9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter

Steve Hofstetter
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9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter
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Well this was a first...
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24. 06. 2019





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Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter Před 5 měsíci
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rasta man
rasta man Před 2 dny
best comeback comedian of all time..new fan love your stuff..hopefully u make it to windsor canada one day
bradyrad Před 2 dny
Ever have a show where everybody shut the fuck up?
Sean Durham
Sean Durham Před 22 dny
Lotta rude ass, mutha fuckas in the world.
Jeff De Kimpe
Jeff De Kimpe Před měsícem
Steve - you’re heckled all the time because you’re not funny and you come off as arrogant. Try new material and look inward a little bit, self deprecation goes a long way.
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune Před měsícem
Should make the tetris thing part of your bit.
LadyCartoonCritic Před 7 hodinami
i love his dog
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Před 16 hodinami
I love how even tho it was an awkward sitation it felt so smooth. Way to keep your calm and make a joke about everything its fucking art lol
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer Před dnem
I've thought a lot about this and I've concluded the only way you can possibly ever get THIS many hecklers is if you straight up just suck really really bad. Never found his sets that bad so I don't really see it, but I think this is the missing piece of this puzzle lol
George williams
George williams Před dnem
Is this fucking junior high, what the fuck?
cmarvel411 Před 2 dny
Dude, honestly so humbled, thanks for this for real. I have learned.
Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez Před 2 dny
Boise get noisy!
April M
April M Před 3 dny
I understand ripping on hecklers as they pretty much ask for it. However, kicking people out for talking after they paid to be at that venue seems a bit excessive. Other live performances do not require absolute silence, not to mention this is at a club with alcohol. So often performers of all status as well as athletes forget that the regular people are the reason they have their success. As a side note, the general public also has no interest in any performers political stances. We just want to be entertained.
Walter Radtke
Walter Radtke Před 3 dny
Hecklers need to be followed out and beat severely
ezequiel olvera
ezequiel olvera Před 10 hodinami
Walter Radtke relax
Megan Conn
Megan Conn Před 3 dny
Fucking douchebags! I HATE that shit. Classless mother fuckers just like you said.
chickenflinger5002 Před 4 dny
the dog is adorable
MrShanester117 Před 5 dny
Look at all the conservative snowflakes
Garrette Productions
Confused tired doge in the background ❤
theLoveist101 Před 6 dny
I'm so sorry but that's why I left Boise!!!
Eh oh
Eh oh Před 6 dny
Andrew didn't handle it, Andrew was soft. Andrew needs to toughen up and throw harsher insults at the crowd. Andrew needs to be louder, funnier, and more abrasive
Chrispy Divine
Chrispy Divine Před 9 dny
I feel so bad for Andrew, he handled it great. People are just assholes!
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Před 9 dny
Lol you have to be a major asshole for Steve just to tell you to leave😂
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Před 11 dny
the dog is life
Matthew Newberry
Matthew Newberry Před 12 dny
Love how your dog is just rubbing his ass on your pillow
Monster Mash
Monster Mash Před 15 dny
who is that good boi in the background?
Ludmilla Ludmilla
Ludmilla Ludmilla Před 16 dny
steve's dog is cute & curious 😊
Intoxicated Před 16 dny
0:11 so are we gonna ignore the doggo?
Nixk Music
Nixk Music Před 17 dny
Thanks CSvid
Nixk Music
Nixk Music Před 17 dny
Thanks CSvid
Brad R
Brad R Před 18 dny
This comedian is kinda a whiney lil bitch. They are paying you, not the other way around.
Howie Wowie
Howie Wowie Před 18 dny
Rip doggo
Varunee Hattawong
Varunee Hattawong Před 19 dny
I'm have not been in the US for many years and have not been exposed to the "millennial's" that seem to be such a popular topic and who are described so well in the media. After watching a few of the shows on a random mix of comics I thought this guy was imitating the stereotypical millennial as part of his performance but I now realize that it's not an act lol.
corey Před 20 dny
Lol Andrew funny af
Ankit tiwari
Ankit tiwari Před 20 dny
Just imagine if there was Andrew schulz he would have totally destroyed those hecklers mercilessly
sNippSss bts
sNippSss bts Před 20 dny
So this is how teacher's feel....hmm
Corsair Carl
Corsair Carl Před 20 dny
What is it about hecklers? Like, why waste money and gas just to go to a comedy show and go "I'MMA TRY TO RUIN THIS MAN'S CAREER."
Smoke Před 22 dny
I love how the asshole says" I'm getting the fuck outa here" as if it was his choice.
Anastachios Před 22 dny
toot tall
toot tall Před 22 dny
I will heckle a comic. Just to get their reaction. However, these guys were not heckling, they were just making it hell for both the comedian and the rest of the audience. Some comedians are funniest when they get heckled a bit. I don't care if I'm the butt of the joke, just so people laugh.
Cheek Boy
Cheek Boy Před 23 dny
How to deal with heckler's ? Heckler and koch
Nathaniel Wilder
Nathaniel Wilder Před 23 dny
I apologize you had to put up with that. As someone who lives in Boise, I can confirm there are people from Eagle that act that way.
Nathaniel Wilder
Nathaniel Wilder Před 23 dny
I so wanna see you perform in 2020.
Carlos1584 Před 25 dny
Hi Walter!!!
egfazza Před 26 dny
Anyone focusing on the dog
Prof.Pokeballer Před 26 dny
Drew Lynch would have worked this crowd so hard, hail the king of hecklers!
reanimated6 Před 26 dny
"audience" is a word derrived from latin and means "TO LISTEN". Shut the FUCK up audience.
Tj Braithwaite
Tj Braithwaite Před 27 dny
Id be bored too listening to a dude plug his book for that long...
ThePunikaTV Před 29 dny
At least it looks like the crowd still had fun with all that.
Musa Melody
Musa Melody Před 29 dny
Aw his old man keeps trying to get comfortable
The Last Knight
The Last Knight Před měsícem
If only Andrew Shultz was there to fucking destroy everyone in the crowd
Sam Choi
Sam Choi Před měsícem
So disrespectful 🙄 even children know when to keep mouth shut when someones talking...............
Mathew Weakley
Mathew Weakley Před měsícem
"why are you here?" Got me fin goood
LadyCartoonCritic Před měsícem
Balwinder Ghuman
Balwinder Ghuman Před měsícem
I love the fact that the dog keeps scanning the room like who the f*** is he talking to L0L K-9 0Ut...
Nacholover239 Před měsícem
Boise people are usually nicer then this
MigueDam3 Před měsícem
That Dogue looks lost😂
kevin herrera
kevin herrera Před měsícem
Taking a shit while watching this 😂😂😂
Wyatt Ekalo
Wyatt Ekalo Před měsícem
That dog looks guilty as shit lol
angie c
angie c Před měsícem
Like really why so many talk during show. They dont have respect.
Gregory Fabrizio
Gregory Fabrizio Před měsícem
I know I'm not the first, or last to comment this, but what a cute dog!
NightRider5600 _
NightRider5600 _ Před měsícem
Look at that U N I T D O G G O on da bed
m16chick Před měsícem
That's Eagle, they are entitled rich fucks that think they are above everyone else.
ShineAqua Před měsícem
Trying to pay attention to Steve and in the background is a dog with a massive cock just staring my down.
Pun Midas
Pun Midas Před měsícem
•Sammy •
•Sammy • Před měsícem
Taking a second to appreciate that old feller just chilling in the back for the first couple minutes.
•Sammy •
•Sammy • Před měsícem
He actually comes back into view shot and I must say... that fella has a kissable face.
TooTallPaul Před měsícem
Nobody goes to McDonalds....orders a whopper and jumps the register to yell PUT SPAGHETTI ON THAT!!!
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