[1270] Same Garbage, Different Name... A Common Problem

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So many of you have asked about my video setup... well, this is what I use. All links below are Amazon Affiliate.
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7. 04. 2021





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Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Wasn't anticipating these videos just straight-up hurting my feelings. Like I know it's not me I'm just trying to keep whatever it is that I'm protecting safe. However the people who make the locks clearly don't care.
Chris Pattullo
Chris Pattullo Před dnem
I wonder if there's an algorithm that can search Amazon for these things and post one-line reviews linking to the appropriate LPL review (read: destruction) of the product...
BBX22 Před 2 dny
Go to bad lock jail *b o n k*
Margrete Kjeldsberg
I thought 3x markup was common in retail?
Computer Aided World
Why specifically a urethane mallet?
Nylexmo Před 4 dny
Amazon is a mountain of the same Chinese products but different brands.
Crimson Shadow
Crimson Shadow Před 4 dny
It'd be neat to see some company actually try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, I'd love to see them make a lock that lpl actually struggled to open and wasn't over the top ridiculous
fatehyabali Před 4 dny
YourPresdientBiden UTriggeredBitch
Why don’t they make it so that when you put your fingerprints in then the lock is revealed instead of opened so then it would be unlockable without the fingerprint?
Vikram Sharma
Vikram Sharma Před 8 dny
White Label 😁
Playbahnosh Před 9 dny
Too much credit given. These garbage peddlers all work the same way. It's not only locks, it's literally EVERYTHING. Make something that looks decent on the outside, manufacture it out of the cheapest possible trash available, ship it to a US/EU shell company so it looks legit and sell it at an exorbitant markup. When the 1-star reviews and angry customers demanding their money back come rolling in, just shut down the company, make a new one, change the branding and keep selling the same garbage. They even blatantly use false advertising (or just flat out use another high-quality product's ads with the branding carefully cut out) and counterfeit labels, because they are virtually untouchable: they always switch to a fresh shell company before any legal repercussion can possibly reach them. All the defrauded customers are left with is a receipt and a shipping label for a defunct company, so there is no possible way of legal justice.
Laerei Před 9 dny
A hammer? I bet you can you just pull it open with a sufficient yank.
prabhu profile
prabhu profile Před 9 dny
You should only use hammer when battery in the lock is dead that is the hammer option made for :)
Lionman0707 Před 10 dny
This guy is sick
ike crambell
ike crambell Před 10 dny
New lock comes out lock picking lawyer You dare oppose me mortal
Vault Man
Vault Man Před 11 dny
I think we should just leave everything unlocked. LPL gonna ruin it for all the law abiding citizens 😂
Andreasepicgamin gr✓
Am going to buy it just so i can close and open it. It seems satisfiyng
check out our amazing lockbox www.omconnect.com/views/k12.html #omconnect amz
Salil Nair
Salil Nair Před 11 dny
The Career Ending Lawyer
Farsil Bauhil
Farsil Bauhil Před 11 dny
we used to break into each others lockers in middle school like this. We learned real fast you don’t keep nothing valuable in a locker just hide it.
Margrete Kjeldsberg
The lockers at my school were so dumb, that if you turned the padlock sideways in the door lock, you could open the door. Or, you know, just smash the door close to the lock, so it didn't engage the side of the door anymore. Or just tug on it really hard. Yeah, I didn't use a lock on my locker at all through hs, and we all just kept all sort of dumb shit in there. Guitar picks? Tea? Extra Socks? You'd expect books, and they were there too, but it was mostly amenities, not books.
Sam Judkins
Sam Judkins Před 12 dny
thank you for exposing this terrible brand, heed my words oh great lock picking lawyer, i shalt never purchase any of these locks
LimeLazy Před 12 dny
Literally just smashed it lmao
Kolton finlinson
Kolton finlinson Před 12 dny
Lpl is jerryrigEverything undercover
FatPinarelloRider Před 13 dny
James Burk
James Burk Před 13 dny
All of his videos are missing a disappointed dad sigh after a lock is too easy to get into. When will a lock offer him a challenge? Has he died and his hell is a world of easily destructible security systems? He goes on, for the betterment of us all, and the security of our luggage.
Christopher Thiessen
So that lock isn't granted any special enchantments based upon the runes that the screening press leaves on it?
RCY Před 13 dny
Half of the video is talking about the same product and different brands. The rest is the picking both lucks twice. The whole video is less than 2:25. I don’t know what to say. The locks are really worthless.
jamie harland
jamie harland Před 14 dny
If you are given one for Christmas !! You could see it as a toy !! As it really is a kids toy !! Worthless!! 😂
Akshay kumar Saha
Akshay kumar Saha Před 14 dny
383 dislike.. Might be those resellers 😂
Benjamin Fraser
Benjamin Fraser Před 14 dny
#www.amazon.com.au/OWSOO-Fingerprint-Smartlock-Waterproof-Charging/dp/B07RY45JZ9 its really funny what it says in the description
elyas s.k.n
elyas s.k.n Před 14 dny
Pedro Vanderlei
Pedro Vanderlei Před 15 dny
Do you even need a mallet? Would a rock do the job? Maybe cover it in cloth to protect the hand or something, idk.
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell Před 15 dny
Where you get that urethane mallet?
Papa Shpee
Papa Shpee Před 15 dny
His “okay folks” at the end of each video reminds me of a dad saying “I’m not mad, just disappointed “
ronnette harvey
ronnette harvey Před 15 dny
Your talents are amazing. There are others on CSvid that show how to pick locks but not with the finesse and efficiency as you. Really good for us. Thank you
Chad Před 15 dny
LPL probably buys 100x the number of locks per year as the average user, which makes it ironic that he's inadvertently financially supporting all these bad companies my several multiples over a typical customer.
Charles McCune
Charles McCune Před 15 dny
for the price I take it apart to just get the finger print thing out. Take one a part.
Sergey Semushin
Sergey Semushin Před 15 dny
Seems like something that should be illegal
WarhammerGeek Před 15 dny
The fact you can pop it open and then still reset and use it. You could break in and lock up again on your way out. The target would be none the wiser.
Finn c:
Finn c: Před 15 dny
i only use zipties and chains to lock everything up, ive evolved past locks 😆😋
Neil Smallwood
Neil Smallwood Před 16 dny
Some excellent padlockigami at the end, two beautiful black swans
HellsKat123456789 Před 16 dny
where im from we don't use locks we use GUNS
হাট্টিমাটিমটিম এর ডিম
That's how american buisness works. Copying ir outright stealing other products and selling them at 5-10 times their value. Remember their best selling phone company Apple?
Sloth Před 17 dny
You probably could have opened the lock with the other lock.
Parker E
Parker E Před 17 dny
What is keeping these locks closed? Friction? A piece of scotch tape? You could probably open these things by pulling on it hard enough.
KingTheProtogen Před 17 dny
i guess its a cool lock for if you dont want your brother to get in your room? i guess?
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar Před 18 dny
ik it's easy to open, but it feels so smooth when you open it with finger print
Margrete Kjeldsberg
If only the bypass lock had been at least an Abus. And... that it didn't open if you threatened it with a rock...
A M Před 18 dny
Eventually someone has to invent a lock that the lockpicking lawyer actually struggles with I mean come on? Millions of engineers on the planet not one with an actual idea?
Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter
I use the biggest lock with a mirror finish so a criminal catches a glimpse of himself in the reflection and I stop him with introspection. 🧐 'What are you doing, man? Look at yourself! What have you become? You're better than this. It's not to late to turn this around. Just walk away.' ...Got'im! 😏
Alec Whatshisname
Alec Whatshisname Před 18 dny
*LPL, striding down a corridor, hands clasped behind him, locks lining the walls:* "Here, you are all equally worthless..."
Jason Lock
Jason Lock Před 18 dny
Face reveal at 3 million subs?
The Moon
The Moon Před 19 dny
Wow, cheers for the heads up!
I need more Carrots
I need more Carrots Před 20 dny
lmao they literally invented a toy lock
Picolino Zuu
Picolino Zuu Před 20 dny
Like and saved! Thank you!
Mi 28
Mi 28 Před 20 dny
All they had to do was to make a square head bolt. The thing is digital anyway it doesn't needs to be mechanically convenient.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Před 20 dny
It's so ridiculous that they sell a fingerprint-secured lock that can be popped open with a "toy hammer". It's like a tank running on triple-A batteries LOL
True Vegas
True Vegas Před 21 dnem
They don't even have a gap to latch properly 🙈
mysanalumina Před 21 dnem
You should make a top 10 locks video. After watching your videos all locks seem terrible.
John Před 21 dnem
Pick lock gonna be : ayyyo 👁️👄👁️🔓
Marcus Nevarez
Marcus Nevarez Před 21 dnem
This video makes me wonder if the two locks are actually manufactured by the same company and just rebranded. Probably not the case but still, would like to find out.
Mora trolls
Mora trolls Před 21 dnem
What a piece of crap.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Před 21 dnem
Haha pee hammer
michael ashbrook
michael ashbrook Před 22 dny
youd be better off having a couple heavy duty cable ties than this cheap garbage
Alex Meseck
Alex Meseck Před 22 dny
"Content that could be viewed as repetitive" [1270] Idk why, but I stumbled on this channel and like the videos. I don't have a passion for locks, but the videos are really soothing and interesting.
Tea Cup
Tea Cup Před 22 dny
can you pick Xiaomi smartlock W6Q4?
Adre Fireblade
Adre Fireblade Před 23 dny
Are you sure this item's purpose even is to lock something? Seeing that makes me suspect that this is just supposed to be an accessory for a visual upgrade to whatever object you attach it to - just lock-shaped.
Rats Před 23 dny
What a fucking joke... Do they test this shit even ONCE before production? SUCH A HUGE FUCKING WASTE
青说见解Dr. LJ
青说见解Dr. LJ Před 23 dny
Anuj Falcon
Anuj Falcon Před 23 dny
Now my lock will be safe.
Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett Před 23 dny
Expose them!!!
Jesse Dishner
Jesse Dishner Před 23 dny
I used to sell cars for a living. Some of my favorite clients were lawyers. They had a very calm, reasonable way of presenting information, even if it was completely contrary to the information I was presenting, and typically kept their emotions out of the bargaining process.
SunriseOverIbiza Před 23 dny
im the nosepickinglawyer
Deegan Dow
Deegan Dow Před 23 dny
Teacher: You cant make a career breaking into locked things Lockpickinglawyer:BET
Rap Solano
Rap Solano Před 23 dny
The calm savagery.
Dave Don
Dave Don Před 23 dny
BS. Products in alibaba is fake. May work for a while but. If you have got money to throw away then please.
Jovke Zmaj
Jovke Zmaj Před 24 dny
voice 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Perfect Před 24 dny
the only problem is that you are teaching people how to break it
infirmux Před 24 dny
any part name? INternal identifier? Same certificate?
Itzzz ya boi connor Deee
tbh id still cop cos only ppl i be hiding crap from is my family and friends who too dumb to go to your channel or a similar one😂
Gottapu Sairam Sushant
You are hard, but you are fair.
Bear Ursidae
Bear Ursidae Před 24 dny
See i don’t mind watching ads for you lpl
Teresa & Den TV
Teresa & Den TV Před 24 dny
Omg useless lock!
Edit Před 24 dny
Called the Lockpicking Lawyer and yet, no picks in sight for this one ...
Marshall Lenhart
Marshall Lenhart Před 24 dny
Many locks can be destroyed by a hammer, not many can be unlocked...
Guppusmaximus Před 24 dny
This is probably the only channel on CSvid where repetitive content is extremely appreciated. Whenever I'm shopping for a lock, I always check your library first to help make an informed decision and having videos that accurately reflect the saturation of the market with garbage are priceless. Thank You!
And Stu
And Stu Před 24 dny
I want one that really works, they look so cool!
someuser Před 24 dny
What a piece of shit lock. Thank god for this channel exposing the cheap bastards out there.
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton Před 24 dny
Your The Man! , :-)
Bessie Around the World
Way to go China, for continuing to flood the entire idiotic consuming world, with your cheap quality garbage. Thanks for all the great videos. I've learned much from them.
lity fity
lity fity Před 24 dny
Eric Jones
Eric Jones Před 24 dny
Just saw this lock in an instagram add that had a different brand
DelOk Před 24 dny
Хах. Метод, которым мы в детстве вскрывали советские амбарные замки до сих пор работает. Пожалуйста, не подумайте, что мы что-то воровали. Мы это делали со своими замками, просто забавы ради.
candy Před 25 dny
robbers watching his videos noted
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant Před 25 dny
use the sensor to control something else!!
PracticePatch Před 25 dny
All that development cost for a product that's completely useless. Back to the drawing board!
abox5 Před 25 dny
Chinese made and worthless. That’s redundant.
perfect Cell
perfect Cell Před 25 dny
Me just wanting to put a lock on my locker to protect my candy. What if my co worker watches this.. my snickers are not safe!!
Margrete Kjeldsberg
The only lock you can use reliably, is being secretive. If you "don't have candy", they can't steal it. Locks generally only keep the honest people out.
Luckybyte Před 25 dny
Why do you need a jello hammer to open it why not a normal mallet
RiskyVibez Před 25 dny
Just found his review on Amazon lmaooooo
Adel Cruz
Adel Cruz Před 25 dny
I don’t even trust any lock anymore after finding you
[1272] Good Job Master Lock... Kinda.
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