Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson is a writer/director of narrative film, outside of the documentary, MY BROTHER JORDAN.
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Noel Bishop
Noel Bishop Před 7 hodinami
These are beautiful people. Top to bottom. I cry mostly for the fact ive never met, or never been as loving as these people.
Cangaroo Five
Cangaroo Five Před 7 hodinami
You are an amazing brother <3
Ta Manh Dung
Ta Manh Dung Před 7 hodinami
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Jan Hockenhull
Jan Hockenhull Před 7 hodinami
Wow wow wow!!! I cried like I knew him. You made me want to know him. What a great young man!!
Ineke Před 7 hodinami
Its great. Made me cry and remember my late dad. I'm sorry for your loss and feel your pain. This is a great memorial!
Lara Před 7 hodinami
Ow my heart :( . I'm so sorry Justin
Chad Stapleton
Chad Stapleton Před 7 hodinami
This is the most beautifully put together life story I’ve ever seen! I honestly feel blessed for having seen the story of Jordan, and his family, and friends!! Thanks for sharing this with the world!! God bless!! Take care and stay safe!!
Natalie Suzanne Brawner
Natalie Suzanne Brawner Před 8 hodinami
YES! I feel honored to be graced with Jordan’s story. It almost felt like we knew each other. I can’t believe that can happen just by watching something. Thank you.
Sam a Bäká
Sam a Bäká Před 8 hodinami
The best documentary I ever seen this is the best bond,and Jordan may you Rest In Peace I bet that he is so proud of you and the family,I hope you can do this and continue on in life this documentary changed the way I think I should stop being so selfish and maybe be more like Jordan..your an inspiration and especially Jordan
Pam Howard
Pam Howard Před 8 hodinami
OMG. I cried so hard! Bless u all❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Linnea Hypher
Linnea Hypher Před 8 hodinami
I think about this movie everyday and remids me how great this fim is, i am starstruk! I didnt know him but i love you Jordan<3
rekt puss
rekt puss Před 8 hodinami
I can feel the devotion that you put into the story of your brothers life, be proud. Some voids can never be filled again in this life but I truly believe those voids are so we meet again in the next.
N. Bid
N. Bid Před 9 hodinami
Beautiful man, beautiful documentary. RIP Jordan. Condolences to the family and friends.
Shortmama Couponer
Shortmama Couponer Před 9 hodinami
I never meet Jordan & this documentary made me feel like he was apart of my life. This is a very beautiful documentary and I'm so sorry for your loss.
coldaswinter2 Před 9 hodinami
Thanks for sharing the story of your brother Jordan, it’s hard loosing a sibling but for the siblings who are more than blood related it’s even harder people grow up and say I want to find my soul mate and they go searching but because God is good it’s right in front of you in the form of a sibling. May God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus Christ
talisa0225 Před 9 hodinami
Beautiful made but so sad 😔
Lindelwa Gamedze
Lindelwa Gamedze Před 9 hodinami
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺this is a beautiful story Justin, loosing someone you love to cancer is the worst this video just tore me up, i lost my sister in 2015 and that pain wow this video just evoked so many emotions.. thank you for sharing your incredible brother with the world
J T Před 10 hodinami
Thank you for sharing your brothers legacy with the world. Not everyday you get to watch a documentary about someone who made such a genuine mark on so many peoples life.
Leigh Villacrusis
Leigh Villacrusis Před 10 hodinami
My deepest condolence to your family Justin Jordan will be watching you from above...
Leigh Villacrusis
Leigh Villacrusis Před 10 hodinami
Rip Jordan you will be missed Gone but never forgotten
Areena Myers
Areena Myers Před 10 hodinami
This is the most moving and beautiful testimony to a life... Your brilliance is beyond measure just like the love thats shown here.
Lowry Shank
Lowry Shank Před 10 hodinami
Lost my son Jason in a car crash Sept. 19, 2004. Never heard it spelled out in reality but Justin got it perfectly, " When you lose someone you truly love the pain never goes away, you just bleed out " . That's exactly as it should be. Thanks Justin, very heartfelt , brought back great memories of my son Jason and many tears exactly as it should be.
Ra'shawd Living
Ra'shawd Living Před 11 hodinami
I watched this movie with my bestfriend and I’ve watched it 10 times since! I love this ❤️! RIP Jordan.
OnlyAriB Před 11 hodinami
I lost my dad in 2016 and I cry every day missing him.. This documentary perfectly explained how much I miss him and how loosing him is hurting me everyday especially since people always say “time heals all wounds” it doesn’t for me either but you took the pain and turn it into this beautiful legacy of Jordan 💙🙏🏾✨
Jamileh Sabiri
Jamileh Sabiri Před 12 hodinami
Justin Robinson, what a gutsy, authentic documentary. I am deeply sorry for your loss of Jordan.
Jinxie B.
Jinxie B. Před 12 hodinami
Hands down one of the best documentaries ever made...Jordan will live on in all those beautiful hearts, minds & souls he touched......Thank you for sharing Jordan with the world.
drino zhao
drino zhao Před 12 hodinami
The people that disliked this didn't mean to they just couldn't see and missed the like button because of the tears in their eyes.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Před 12 hodinami
I discovered the documentary.. I woke up in my chair with CSvid still playing on auto play on my TV in my bedroom, and it was playing after the first ten minutes already passed. I kept watching andddd my throat hurt so much by the end because dang onions 🧅 somehow showed up in my room trying to attack me. On a side tangent: it must have been nice to have brothers since I grew up by myself for my entire life, but I always wanted brothers to live like these guys did. I kind of received those brothers in middle school when my mom remarried but that’s an entirely different crazy story. I wasn’t blood to my step brothers my age and they don’t seem to include me with their family details anymore now that my mom has divorced her ex husband who turned out to be physically abusive and very scary. I was going to say yknow at least Justin had brothers, but sometimes having someone so close to you and then losing them is worse than never having them at all because ignorance is bliss. I had someone who I lost in life and it hurt for nearly a decade, but what makes it worse is they didn’t pass on, they just left and are living their fullest life without me. Even being ignorant to having such a tight knit happy family I can still feel for losing someone everyone loved so much. I can only pray someone loves me that much when I pass on, but I know that won’t be the case, sadly.
Nurse Judy
Nurse Judy Před 12 hodinami
Absolutely should be on Netflix- Beautiful 💯💫
istAssociates Před 13 hodinami
A beautiful tribute and touching piece of work.
Joy Bridges-Henderson
Joy Bridges-Henderson Před 13 hodinami
"After graduating high school with this serial killer photo..." when talking about their oldest brother, Jeffry. LOLOLOL. 5 mins into the doc and I'm already pressing the like button. You're so blessed to have grown up with siblings like this.
Nicole Wolf-Sumner
Nicole Wolf-Sumner Před 13 hodinami
Justin, We don't know each other and I can never relate to the pain, your families and friends went through but I see you. I cried for your mother, because I'm a mother myself, I cried for your brother because I'm a sister myself and I cried for your friends because I am a friend. You did an amazing job capturing and sharing this with us. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability, passion and story!! You reached the world with this - I am from Germany 🇩🇪 ❤
Ben DC4L
Ben DC4L Před 13 hodinami
If you dislike this you're likely a sociopath or worse
Tyler Riedel
Tyler Riedel Před 13 hodinami
I highly doubt you’ll set this. But I cannot fathom the strength it took to produce this.. My sister passed away coming on 10 years in february when I was 12 and she was 21. To this day, I never feel more alone knowing that I can’t see her anymore. This video has, even after this long, opened my eyes a little bit on how I should carry on her legacy or even live more positive and a little better each day. I will never understand how you feel because everyone is different but I just want to thank you for allowing me to relate to you and this video that really it home. Thank you for telling this story and I hope it inspire others like it did me.
Николай Мамонов
nothing to say but rip
Jody Wilson
Jody Wilson Před 14 hodinami
How long did the lump on his leg get ignored?
Maestro Finchitti
Maestro Finchitti Před 14 hodinami
This is painful.
Jody Wilson
Jody Wilson Před 14 hodinami
How long did he ignore his lump on his leg??
Lavonne Tollison
Lavonne Tollison Před 14 hodinami
This is heartbreaking and yet wonderfully uplifting. Thank you/bless you for making this and sharing. Hope to meet Jordan in Heaven! 😍
Pepine Pepine
Pepine Pepine Před 14 hodinami
Thank you for sharing the story of your bro. R.I.L Jordan!
John Coffey
John Coffey Před 14 hodinami
I know you've probably heard it a billion times by now but your love for your brother is simply amazing. To be remembered in such a way, to inspire so many people during this dark, frightening year, there is no doubt in my mind that your brother, and your coach, are smiling down upon you from Heaven above. Like you said in the film, he will always be with you. I've more recently seen film as the most heartfelt way to express emotions, you conveyed the emotions you were trying to express so masterfully here. I hope this project provided you with if not some form of healing, solace in knowing that your brother is proud of you. God bless dude, and thank you for sharing this
Korinna Lightbourne
Korinna Lightbourne Před 14 hodinami
What a beautiful soul . Jordan was truly special and so was this video. You will never truly heal from a loss but just know he is with you always, this love will never die. God bless you and your family.
Marcos Betances
Marcos Betances Před 14 hodinami
And they behold the face of my father always. It's a privilege to have such angels in our lives.
Bellas Pups
Bellas Pups Před 14 hodinami
I really Loved this!
Gerrie Charles
Gerrie Charles Před 15 hodinami
Great homage to your brother. May Yahuah bless you & keep you.
Aio 1
Aio 1 Před 15 hodinami
When Jordan said on the hospital bed "whats up dude". I don't know why but I cried my eyes out...
A Kimm
A Kimm Před 15 hodinami
Beautiful 🙏🏽✨🕊
Huynh Tho
Huynh Tho Před 15 hodinami
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Maria Jensen
Maria Jensen Před 16 hodinami
Made me bawl my eyes out, my younger brother died in 2005 and like your family we were close. I love the analogy of bleeding that's exactly how it feels. It never stops the pain and for me time has not healed the scar it leaves is still carried with me and will be till i pass. So raw this documentary and so real. Loved it xx
The fire one
The fire one Před 16 hodinami
This kind of surprised me, from the tone I thought he committed suicide, I didn’t think it would end up being cancer. This was sad but he’s in a better place. No more pain, no more suffering, just peace.
Fau Sidu
Fau Sidu Před 16 hodinami
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Nicole Daoust
Nicole Daoust Před 16 hodinami
Soooo sad for your loss. But so perfect of you to have done this. There isn't any other way you could have made a better tribute to him.
John Sharman
John Sharman Před 16 hodinami
What a Guy! What an Icon. RIP Jordan.
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes Před 16 hodinami
this is one of the best documentary's ever. to me.
louis rodriguez
louis rodriguez Před 17 hodinami
Dedicated to Jordan: Artist: Kenny Chesney Song: Who you’d be today
JantinaSueAzak Před 17 hodinami
Sherina Davis
Sherina Davis Před 17 hodinami
Beautiful story 💙💚❤️💙
Jacquelne Thompson
Jacquelne Thompson Před 17 hodinami
Dear Justin I’m so sorry for your Loss for your Sweet Brother Jorden your brother I have been gone 12 years ago your brother die a year of my youngest niece was born in 2008 I will be Devastated to lose my sisters even though I don’t know your brother I’m in tears
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Před 17 hodinami
I woke up and this was autoplaying on my TV. Stupid Onions. Wish I had friends and brothers like this growing up, but I grew up an only child.
Beverly Byrts
Beverly Byrts Před 17 hodinami
Truly inspirational, you took our breath away. This documentary is an exceptional masterpiece in honor of your brother, he's looking down extremely proud.
ThePojengsidur Před 18 hodinami
Psycho-oncology has discovered that the most incommon personality trait with people diagnosed with cancer is suppression, suppressing anger and self-expression in the harder stuff. I have asked former cancer-patients about their anger, and they said... “it’s true and seeing that, i have to work on realising I have anger and accept my anger and start expressing it”.
Eleo Ortega
Eleo Ortega Před 18 hodinami
Hi Justin. I was asking to myself these days why I still miss my friend (25), who died a year and a half ago. I prayed saying, if she won´t be ok, then she have to rest. That night I didn' t know where to go, what to do. She wasn't here anymore. And her last audio was "hey I miss you". I talk about her, like everybody need to know her. When I started to watch your doc, instantly I though ok, what happened here? And then I realized they both where tough, incredible good person, full of love and always smiling. Saying " I don´t get why people is sad, they can choose". I feel her in every single second of my life, and I don´t forget. I tried to commit suicide, while she was fighting for her life, I would switch places, she understood and forgave me. But she said I was so stupid. But we spent last days together, and I know she gave everything for us. Sooooo identified with your story. They never left. So, we must live today, knowing we were blessed. And in your case, your bro too...He had you. Love. Eleo
James DaSilva
James DaSilva Před 18 hodinami
Watching this documentary made me love your brother. Amazing man. God bless you
Ann Sullivan
Ann Sullivan Před 18 hodinami
For Jordan’s loved ones: When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure and you carry that treasure forever in your heart Published author of poetry, Ann Sullivan
Mud Puppy
Mud Puppy Před 19 hodinami
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with the world. What a special person Jordan was and is.
Punch Drunk Love
Punch Drunk Love Před 20 hodinami
Beautiful tribute. 💕
Roy H
Roy H Před 20 hodinami
I’m just speechless. I want to be more like Jordan. I’m sorry for his loss. He will always be remembered
Lia Před 20 hodinami
Justin, YOU’RE the champion. I’m more than positive that the book publishers would be running to you. I look forward to reading! ♥️
Matthew Sheehan
Matthew Sheehan Před 20 hodinami
Im sorry for your loss..great story of his and your familys life and legacy
Sam Fong
Sam Fong Před 20 hodinami
Hi Justin, Thank you for Sharing the story of your wonderful brother Jordan. I wish i could've met him in person as he was truly special. Keep your head up and continue doing what you are love. Have a blessed day.
Keith Gunn-Glanville
Keith Gunn-Glanville Před 20 hodinami
I’m so sorry for your loss brother. I only have the one brother but he’s my best friend and I worry about him all the time. I, like you, have made a reputation for being the one who gets into trouble. Lol. For some reason though, I don’t worry about me, I worry about him. I hope making this film has helped you and your family heal.
Desi Featherston
Desi Featherston Před 20 hodinami
I’m ugly crying. This was truly touching. Amazing
Carrie Anne
Carrie Anne Před 20 hodinami
This is beautiful. RIP ❤️
Cool Dude
Cool Dude Před 20 hodinami
I know I might sound stupid but I felt like I knew Jordan after watching this. Rest on Jordan. ❤️
lilly belstra
lilly belstra Před 20 hodinami
personal bookmark: 26:40
Astraea Sapphire
Astraea Sapphire Před 20 hodinami
Aw! He shares my birthday! :)
Dawn Fanning
Dawn Fanning Před 21 hodinou
Love this I got here I'm error but glad I watched the whole thing
raffle entry
raffle entry Před 21 hodinou
"Some souls leave behind a trail of light that is never forgotten." R.I.P. Jordan. ❤
1smokeydog1 Před 21 hodinou
Dude. Smoked me right in the feels. RIP Jordan. I bet he was a great brother.
handsonchicago Před 21 hodinou
Now, I miss him too. Justin, I am sorry for your suffering. Yet you have created such a profoundly meaningful and important film about a man who walked amongst us as a brother, as son, a friend. Whose life spread light on those who knew and loved him. And whose life will now continue to serve as a beacon to all of the ships. I am so touched by this beautiful dedication to your brother Jordon. This story could not have been told any other way. Thank you and congratulations on your work. -RAG