12 BRUTAL Smartphone Fails they want you to forget.

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My Top 12 Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 3), featuring fails from Sony, to Nokia, to Windows phone...
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27. 05. 2020





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Mrwhosetheboss Před měsícem
Thanks for watching! Definitely stay till the end on this one, I don't think you'll regret it 😉 For the other Smartphone fails videos: csvid.net/video/video-_tq4Pb0OBYE.html
Miciso Před 5 dny
o still have my 3310 with the original skin. and battery still works well. like how? it lasted over 20 years.
Rajesh chinna
Rajesh chinna Před 13 dny
Stop discourageing SONY 😈
ninjademon61 Před 16 dny
Right when you did the Sony Xperia joke and advert for the new phone played lol 😂
Every Day
Every Day Před 18 dny
If you don't like it please stop talking about it, because of you those companies are going to face a lot of trouble...
alpenglow studio
alpenglow studio Před 19 dny
HTC ??
jon doglegs
jon doglegs Před 10 hodinami
. . . ... Hourargh !!
Jeckson Alves
Jeckson Alves Před 11 hodinami
Sony phones always seemed outdated, underspec and ugly... Buying one was a mad choice.
Itihas Adhikari
Itihas Adhikari Před 12 hodinami
Oh i just realised i have a samsung with exynos on it
EMG Top 5
EMG Top 5 Před 15 hodinami
Everyone gangsta until arun becomes an actor
Samara Irvine
Samara Irvine Před 15 hodinami
OML after the intro to the p.h.o.n.e.s skit i got an add for the xperia 1 2 wth
Kevin Andersen
Kevin Andersen Před 16 hodinami
I don't believe Apple really had intentions to sell the "plastic iphones", it was more likely just PR. Just like the wheels for the iMac.
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing Před 17 hodinami
17:40 Apple Fanboys:
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing Před 17 hodinami
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing Před 17 hodinami
3:22 A top end iPhone or a monitor stand?
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing Před 17 hodinami
The biggest one is Apple's damn notch.
Tanto H
Tanto H Před 18 hodinami
I just think Sony has this what I called Japanese company syndrome, they are too high strung, they try to control everything and very old fashioned.
Ugly Stick
Ugly Stick Před 18 hodinami
people would buy shit on the stick for big money as long it has apple logo on it.
Zia Ihsan
Zia Ihsan Před 20 hodinami
note 7 explode ???
Jennie Cockburn
Jennie Cockburn Před 20 hodinami
Also the Sony phones were heating up to horrific temperatures. I had 3 replaced because of this fault, so I changed to Huawei.
v6s4kas Před 21 hodinou
iPhone 5c wasn’t so bad iPhone 6 was in my opinion mutch worse
Valorsphere Před 22 hodinami
I loved my windows phone
RJW Před 22 hodinami
Henthrad Před 22 hodinami
Watching this on an Xperia 5, a really great quality device with the weirdest of fails: a really bad fingerprint sensor. Imagine this: the FIRST interaction with a phone each and every time is unlocking it (apart from just checking the time maybe). So THIS is the experience you, as a company, wouldn't want to ruin. And they did just that. It takes so much from the experience of this device, and given that they call their phones 'Xperia', it's just plain stupid to ruin the Xperia experience with such a simple thing.
pranav moudgalya
pranav moudgalya Před dnem
You forgot XA series #XAmatters I'm watching this on xa1
nokia is kinda reappearing
Geoj Baturiano
Geoj Baturiano Před dnem
Arun should start a new Netflix show
Simon Höglund
Simon Höglund Před dnem
I wont buy an xperia tomorrow which was planned lol
Smiley Sensei
Smiley Sensei Před dnem
13:20 - 13:30 *BARS*
ahahadelaaijde Před dnem
That friends clip I- biggest flex
Honda Land
Honda Land Před dnem
windows mobile when it was actually like a tiny computer was so much better than the square design they came out with to match the xbox and then on to windows 10. but you should look into windows phones before this operating system. like the tmoble MDA and other phones like it. palm came with it as well. they were actually first and then took steps backwards
Christopher Hamilton
Loved the video but so many ads, like wtf? And the same ones over and over...
Slothy !
Slothy ! Před dnem
as you were talking the sony phones... i got a song ad xD
Upset Drones
Upset Drones Před dnem
Isn't it funny that as soon as the video finished, I get an ad for the Xperia 1II
Rytis Před dnem
Ordered S10. Researched it more after because i was hyped. Saw what the fail is exynos. Canceled order.
Coding Tricks
Coding Tricks Před 2 dny
I'm a tech person and I love all @Mrwhosetheboss videos and honestly, this is my favorite one just because of the humor. @Mrwhosetheboos put so much thought into this video that honestly, I think this is his best video yet. GREAT JOB MAN! 😂😂
Crawlz Před 2 dny
Yooo I was just thinking about phonebloks. I wondered what happened to that.
Naomi Melina Raab
Naomi Melina Raab Před 2 dny
The 5c was bomb af. I didn’t have one but my friend did and it was cool. Back then we didn’t really care about anything other than it was pretty and it had games tho so not really a high bar
jon doglegs
jon doglegs Před 10 hodinami
First iphone i had. Good enough, still better than the samsung i had.
Dana Scoles
Dana Scoles Před 2 dny
Worked for Verizon during the kin. Our store sold 200 kins to basically homeless people and the poor cause they could get free wifi from Starbucks...
NASA Před 2 dny
Petition for Mrwhosetheboss to make the maximum fail meter up to 20 so we can have 4/20
James Eden
James Eden Před 2 dny
I liked my Xperia z1s (t mobile variant) the only problem was that this variant had slightly different dimensions meaning case options were next to non existent. Also the stupid charge port flap..
VapeTime Před 2 dny
I'm happy Samsung withstood the battle lol....I'm all in the Samsung ecosystem and I love it. I'm a Samsung fan. Not fanboy, just a fan.
Pagani Zonda S Roadster
This guy is so dsmn good at explaining. I love it. Lew just jabbering in all his video like he has a beef with a particular company
Okhae Adeleye
Okhae Adeleye Před 2 dny
Funny enough I got a Sony Xperia 1II while the Netflix clip was running.
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh Před 2 dny
Xperia play 10/10 you need to make a 2020 version of it Then I will reduce it to 1/10
roccox09TWO Před 2 dny
imagine if he advises to buy a pre built pc THEN id be mad
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards Před 2 dny
Just offering my first hand experience, I actually used a nextbit Robin for about a year and and a half I absolutely loved it, yes the app disappearing problem was annoying, but the apps redownload fairly fast and the icon was always where you had previously set it, BUT the major issue I had with it besides the occasional fingerprint scanner lag, was that one day out of the blue, the battery took a colossal dump and since the back was not removable, it was rendered unusable, after that it would hold a charge for about 15 minutes, but while I had it I enjoyed it allot, unfortunately it ran marshmallow and obviously no one wants that now, but I didn't hate the phone, plus at the time I bought it, it was only $180 and I got the midnight blue edition which was impossible to find.
John C
John C Před 2 dny
I agree with everything except for what made Sony phones so bad. Naming is hardly the issue here. If you can buy a good product who cares about the Name. Their problem was outdated designs, lack of innovation, average /poor photo quality plus a lot of reliability issues. I owned 3 Xperia smart phones. The hardware issues ranged from :loose/damaged flaps, screen issues, poor battery and poor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth reception. After the latter happened I've changed to Google phones...
Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma Před 2 dny
when i saw Netflix: "Oh...an ad! cool."
엠시emsi Před 2 dny
"And it also ended up on reddit" Dang what r/ did they use?
GavinYT Před 2 dny
sony sponsoring this video? i am like wtf? lol almost had me there
Coolghost Před 2 dny
When is said you can drop one of these and break the floor🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kenci _43
Kenci _43 Před 2 dny
Do a reviev of an huawei nova 5t pls
Leonard Nicholas
Leonard Nicholas Před 2 dny
13:56 truer words were never spoken.
Jordan Haleigh
Jordan Haleigh Před 2 dny
Omg me and my older sister had the kin phones and we literally LOVED them 🤣 We still think about how much we miss that phone to this day and I didn't even know it was hated. Always wondered what happened to it.
Alex Bonham
Alex Bonham Před 2 dny
I think you are right on Sony phones. They have lost their way should have improved on z range and build on quality of cameras. That's why I got Sony phones now I have jumped to Samsung as they have better quality cameras than Sony.
Matthew James
Matthew James Před 2 dny
i don't know who runs sony now but they don't know how to adapt to a changing media environment to promote their products..
Ahmed Farhan
Ahmed Farhan Před 3 dny
ohh! poor sony You still not wanna send the new phones to Mrwhosetheboss?:(
Aryan Kashyap
Aryan Kashyap Před 3 dny
When I saw the Netflix clip I thought that the ad placement was bad!!
svnbit Před 3 dny
I accidentally dropped my Nokia "bar phone" into my pint, we watched it spark in the glass as we just laughed for a few seconds. It was a phone I bought between phones when I dropped my early adopted razr with no insurance plan needed a new hinge. After all that it reeked of beer and still worked without a flaw until my repaired unlocked razr arrived locked to a network I didnt use.
i paul
i paul Před 3 dny
What Google did was they created or brought companies and resources that helped them in providing excellent services in future. For example CSvid and a lot more...Ooops, Microsoft forgetted that part.
i paul
i paul Před 3 dny
Windows in Nokia was top quality...Just ahead of time.... And a little overpriced, RIGHT?
Eduardo Andres Serrato
Surprised he didn't mention HTC instead of SONY
Carbon 14
Carbon 14 Před 3 dny
I owned three different Windows Phones. They kept hinting towards the end that they intended on having Windows ph that would allow Android aps to be installed, but it never came to pass.
PhaserPanda 527
PhaserPanda 527 Před 3 dny
They named the xperia like a Final Fantasy game
FIXTREME Před 3 dny
Sony went all Xbox on their naming system
iiDonutGamezz 35
iiDonutGamezz 35 Před 3 dny
CTmacintosh86 Před 3 dny
I still remember I kinda got scamed by Samsung. I bought a Samsung J7 Plus for my mum because it had great specs for the time. But I was more happy that it came with their Exynos processor that runs 2.1ghz. But when I got the phone and set it up for my mum, it has a Mediatek processor instead which was usually found in cheaper smartphones. The specs on their fliers and website says it has a Exynos processor, not a mediaTek processor.
HighTower Před 3 dny
I loved my Xperia Play till it was to slow. With some mods you got so many games to play.
Jay'Ce Crenshaw
Jay'Ce Crenshaw Před 3 dny
I really hope Sony watched this Video and they improved their Phone. I only use mostly Samsung and Sony Products, Phone included. I'm actually using both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Sony Xperia XZ. Personally I think Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra was Sony Best Sony Xperia they ever Designed. I gave to my Friend and she dropped it and a Repair Shop Destroyed it. I agree with you though, I been saying for years, Sony is bad at Advertising their Products, especially their Phones. If it's not the PlayStation or their TV's, you won't know about it. It's one of the Biggest Reasons the PlayStation Vita Failed, that and the fact it took Sony forever to bring the Price down on the Vita. I still Believe Sony can make a Huge comeback with their Xperia Line if they watched similar videos, see and hear what their doing wrong and Capitalize on what their doing Right. I miss the Xperia Tablets, Laptops and Sony Smartwatches. I still hope for a PlayStation Vita 2.
Ravindu Madushan
Ravindu Madushan Před 3 dny
waiting for the next season of P.H.O.N.E.S
google kullanıcısı
I said it years before, sony is stupid.
Alosius Griffiths
Alosius Griffiths Před 4 dny
the only problem with sony's phones are the differences between phones.. i used to have xperia z, and woah, that phone is so good.. especially the speaker sound imo.. but seeing their next phones dont have a lot of difference, i lost my interest.. and the thing that made xperia z a thing back then for me was the water resistant, the walkman, and sound
Alosius Griffiths
Alosius Griffiths Před 4 dny
in my country, snapdragons smartphones that is decent enough are rare to come by.. either they replaced it, or never released it in my country.. i just hope they changed this..
Pedro dos Santos
Pedro dos Santos Před 4 dny
I would love an updated version of the LG Optimus 3D
2015 YIU_QIAN_YU Před 4 dny
before watching this video: Me: *GETS SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH A PHONE GREATNESS AD*
MinecraftGenetics Před 4 dny
If I learned how to make a website, once I become a professional I would make a website named: ripescobarmobile
Special K
Special K Před 4 dny
Dam! I was watching the last smartphone fails video thinking a modular phone would be awesome, you could pick and upgrade bits you wanted, how quick my dreams fell apart during this video, guess im glad i didnt sink my life savings into a "butal smartphone fails" entry lol
Ashraf Kimi
Ashraf Kimi Před 4 dny
That's not even a convincing reason to rate the first brand bad, just because of the models name. Perhaps it is just about the personal issue. As a fans of Sony, I admitted that Sony maybe not good enough in these past years on their phone products. They didn't even focus much on the basic main specifications, the cpu, the RAM and the internal. Compared to others brand that provided better basic main specs with an affordable price. Sony lose their market in many several countries due to 'a bit expensive' price. Overall, sony drop much than before. Their personal computer product drop due to vaio goes independent. And the comeback from vaio without sony also bit disappointing because of the price that doesn't seem so worth to be purchase. And if Sony want to keep in touch like the old days, they need to improvise their products and marketing to overcome these problems or else they'll slowly drown years by years. Beyond of my comments, it is just my own opinions. I actually love the contents that you show us. Most of it really make sense. Thanks Arun.
Toufiq Ahmed
Toufiq Ahmed Před 4 dny
I have to say the way you observe every phone and why didn't it work it's really really good
Magic mushroom
Magic mushroom Před 4 dny
Got a Netflix ad right after u did the friends bit at the end... good to know my FBI agent isn’t lacking 😂😂
The High Pineapple
The High Pineapple Před 4 dny
Still sad about Windows phones. That OS is something I'd still use to this day had it enough app support.
Sebasstain Castellanos
Yeah it looked appealing 🙁
OdyssianXX Před 4 dny
When he says "Zed" Everyone with American Accent: 👁👄👁
KureciNaGrilu Před 4 dny
Biggest trash was sony xperia J I had it for a couple of months and i wanted a new phone. It just stoped working when i did nothing
grand finally
grand finally Před 4 dny
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