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Brittney Gonzales
Brittney Gonzales Před minutou
He said “how I do it” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emily Hernandez-Rodriguez
Give her both last names! I’m Hernandez-Rodriguez. But it’s a cute name! $emilyheernandezr
Angely Valdez
Angely Valdez Před 2 minutami
Cassie Rosa
Cassie Rosa Před 2 minutami
I really love that name you all are going to be such good parents $cassierosa23
Brittney Gonzales
Brittney Gonzales Před 2 minutami
Lmao girl if you’re going to get married & take Es last name, it would be nice for you all to have the same last name. 💕
Alana Campos
Alana Campos Před 3 minutami
OMG I LOVE THAT NAME😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰 so beautiful
D B Před 3 minutami
That’s such a cute name 🥺
Jocelyne Gonzalez
Jocelyne Gonzalez Před 3 minutami
Put ur last name to elsy my kids have my last name
elahiny portillo
elahiny portillo Před 4 minutami
That is such a beautiful name! I have never met anyone with a name like mine until now! I have met girls named Laney or Elane but never that close to my name which is Elahiny! It’s just spelled differently. Congratulations you two! 💓💖💞
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 4 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 4 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Georgia Goodwin
Georgia Goodwin Před 4 minutami
Why does she have to have your lastname “ cause we are gonna get married ” oh yeah huh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 4 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 4 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 5 minutami
I’m y’all number 1 onggg!!!😭😭❤️❤️❤️ Cash app: $joselynaracily
Jackee Baez
Jackee Baez Před 5 minutami
Working in the medical field just do one last name, it would be complicated . I’m Mexican , parents born and raised in Mexico and my mom didn’t give me her last name. It
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 5 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Joselyn Aracily
Joselyn Aracily Před 5 minutami
Cash app: $joselynaracily
Desirae Castaneda
Desirae Castaneda Před 5 minutami
Is Guevara your moms maiden name??
Brittney Gonzales
Brittney Gonzales Před 6 minutami
Omg no one liked my sons name Camden when I was pregnant & once he was born they said it’s perfect for him. Hahah everyone’s going to have their opinion.
Yajaira IM
Yajaira IM Před 6 minutami
i know a girl name elani but it's pronounced like eh-la-knee but i think the way y'all have chosen to pronounce it is super pretty also 💕 i hope the birth goes smoothly and we get to see your baby girl soon 💓
Desirae Castaneda
Desirae Castaneda Před 6 minutami
Do both last names. But for sure dads last name
Party of 3 - Delvalle
Party of 3 - Delvalle Před 7 minutami
That photographer was passionate about her job! Count how many times she said “Yess” ! 🥴🤣❤️ $TDarlene0309
Nor Calleja
Nor Calleja Před 7 minutami
Yes, you should post a vid of him speaking Spanish!!!
Ruth Hernandez
Ruth Hernandez Před 7 minutami
Can’t wait to see her in the videos 🥰🥺 $rvthh
Karina Pastor
Karina Pastor Před 7 minutami
I love it! I just gave my baby her daddy’s last name just because my last name is long but I cant wait to see baby E! $KarinaPastor
Nana Kt
Nana Kt Před 8 minutami
it’s not Americanized elsy🤣 but still it’s a beautiful name! I love it! ❤️
Nana Kt
Nana Kt Před 6 minutami
And as an Hawaiian Lani for us means heaven😍
Mariah Munoz
Mariah Munoz Před 8 minutami
What a beautiful name, I love it! I say if you guys are planning on being together forever or married and you’re planning on taking his last name maybe just gates? It’s up to you though 💕
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Před 9 minutami
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂 she can call her estupida 💀💀💀 $ashhhleym076
Justine Galindo
Justine Galindo Před 9 minutami
I love how your just glowing Elsy!!! $justinamija
Desirae Castaneda
Desirae Castaneda Před 9 minutami
I named my son Elijah and nobody liked it. I still love it 4 yrs later
Lucy Ramos
Lucy Ramos Před 10 minutami
Your belly is super cute, I can’t wait to see your maternity pics! 😍😍 $lovely29lucy
Gloria Quirino
Gloria Quirino Před 10 minutami
Ugh so love the name!! It’s a cute combo! 🥺💕 Most Hispanic parents don’t put the mother’s last name it’s just the fathers. Which is okay 🤷🏻‍♀️
Belen Rodriguez
Belen Rodriguez Před 10 minutami
Love that name!!❤️
Karen Castillo
Karen Castillo Před 10 minutami
Love it!! 💗 My daughters name is Ailani and we call her Lani most of the time 😅 $karencastill0
Maria Duran
Maria Duran Před 10 minutami
Awww yay!!! Congrats you guys! 🥰 $DuranMa
Gabz Pulido
Gabz Pulido Před 10 minutami
Yassss hunny ❤️
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez Před 10 minutami
Your so beautiful and the baby bump looks beautiful🥰🥰 it looks like a turkey 🤣🤣 $ashleyhernandez24
Sel Rdgz
Sel Rdgz Před 10 minutami
“She can just call her estupida” lmfao 😂 I love y’all. $selrdgz 💗
Leslie Morales
Leslie Morales Před 11 minutami
Ehlani Elsy Gates-Guevara / Gates De Guevara ????????????????? You can do that
Jaylene Alanis
Jaylene Alanis Před 11 minutami
i think Elahni would’ve been a prettier spelling but love the name, so cute and unique 💓💓 $jaylenealaniss
Rubii MA XoXo
Rubii MA XoXo Před 11 minutami
Aww cute my nieces name is Alani.
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez Před 11 minutami
How cute! I love the name :) keep both last names, it’s important & you never know. $jelo97
Brianaatthedisco !
Brianaatthedisco ! Před 12 minutami
The name is soooo cute❤️🥰 $brianaanunezz
Graciella Santos
Graciella Santos Před 12 minutami
I just noticed I wasn’t subscribed and I’ve been watching you since forever! 😂💜 cashapp @ssxgraacee
Brianna Escalante
Brianna Escalante Před 13 minutami
That name is so beautiful 😍
jarelys martinez
jarelys martinez Před 13 minutami
Do bothhhh last namessss
Deborah Garduno
Deborah Garduno Před 15 minutami
I like her name its unique. Excited to see your shoot. Cant wait to meet your princess. $DeborahGardunoVigil
pinkxoxo Před 15 minutami
Love the name!!! 🥰💕Congratulations again to you both cant wait till shes here
haysel513 Před 15 minutami
I loveeeeeeeeee that name!!!!! I have a baby Emilia... now I know its super common 😐
Cynthia Guzman
Cynthia Guzman Před 16 minutami
Love you & your family 🥺❤️ $sinncynn
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez Před 17 minutami
I love your daughters name ! My daughters name is mia alanny❤️😭 my mom said the same thing “how do you say that in Spanish?”when we told her too 🤣👍🏻 many blessings to you & your little family 💐$michellep919
Alexis Zapata
Alexis Zapata Před 17 minutami
That’s such a cute name! Congrats again to you both I’m so excited for you ! ❤️❤️❤️ $alexisrzapata
Abigail Salazar
Abigail Salazar Před 18 minutami
I loveee🥺😍 $aabiigailll
Jaylene Batista
Jaylene Batista Před 18 minutami
I love the name! It’s different, never met anyone with that name $jayleneb1
Socorro Marino
Socorro Marino Před 18 minutami
Her names is sooo cute honestly I don’t have my moms last name and it made me sad but at the same time I didn’t want my name to be long it’s honestly up to you two $socorro58
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez Před 19 minutami
“because we’re gonna get married” 🥺🥺💓 $miichelle6
Celinette Francisco
Celinette Francisco Před 19 minutami
I think it’s perfect 😍🥺 I think you should keep it Ehlani Elsy Gates‼️❤️ $celifrancisco
Daniella Esquivel
Daniella Esquivel Před 20 minutami
Alondra Celis
Alondra Celis Před 20 minutami
in spanish its E-LAN - I
Alondra Celis
Alondra Celis Před 21 minutou
its actually cute, in the spanish community its their name ,middle name and the fathers last name and the mothers last name after but thats optional
Adela Flores Sanchez
Adela Flores Sanchez Před 22 minutami
I love that name
Martha Barajas
Martha Barajas Před 22 minutami
You should add both last names so her initial can look “balanced” (idk if that makes sense)😂 so it can look like this “EEGG” haha omg it’s gonna spell egg😂 que cute 💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Marisa 27
Marisa 27 Před 23 minutami
What you could do is after her middle name put your least name them his
Bianca Espinoza
Bianca Espinoza Před 24 minutami
Omg you did not say EGG 😂😂 I’m fucking dead💀 me and my daughter couldn’t stop laughing. Who thinks of that lol by the way very pretty name, my daughter’s name is Leilani so kinda close. $bee1019
Alicianna Miner
Alicianna Miner Před 24 minutami
I got emotional during this video 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭❤️❤️
Jen Alvarez
Jen Alvarez Před 24 minutami
It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep your last name or take his it’s 2020 lol. You can also hyphenate Guevara-Gates, or Guevara de Gates. As for the baby just Gates would be good 😊
Pita Hdz
Pita Hdz Před 24 minutami
Her name is beautiful and so unique!! 💕
Hannah Escamilla
Hannah Escamilla Před 24 minutami
I love the name😍😍 so unique!!!!!💗💗🥺 $hescamilla11
Texas Bc
Texas Bc Před 25 minutami
Love you 💕 can’t wait to meet her
GLORIA LOPEZ Před 25 minutami
Love the name 🎀 $mslopez1011
Anna Tlapa
Anna Tlapa Před 25 minutami
For decades my great grandmother, grandmother, mother have never given up their last last and even before them but I dislike having to write for names on all official documents . When a paper or website asks for your full name I write my name , middle name , dad’s last name , moms last name
Anna Tlapa
Anna Tlapa Před 24 minutami
Susana Torres
Susana Torres Před 25 minutami
I love the name its so cute 💖 $susy1369
ESAA LINDAA Před 26 minutami
Just the cutest 🥰🥰 omg your family is going to be cute af cause y’all some cuties 💛 $TQLINDAA
Yurykuas Journey
Yurykuas Journey Před 26 minutami
It’s a cute name idk why people don’t like it I wanted to name my Daugther that buy god sent me another boy
Riana Pria
Riana Pria Před 27 minutami
Girl my initial are “R.I.P.” deadass😭😂😂😂 £Rianaaa22
Sherrie Denise Salcido
Sherrie Denise Salcido Před 27 minutami
Love the name super cute and unique ❤️
Yurykuas Journey
Yurykuas Journey Před 27 minutami
It’s a cute name idk why people don’t like it I wanted to name my Daugther that buy god sent me another boy
Yurykuas Journey
Yurykuas Journey Před 27 minutami
It’s a cute name idk why people don’t like it I wanted to name my Daugther that buy god sent me another boy
Monse Ramos
Monse Ramos Před 27 minutami
She is supposed to have her dads last name because hes in the picture. Some moms that dont have the dad in the picture will just use there own last name but she should be a Gates and you may also add your to it but my kids only have there dads. 🥰 loved her name BTW 😍
Riana Pria
Riana Pria Před 27 minutami
That’s a Beautiful name!🥺❤️
Ricarda Dooline
Ricarda Dooline Před 27 minutami
“This is his life now” “I love hot Cheetos” Same 😂 $caaarda
Julissa Tellez
Julissa Tellez Před 28 minutami
EGG 🥚 AWEEE😂😂❤️ so cute itsjulieeexo
Natali Vasquez
Natali Vasquez Před 29 minutami
I'm dead that he's addicted to hot cheetos now 😂, that's what happens when you date a latinaaa. I can't wait until your baby is here😍 $nvasq00
Maritza Jordan
Maritza Jordan Před 29 minutami
I did not give my kids my last name and when I got married I dropped my last name also lol
Nia Madison
Nia Madison Před 29 minutami
I’m literally so happy for you 🥺 you deserve all of it. I wish nothing but a healthy rest of your pregnancy and delivery. Definitely should let me made her some little shoes lol. $niawiththecurls15
qsluuu. lol
qsluuu. lol Před 30 minutami
it’s such a beautiful & unique name .🥺
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez Před 30 minutami
Your mom can call her Lani
Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez Před 31 minutou
That’s such a beautiful name for your babygirl 🥰
Indira Lopez
Indira Lopez Před 31 minutou
I think the name you guys chose is nice☺️ But I would say just his last name. $ibld93
Bryanna Shaver
Bryanna Shaver Před 31 minutou
Personally I just gave my daughter my boyfriends last name. My boyfriend has both his mom and his dads last name and is always complaining about having his moms because his name is so much longer and has to write it all out for a lot of things. 😩 but it’s all up to you girl, fun thing about becoming a mama nobody can tell you what to do it’s your decision😉 well your boos too lol $bryannashavrr
Kim Rodriguez
Kim Rodriguez Před 32 minutami
You're so pretty Elsy! The babies going to look so pretty! Cashapp: $Kimyr1
lesloe Před 32 minutami
me and my sisters were thinking something crazy when you said not many people liked it and then you said the name and we were all like 😱😱😱 ! It’s CUTE lol! It’s so original yet girly. 💕💕💕✨ $lesliechavez14
Abigail Medina
Abigail Medina Před 33 minutami
I love that name it’s beautiful I think she should have dads last name that’s usually how it goes for example if you had a boy he carries dads last name because they carry the last name in marriage 🤷🏻‍♀️
Alejandra Lemus
Alejandra Lemus Před 33 minutami
9:20 thank me later ❤️
Brianna Sandoval
Brianna Sandoval Před 34 minutami
I love baby e’s name super cute and unique!!😍💕 Maybe you should include your last name just for your mom but she’ll really be going by Gates it doesn’t hurt to have both 🤗 $brisandsm
Gumbie Marie
Gumbie Marie Před 35 minutami
You look so goood✨ Can’t wait for all of us to meet her! $mariejanexo
laura mason
laura mason Před 36 minutami
what if you give her both last names! in colombian culture children are given two last names first the paternal and second the maternal
Lailana Andrade
Lailana Andrade Před 36 minutami
I looooove the name!!! It’s so unique and beautiful ❤️ $lanalai
Yasmeen Chavez
Yasmeen Chavez Před 36 minutami
I love the name it’s unique 💗💗💗💘💘💘$ bbgyaas