Edits
Nolan Edits Před 2 hodinami
It’s nice when there’s one or a couple hecklers I mean it makes the show more funny but just rude people especially 4 tables that’s just annoying
Brother Zac
Brother Zac Před 5 hodinami
The fact you have so many damn hecklers each show and it always results with the getting the boot means you are a piss poor comedian. It’d be different if you made it funny but you can’t I realize that now
Michael Herndon
Michael Herndon Před 12 hodinami
Living in Idaho for 4yrs, Comedians and there shows get it so rough in that state cause there a mix of religious people at the show acting like they have never heard raunchy comedy, and pick and choose what's funny, sometimes no laughs at all are given around a comedian that been a world wide sensation at shows. The native american colture gets really drunk amd belligerent, and mormon culture combine ruins shows down there when it comes to comedians.
Bill Brown
Bill Brown Před 12 hodinami
Some folks set the dumpster ablaze. Sove folks bring the marshmallows.
Ashley Girl
Ashley Girl Před 14 hodinami
I grew up in Idaho Falls, southeast Idaho. It’s common knowledge in our state that people from Boise suck, especially Eagle.
Nello M.
Nello M. Před 15 hodinami
What's your dog's name?
jame Před 19 hodinami
Harry Greb
Harry Greb Před 23 hodinami
Over sensitive jew
Agent VX
Agent VX Před dnem
Love your comedy and heckler destroying clips. AND WALTER IS FUCKING ADORABLE!
The Rickest Rick
The Rickest Rick Před dnem
I hope your dog feels better
GONZOdave /
GONZOdave / Před dnem
Where the fuck is bill burr when you need him?
That Tetris line got dying hahaha like, “wait no that chair doesn’t go upside down inside the other chair, wait what if I put it down the table? Wait no ohhhh imma stack them but upside down” hahahahahaha
WDJS22 Před dnem
Put on a little weight Steve
Heather Atkins
Heather Atkins Před dnem
How the hell did everybody not get kicked out at once or at least within quick succession? I can't imagine letting a crowd get away with that. Unfortunately have never been to a comedy show, but I've seen it at music venues. There is this place near me that will very quickly threaten a table and are not afraid of kicking people out. They highly respect the music and musicians. Same should go for any performer.
Huskey King
Huskey King Před dnem
Little puppy
Howie Phukterpuss
Howie Phukterpuss Před 2 dny
And the sad part is it’s adults. You know they planned this night a month in advance and cause it’s their first time actually being out and having drinks in awhile they don’t know how to act in public . Shits fucking embarrassing. As if everyone should cater to them cause it’s their once in a blue moon night out in the town.
Giovanni Espinoza
Giovanni Espinoza Před 2 dny
I’ve never seen anyone bomb as bad ass you ...yikes
Ethan Weiche
Ethan Weiche Před 2 dny
Next Heckler Video: Steve Hofstetter Kicks Himself Out For Heckling
Baccuus Před 2 dny
Who raised y’all???? Just shut the fuck up.
Night Shade
Night Shade Před 2 dny
(From meridian) the statement about eagle couldn’t be truer. Most people from eagle I’ve met are stuck up assholes that can’t be polite and shut the fuck up
Spyro Před 2 dny
Yeah tbh in Boise people are assholes hahaha!!! (Edit): Plus there are a lot of crack heads and so many ass hats here, they are ab as worse as AirCanada!!!
kokroche1 Před 2 dny
Captain America yelling stfu lmfao I was dead
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues Před 2 dny
I'm getting the fuck out of here....
Vogel Account
Vogel Account Před 3 dny
Those guys in the crowd...I've never met those guys, but I know those guys.
AgentMinor ReligionBrigade
"Rich suburb" Me: ooooohhhh they're just inherent pieces of shit I get it.
TWOP 33 Před 3 dny
Respect to you Mr Hofstetter
Keichimaru Před 3 dny
Yeah, but can we facetime with Walter? That's the real question.
cophatter Před 3 dny
Its because you are not funny
Nisha Trevor
Nisha Trevor Před 4 dny
Your dog in the background though! XD XD
GTbigfeetj Před 4 dny
Schultzy wouldve had them leaving ASAP he wouldve roasted them so bad bro
GTbigfeetj Před 4 dny
Yall got the WRONG andrew handling the hecklerz, yall need ANDREW SCHULTZ on these bois.
Tristan D
Tristan D Před 4 dny
Can we get this man a Netflix special
me thatguy
me thatguy Před 5 dny
This is outrageous, but like I said on another video of yours, you have made a profit from these people despite all the bullshit you had to deal with.
Cliff Biniarz
Cliff Biniarz Před 5 dny
Walter Matthau in the background made my day 😁
Anthony C.
Anthony C. Před 6 dny
Maybe my math is off but if 4 tables of 9 people were thrown out shouldn’t the title of the video be 36 hecklers thrown out? 🤔 I feel Steve is lying to me, one way or another. Not cool dude. Not cool.
Tim Cunningham
Tim Cunningham Před 6 dny
Did anyone text Steve to 484848?
Kat Heymann
Kat Heymann Před 6 dny
It must have been difficult trying to keep your train of thought after having to deal with all those idiots. Shows how smart you really are because there were only a few times you seemed uncertain how to move forward. You definitely have a quick wit.
Minx Magic
Minx Magic Před 6 dny
Welcome to Boise 😂 I hate it here
Hector Preston
Hector Preston Před 6 dny
500 dollars that these people disliked it and other hecklers disliked as well since you know they don't have any good jokes and always get burned
kenzie spohn
kenzie spohn Před 6 dny
You’re coming to Orlando 6 days before my 21st birthday and I can’t even get in because I’m not old enough. You’re my favorite comedian and now my heart is sad 😭 I’ve been waiting for you to come to Orlando forever and the moment you do it’s right before I’m almost legal to get in 😭
Jan Gunter
Jan Gunter Před 6 dny
wtf with all those rude ass people? what was there a sociopath convention in town?
Staples Před 6 dny
You look homeless.
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher Před 6 dny
Saw you at the show on May 30th! Can’t wait until you come back to Sacramento
Lucas Lemoine
Lucas Lemoine Před 7 dny
What is the text thing for?
I LOVE your analogy about the movie theatre. That was hilarious. Hi Walter! ❤️
Barry West
Barry West Před 8 dny
You sound like an angry principal instead of a comedian
Sophia Theurer
Sophia Theurer Před 8 dny
Walter in the background being adorable 🥰
Michael Fried
Michael Fried Před 8 dny
It's such a shame, cuz Steve seems to have such low energy in this bit. Completely justified it just reminds me of how he always says that you know those people it shouldn't be ruining it for everybody else that's there and it seems like these people did
Frosty Phoenix
Frosty Phoenix Před 8 dny
entitled young people who think their whole life is about them and who can't take any form of criticism. It's amazing how you can keep making jokes while you throw them out :D
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